The fastest way to turn off avast free antivirus windows 10 temporarily or permanently

How to turn off avast free antivirus win10 Many times make you interested because many users protect their computers with avast free antivirus software. But maybe in some cases, like you need to log into a certain website or another application, but this software cannot access it because it is blocked by this software and you need to disconnect. This software can do the above.

For many of you, turning off this software is quite simple, but for many of you, you do not know how to disable this software on the latest version of Windows 10.

1. Turn off temporarily with options.

This software has an additional section for you to choose to temporarily disable Avast (Can suspend any explicit protection feature). And to do this you do the following:

Step 1: Choose Protection (guard) at the interface of the software and then you choose Core Shields (basic shield). Or at the interface Avast in the bottom left, search Setting (Settings) then login to Components (components) Here will be a list of Avast. There are 4 main folders here including:

  • File Shield: Files downloaded or copied to your computer will be scanned.
  • Behavior shield: Dangerous software and applications will be warned.
  • Web Shield: Document files containing Viruses or malware will be blocked.
  • Email Shield: This shield prevents dangerous email attachments.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-1.

Step 2: With the above 4 options, consider which option you need, then choose that item. Then you consider the need for time that you want to turn off for how long you choose according to the timeline to interrupt.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-2.

Step 3: And select Yes as the final step to verify that you want to turn off your option.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-5.

2. Full Shutdown

The functions that protect against virus attack will be disabled by this software. You should consider carefully to avoid your computer being hacked.

Step 1: In the bottom right corner of the taskbar, click on the little triangle and click on Avast Antivirus.

Step 2: There are 4 options for you at the line of protection control function which are:

Disable the software within 10 minutes (Disabled for 10 minutes).

Disable software for 1 hour (Disabled for 1 hour).

The software will be disabled until the computer restarts (Disable until computer is restarted).

Disable permanently, with this interrupt you have to perform manual steps to interrupt.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-4.

Step 3: With the above 4 options, you should consider which option you need, then select that item, when you click on one of the above options, a notification will be sent to verify you want to turn off the program. If you don’t want to turn it off, select No and if you need to turn it off, choose Yes.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-5.

Step 4: When you finish turning off one of the 4 options, the switch turns OFF and the message File Shield is now off (File Shield is now off). When you need to reopen the disabled option, select Turn On, then wait a few minutes for it to turn green and the notification will be sent back immediately after you are protected (You’re protected). protected).

3. Use the Control Panel.

Step 1: First you enter the window Start Menu in the search bar you type Control panel (dashboard) for the interface to appear.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-6.

Step 2: At the programs there is a sentence Uninstall a program (Uninstall a program) you click here to be able to go to the Uninstall section. Or you can also select Programs and Features by clicking on programs.cach-tat-avast- free- antivirus-win 10-7

Step 3: You move to the software in the list of programs installed in the computer to interrupt it.

Step 4: When you choose to stop the software, the Uninstall command will appear and click on it.cach-tat-avast- free-antivirus-win 10-8

Step 5: When the Avast tab appears on the screen, select Uninstall.

Step 6: You choose Yes when the program sends a notification to verify you want to remove this software. Now you wait a while, the software will be removed.

So with just a few basic steps you can know how to turn off Avast free antivirus win10 without any additional cost. Hopefully the article will bring you useful information in the process of using the software to protect your computer easily.

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