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22 tricks only word masters know (updated 2022)

In part 1, we learned 11 tricks in the series Word basics. Following this topic, Mat Bao will guide you through the remaining 11 tricks that only word masters know! These detailed tips will make office life easier and more convenient, and also contribute to improving the performance and efficiency of you and your team.

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Summary of 22 tips - basic word knowledge for office workers

12. Edit PDF files like word

There are 3 ways to edit PDF files like word, namely:

Method 1: Save the word file as a PDF file

Method 2: Convert online

In this case, select “Word to PDF Online then choose Upload a file to Convert…” to select the Word file to convert.

Note: The size of the converted documents should not exceed 5MB

Method 3: Use support software

Advanced Word to PDF converter is highly rated and completely free software. You can learn more about how to use this software in the following article!

Header and Footer help you to create notes easily in word. This is one of the Word basicsspecifically how to do the following:

Create many different Header or Footer in one document with just 3 easy steps

14. Anti-Copy and Edit on Word files

Step 1: Open the word file that you want to set anti-copy and edit properties on. Then go to Review > Restrict Formatting and Editing

Step 2: The Restrict Formatting and Editing dialog box appears. Tick ​​select the button “Allow only this type of editing in the document” as operation (1)> select the deviation “Filling in form in select box” (2)> Confirm “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” (3).

Step 3: Enter the password in 2 textboxes → OK.

15. Install more fonts

To enrich the font, in addition to the default and familiar fonts often used, you can install more artistic fonts.

Install more artistic fonts to make word documents richer and more attractive

16. Create navigation bookmarks

Bookmark is a utility that helps you quickly search for any paragraph in a text file. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

It should be noted how to name bookmarks when creating navigation bookmarks

Note: Bookmark name cannot contain spaces, special characters and cannot start with a number.

17. Recover the content when the unsaved file is closed

The feature to retrieve file content when it has not been saved has been closed Word basics that you should know to avoid accidentally losing or not saving the file in time. With just simple steps:

No need to panic because getting back the content when the file has not been saved has been closed when you have basic knowledge of word

18. Set default font

There are 3 simple steps to install the default font:

If you only want to change the text you are editing, click This document only and select OK to finish the installation process.

19. Create your own keyboard shortcuts

Create more shortcuts to help you save time and be more convenient in the process of typing. The detailed steps are as follows:

You can create your own keyboard shortcuts in word for special symbols

20. Insert online video into word

Insert online video is a new feature that allows users to embed online videos in documents, making documents richer and more attractive. Steps to insert online videos in Word 2013:

21. Setting the wallpaper in the word interface

There are 4 steps to install the wallpaper in the word interface:

Do you know how to set the background in the word interface?

22. Removing red brick effectively corrects errors

Red brick is the default feature of MS Word to check English spelling. Because there is no support function for Vietnamese, turning off this check feature is also Word basics necessary.

If you want the following documents not to repeat this problem, at Exceptions for > select All new documents and then tick the boxes as above and select OK to finish.

With 12 tips out of a total of 22 word "secrets", hopefully you can absorb and apply them fluently. Hopefully the series of these Word basics that Mat Bao provides will help you improve your work efficiency.

In addition, Mat Bao also updates tips and knowledge about information technology in the next articles, don't miss it!

Articles and photos compiled by Mat Bao.

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