Is Cash24 FE's? Is a scam?

Credit loans are one of the most searched keywords by users today. But not everyone knows which financial company provides a reputable and safe loan. Many of you are interested in Cash24 but don't know Is Cash24 FE are not? Let's find out this information through the article of Banktop.

About Cash24

Cash24 is an online loan website that supports all types of customers. You can borrow capital with many different limits from 1 million to 15 million with a loan period of 12 months.

Financial company Cash24 also supports customers to borrow capital with various forms of loans such as mortgages and unsecured loans. Loans only need CCMD/CCCD, vehicle documents, labor contracts, etc. Customers when taking loans at Cash24 will have their documents completed quickly, the loan procedure is simple, it does not require too much like at banks. .

Cash24 is a loan application chosen by many people
Cash24 is a loan application chosen by many people

Is Cash24 FE's?

Cash24 is a small financial company operating and connected with FE Credit. It can be understood that Cash24 will search for customers who want to borrow money and the customer's profile will be transferred to FE Credit appraisal department for approval and disbursement at FE Credit company.

These two companies are closely linked with each other and also have many similarities. Cash24 is a subsidiary of FE and was licensed to operate in 2019.

Does scam customers?

Currently, there are many financial companies as well as online loan applications born to meet the needs of many customers. However, besides that, there are also many lending units that are not reputable and scam customers.

Answer questions about scam customers or not. As we said above, Cash24 is a subsidiary of FE Credit – One of the leading prestigious financial institutions in Vietnam. Having a license to operate in the market and having charter capital at VPBank. So you can rest assured when borrowing money here.

How to borrow Cash24

If you are in need of a loan at Cash24, please learn the information about this loan application to better understand the loan before applying.

Borrow money easily at Cash24
Borrow money easily at Cash24


Advantages when borrowing money at Cash24, you will receive:

  • The loan process is quick and simple, no collateral required.

  • Loan application is done online to save time.

  • Diverse loan limit, long loan period.

  • Support many diverse loan packages, dedicated and professional advice.

  • Secure customer loan information absolutely and safely.

  • To participate in promotions, attractive gifts from Cash24 lender.

Loan package information

  • About loan package information at Cash24, customers will be able to borrow with a limit of 1 million - 5 million VND. With the first loan, you will get a loan of 5 million VND.

  • Loan interest rates from 15-20% will be calculated specifically depending on each customer's loan. And the loan period at Cash24 will last for 12 months.

  • About fees: Customers have to pay with late fees or prepayment fees with a fixed monthly salary ranging from 100,000 to 250,000 VND.

  • About incentives: Customers will enjoy 0% interest on the first loan within this 10, no fee for the first loan.

Loan conditions

When customers borrow money online at Cash24, they must ensure the following basic conditions:

  • Age 18 or older, a citizen of Vietnam.

  • Have full ID card/CCCD or Passport.

  • Have monthly income, stable job.

  • There is no bad debt at financial companies and banks.

Borrowing Cash24 without paying bad debt FE Credit?

If you borrow money at financial companies, namely Cash24, FE Credit or other units, when you do not pay your debt on time or do not intend to pay, you will be hit with bad debt customers.

Financial staff will constantly call to remind you to pay the loan or will have many other forms of disturbance to your family and friends if you do not voluntarily pay the loan at the unit.

Moreover, if you do not intend to pay, Cash24 will post your personal information on social networks and label you as a scammer, the overdue fine will increase every day. Therefore, when you want to take out a loan, make sure you can afford to pay each month and then calculate to avoid unwanted consequences affecting yourself and your family.

Cash24 loans that do not pay back will be collected by FE Credit?

Cash24 loans that do not pay may not be collected by FE Credit. But with a loan at Cash24, if you do not pay interest on time every month, you will be owed by Cash24 staff and contacted in many different ways.


The above article is detailed information about Is Cash24 FE's?? Whether it is safe to borrow money at Cash24 is analyzed by Banktop. Hopefully, this will be useful information that you are looking to learn at this financial company as well as make a decision whether to take a loan at Cash24 or not.

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