How to copy Pictures from Iphone to computer is extremely simple

Don’t store too many photos on your iPhone

How to copy pictures from iphone to computer when your iphone is full of space to contain, making your phone slow and you need to copy it to your computer for storage to reduce the space for your phone.

So you know how to copy photos from iPhone to phone yet, the following article will show you a few common ways to do this, let’s find out!

Ways to copy pictures from iphone to computer

  • Use Windows explorer to copy the image.

Step 1: First to copy you must connect the cable between your computer and your Iphone. When you plug in the connection cable between the two devices, on your iphone, click “Allow” when the message “This device will be able to access photos and videos while connected to your iphone”. friend”.


Step 2: When your computer is turned on, you will see the Apple iphone section appear. how-copy-hinh-tu-ip-vao-may-tinh-2

Step 3: In the Apple iphone section, an item “internal storage” appears, click to select this

Step 4: Next, you choose to enter

Step 5: When you see 100APPLE, click

Step 6: Then a list of pictures taken is in the Iphone, in this list of images you select the images that you need to copy to your computer and then right-click and click

Step 7: Finally, to copy the images from your iPhone to your computer, choose where you want to save the copied images and then press

So you have completed copying photos from iPhone to computer with a simple one-arm cable.

  • Use iTunes to copy.

Copying photos from iPhone to computer will become easier and fast, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort and to make the copy you do the following:

Step 1:First of all, if you want to use iTunes to copy, you must make sure that your computer is using the latest version and it must be 12.5.1 or later. To make a copy on your computer, start the iTunes application.

Step 2: You use the cable to link the USB from the iPhone to the computer. (Usually you will have to use a password to unlock the phone, when the window pops up, type in "Trust This Computer"

Step 3: On the interface of iTunes choose to click on your device symbol.

Step 4: Select Photos in the left corner of the iTunes interface

Step 5: You tick the box right next to “Sync Photos” and then select the application or folder to be able to

Step 6: Click on Sync all photos and Albums (Sync all photos and albums).

Step 7: In the Computer, click on the Start Menu window, to open the Photos application, select Photos. Next you choose to import from the USD device (Import > From a USB device.


Step 8: Then you choose your Iphone and then make and you save to the file you want, next to copy the image you need to wait a little while to

  • Use iCloud to copy photos.

iCloud software is also used by the Windows 10 operating system to be able to sync photos if your photos are stored on your phone’s iCloud.

Step 1: In the Start Menu window you start Microsoft Store or Desktop.

Step 2: At the Microsoft Store you search for iCloud (Otherwise you can download this application using the Web browser of your choice).


Step 3: You download iCloud to your computer by clicking Get.

Step 4: To launch the application during the download process, click Launch.

Step 5: Next, enter your Apple ID information

Step 6: Then enter your password Apple ID and select Sign

Step 7: Next, next to the Photos feature, select Options.

Step 8: You tick by clicking the folder next to iCloud

Step 9: In the section Upload new photos from my computer (Upload new photos From my PC) you click to lose track.

Step 10: Then you select Done and press Apply to complete the copying process

Note: When making a copy of the application that you install, it should be the official application to limit the risk of data theft.

Above is 3 how to copy pictures from iphone to computer in the simplest and easiest way, hopefully the article will bring you a lot of useful information to store your memorable images and moments from your phone to your computer, and at the same time free up your phone. Less space for your phone for faster use if the capacity is not overloaded.

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