Instructions on how to connect Metamask with Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

 The trend of gradually moving from Ethereum network to Binane Smart Chain (BSC) is relatively high, users and developers feel that BSC is suitable for Blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, connect to Dapps. You can use this in many ways such as: Trust Wallet , Coinbase Wallet, ConnectWallet, Coin98 Wallet, SafePal , etc. Besides, the number of Metamask users is a lot.

In this article, I will show you how to connect Metamask with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to connect to " BSC System " applications.

Instructions for installing Metamask

You can install the Metamask application for computers, iOS & Android phones:

*Important: During the installation of Metamask, there will be a Passphrase (Key phrase to recover wallet) in case you forget your password so you should save & keep it carefully. Absolutely NO traffic Passphrase or Private Key to others because they can completely steal your property.

Metamask Wallet
Metakmask wallet interface installed successfully

Connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

After login, the default network of Metamask wallet will be Ethereum . Now, you can use below ways to connect Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with Metamask .

Method 1: Use to add BSC

You will use ( aggregates many Chains such as BSC, HCEO, Polygon, ...) to add the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to Metamask . Operate as follows:

Go to → Search for the keyword “ BSC ” → At Binance Smart Chain with Chain ID – 56 → Click Connect Wallet → Next “ Confirm ” is successful.

Adding BSC to Metamask on
Adding BSC to Metamask on

Method 2: Add BSC to Metamask manually

After successfully installing Metamask, open the Metamask application and follow the instructions as shown below:

Step 1 : Select the account item in the upper right corner and select  Settings .

Select Settings
Select Settings

Step 2: In the Settings section , select the Networks item .

Select Network
Select Network

Step 3 : Select  Add Network.

To connect to the BSC network, you must fill in the following information:

  • Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

And press the Save button  to save the parameters.

So you have completed connecting Metamask to the BSC network .

Switching between Blockchains on Metamask

After pressing the Save button , your Metamask account will automatically switch to the network you just entered, which is Binance Smart Chain , the interface screen will look like this. You can choose to go to Binance Smart Chain and switch between different Blockchains .

Switch to other networks
Switch to other networks

You can convert from BSC → Ethereum → Polygon → HCEO,… and vice versa depending on your needs to use and connect to Dapps.


With solving the problem of cheap transaction fees & fast transaction speed, Binance Smart Chain is attracting more developers and investors from Ethereum to move gradually.

There are many opportunities to make money from the BSC platform in the near future, so you should connect BSC on Metamask so that when you need to start giving, quickly.

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