Top 6 best SSL certificates today

What is an SSL certificate? Top 6 best SSL certificates today!

SSL Certificate is essential to protect your website. Even if it doesn't handle sensitive information like credit cards. Provide security, data integrity for both your website and the personal information of users on your website.

What is an SSL Certificate (SSL Certificate)?

SSL Certificate

What is an SSL certificate?

The equivalent of a digital key. It's designed to "lock out" people who don't have a lock.

SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is used to encrypt data as it is sent over the Internet. The function of SSL is to ensure that only the server and the user can read the data when they have the decryption key.

Popular SSL classification

Popular SSL

Popular SSL nowadays

  • AV (Alpha SSL)

  • DV (Domain SSL)

  • OV (Organization SSL)

  • EV (Extended Validation)

Top 6 best SSL certificates today

top 6 SSL certificates

Top 6 best SSL certificates

Together BKNS review top 6 best SSL certificates today!

  • Rapid SSL

    Owned and operated by GeoTrust. This provider's mission is to provide customers with a seamless and clean way to use their SSL. Size isn't everything, it's quality.

  • Comodo

    Building trust and security is a fundamental part of their mission. With this SSL certificate provider. Trying to innovate products in all areas of commerce, healthcare or education is a stepping stone. Trust is like a companion and the key to the future.

  • Globalsign

    GlobalSign products with outstanding features: Protection from malware and online fraud. Supports SANs for domains and subdomains. Direct customer support from the dealer.

  • Thawte

    Acquired by Symantec, one of the trusted brands. Key operations that interact with the Symantec authentication infrastructure. Thawte is trusted by millions of users worldwide. And this is one of the top suppliers.

  • GeoTrust

    This supplier focuses on giving customers what they ask for. Reduce risk and require a safe process. GeoTrust products are affordable and still guarantee "security and integrity". That is the most important thing.

  • DigiCert

    With the motto "your success is built on trust". DigiCert's goal is to become a reliable partner of businesses and e-commerce companies. DigiCert's main focus is on SSL innovation, providing all required aspects.

Choosing the right and reputable SSL certificate is a learning process. You need to know what you need. You need to understand the importance of the level of security that SSL provides. To be able to make a correct choice!

Above is a list of the top 6 SSL certificate providers that BKNS just introduced to you. If you want to add other SSL certificate providers that you know, leave your comments in the comments section below!

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