[Bật Mí] 5 ways to invest profit from idle money most effectively

Invest idle money is one of the concerns of many people when they want to invest. Because of the current economic difficulties, not all investments are profitable. So what are the 5 most effective ways to invest idle money? You should follow the article below.

What Is Leisure Money?

Idle Money in English is Idle Money / Dormant Capital / Unemployed Fund. This is an amount of money that is owned by an individual but has not been intended to be used for a certain period of time. Idle money should be used for profitable investment purposes at a future time.

What Is Leisure Money?
What Is Leisure Money?

Even after deducting the amount to prevent unforeseen contingencies. You can use the money without affecting your daily life.

So what if the idle money that leaves you not afraid of fees? Fear of inflation? Then invest. Let's profitable investment by idle money.

What Is Idle Money Investing?

Investing idle money is buying an asset when you have an unused amount of money. The purpose of this is to generate profit and increase high value in future time.

Popular forms of idle money investment are: Buy gold, buy securities, buy real estate, open a company, open a store, buy open-ended fund certificates...

where is the first time?
Invest idle money.

However, the time to invest idle money in these channels is often long-term and somewhat riskier than bank savings. However, if successful, it can bring great benefits.

5 Most Popular Investment Plans for Idle Money

There are many ways to invest idle money, but the 5 ways below are the most effective and smart. We invite you to follow us:


This is a very effective way to invest idle money chosen by many people. Banks always focus on mobilizing savings deposits with many terms and types to meet the needs of customers.

  • Fits all sums big and small.
  • Low risk because the bank has deposit insurance, customers are completely assured.
  • High flexibility, customers have many choices of deposit terms, deposit methods with many interest rates.
  • Interest rates on savings accounts fluctuate over time and are not stable.
  • Savings interest rates are directly affected by inflation.
  • Savings are less profitable than other forms of investment.

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Buy Gold, USD

Buying gold is also an effective form of investment. However, this is a form of potentially unpredictable risks. Because there is always a big difference between the domestic and international gold prices.

  • The supply is limited, so it does not lose value over time and does not tend to decrease.
  • The way to keep assets is very safe, against inflation as well as when there is a devaluation of the currency.
  • Volatility according to supply and demand and market operating policies.
  • The domestic gold price is much different from the world price.
  • In order to have high profits, you must have a large capital.
  • It is difficult to grasp the movements of the gold market as well as the USD in the world.

Real Estate Investment

Currently, real estate investment is a very profitable investment channel for idle money. Especially when the demand for housing is increasing, however, you must be knowledgeable or else there are many risks.

  • Very high long-term profitability.
  • The process of urbanization in cities and key economic zones is increasing, so the housing market is very hot.
  • Creating favorable conditions for investors in the form of FDI, remittances...
  • Banks always create favorable conditions when borrowing real estate with low interest rates.
  • The capital is large and takes a long time to make a profit.
  • Low liquidity, unclear legal status of land records, easy to encounter.
  • The real estate segment for investment is difficult to choose.
  • Many risks when the rate of return is higher and higher.

Buy and Sell Securities

Securities is also a very profitable investment channel but very difficult to grasp. Investors should be equipped with adequate knowledge in this field when investing.

  • Investment is very flexible, easy to buy and sell, bringing high profits.
  • No large capital required, no limit on the number of participants.
  • High profitability if you choose the right audience, have calculations and a wide vision.
  • Potentially risky, slow profit.
  • Financial knowledge must be updated regularly.
  • Stocks can artificially rise leading to a sudden spike or fall.
  • Insider trading can affect the market price of shares.

Open Investment Fund

An open-ended investment fund is a product that brings together large and small investors to create an investment fund. The mutual fund can then invest in stocks, bonds, deposits, or invest in multiple asset classes at once.

  • Diversified investment fields, suitable for many objects.
  • High liquidity, reducing risk.
  • You can withdraw capital according to your needs.
  • The projects are strictly managed and monitored by the authorities.
  • Investors will pay a dnahf fee to the fund management company.
  • You don't have full control over your investments.

What is the most effective way to Invest Real Estate Money?

From the above information, customers have many ways to invest their idle money. However, each channel has different advantages and disadvantages.

Channels that bring in a lot of profit such as real estate, buying gold, securities... are potentially more risky. Channels such as savings accounts, although low profitability, are highly secure.

where is the front desk?
Plan to invest money in idle time.

Therefore, many people choose to save money when there is no effective investment plan. Because according to financial experts, savings is a safe investment channel for idle money, especially for customers who want to "wear well and wear durable".

Therefore, depending on your capital as well as your knowledge to choose the right investment plan. If you have good financial analysis, you can choose to invest in real estate, securities or open-ended investment funds...

And if you want to be safe, you should choose to save money in a bank or buy gold… When saving, customers just need to choose a reputable bank and wait until the month to receive interest.

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Here is the information that we have gathered about invest idle money. Depending on the conditions of each individual customer, choose a reasonable investment plan. Good luck with your business investment!!!

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