Install magento using softaculous on Directadmin

Step 1: Log in to Directadmin according to the link that the service provider email sent

Figure 1: Login to Directadmin

Step 2: Go to softaculous to find Magento

Figure 2: Finding magento

Step 3: Fill in the site settings

Figure 3: Website setup

Step 4: Click install to start the installation

Figure 4: Select install

Step 5: Wait for the installation to complete

Figure 5: Waiting for installation

Step 6: After running, the web path and admin path will be displayed

Figure 6: Installation was successful

Step 7: Go to the homepage to check https://domain

Figure 7: Home page magento


We have just completed the steps to set up Magento using softaculous on Directadmin, here we can start building our Magento website, you can refer to Directadmin hosting packages

Thank you for reading this article!

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