Borrowing money through the app is heavily terrorized, defaming social networks, what should be the safest thing to do in 2022

After borrowing money online, but some customers who pay late will face cases such as being constantly asked for debt, even threatening if they do not pay their debts, they will not be safe. This leaves many people living in fear not knowing what to do.

Today's article, nganhangnongthon will guide you how Borrowing money through the app is heavily terrorized, defaming social networks, what should I do? Read all of the content below to find out how to handle it quickly.

Current forms of debt collection

In case you are late to repay or intend not to pay when taking out a loan at the unsecured loan app, you will encounter the following troubles:

Posting personal information on social networks

Posting information on social networks is a common method of debt collection of some online lenders. In this way, all personal information such as your CMNd/CCCD photo, phone number, personal picture will be exposed throughout groups, forums, facebook friends,.... make the borrowers face bad face forced to pay the debt. This action will certainly affect the private life and reputation of the borrower.

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Calling, texting constantly reminding you to repay the debt

Calling or texting to remind you of debt repayment is a common form of debt collection that people often see. This will be okay if the borrower does not constantly call your phone number to remind you of the debt. Many borrowers are also haunted because the phone is constantly disturbed by strange numbers, debt collection numbers. If you haven't paid off your debt, you will even receive threatening and threatening calls.

Constantly annoying relatives and friends

If you can't contact the "debtor", then of course they will call the phone number of relatives and friends to urge you to pay off the debt. Many people wonder, why does the lender have a relative's phone number to call?

You understand that, if loan applications do not require proof of finance or income, they must have contact information for people around you to be able to collect debt when needed. Especially when you get involved in black credit loan apps, your loved ones will be harshly asked for debt, constantly called, causing discomfort in everyone's life.

Threats with violence

When borrowing through unscrupulous loan apps with bad credit, borrowers are not only subjected to excessively high interest rates but also may be threatened with violence if repayment is delayed. In many cases, they also hire gangsters to come to their homes to threaten and beat them if they don't pay their debts on time. This causes long-lasting fear and obsession for the whole family of the borrower.

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Warning case of borrowing money through fraudulent app is terrorized

Black credit lurks in the shadow of money-lending apps, leading to many consequences for borrowers. A common feature of this type of loan is that the app lends a small amount, with a short loan term of about 1 to 2 weeks. However, the borrower did not receive the full amount needed to borrow, but also deducted a few parts, which are said to be service fees and loan taxes.

These loan apps will keep about ⅓ of the amount in the contract to deduct interest and fees until the borrower finds out it's too late. In case, if they can't afford to repay, these loan apps will continue to introduce other loan apps to borrow new loans to pay back old debts, every money puts the "debtor" into a dead end leading to debt to her husband.

Thus, from needing a small amount of a few million dong, the borrower had to borrow to tens of thousands, the amount of interest on the mother and child just kept increasing. Not only that, if not paying enough money, the black loan app will use "dirty" tricks to terrorize the spirit, putting great pressure on the borrower.

Borrowing money through the app is heavily terrorized, defaming social networks, what should I do?

If unfortunately you do not know and borrow money into black credit loan applications, high-interest fraudulent loan applications that cannot afford to repay, you can immediately refer to one of the following handling methods:

  • You can ask the lender to extend the repayment period so that you can pay off all your current debt.

  • If you don't have enough money yourself, try asking for the help of relatives and friends to collect enough money to pay off the lender.

  • Borrowers should make a complaint, denounce the loan app x, y, z, ... fraud, appropriate property and send it to the competent agency for handling.

  • Borrowers can file a complaint if the lender repeatedly terrorizes with threatening words, smears untruths or uses force, etc.

  • You absolutely must not give in if you hear unreasonable repayment policies, the interest rate is not the same as in the initial negotiation.

  • You may not receive strange calls, block suspicious numbers or turn off your phone to avoid disturbance.

  • If all else fails, try negotiating with the lender to come up with the most satisfactory solution for both parties.

When taking out a loan, almost everyone encounters a situation where they have not yet collected enough money to pay off the loan. Although the debt extension has been requested, but the other party does not agree or requires an unacceptable penalty fee or interest rate increase, please contact the following hotlines to denounce and ask the authorities. treatment intervention.

  • Ho Chi Minh City police hotline: 0283.8413744 – 0693187680 – 0693187200.

  • Hanoi Police Hotline: 0692194077 – 0692196420 – 02439422532.

Frequently asked questions about terrorist loan apps

What is a loan through the app?

Borrowing money through the app is a form of borrowing on a mobile application, lenders and customers only transact on the online platform without meeting. Borrowing through the app is usually easier than borrowing money at a bank. The loan procedure is very simple, as long as customers have ID card or CCCD, they can borrow immediately.

However, the interest rate on loans through the app is higher than borrowing at other traditional units. But because loans at these credit institutions have a very fast processing time, they are trusted and chosen by many people when needed.

When are they terrorized and ridiculed on social networks?

Borrowing money through the app is one of the fastest ways to borrow money, helping you solve urgent problems as soon as you need it. If you borrow through reputable loan apps, have a clear business license, or pay your debt on time, nothing will happen. However, if you accidentally borrow into a fraudulent company, advertising loan interest rates like "hanging goats to sell dog meat", you will face many big problems.

Customers are being terrorized, asking for debt continuously when they are late to repay their online loan application according to the original agreement. Not to mention the case, borrowers who are scammed to borrow money through unscrupulous pressure will be subject to debt collection calls cursing with vulgar words, threatening to use force.

Is it illegal to borrow money from terrorists to collect debt?

When borrowing money, borrowers are constantly being demanded by terrorists, making life confusing and confusing. This is one of the painful and common problems in recent times, in the news, the press is still talking about it. So, many people ask the question "Is the terrorist loan application illegal or not?"

In addition to the inconvenience and discomfort for the borrower, if the borrower constantly urges and collects the debt via text messages, excessive calls is also a violation of the law and can be denounced. .

Consequences of late payment when borrowing through the app?

Although borrowing money through the app is the fastest option when you need money, it also comes with a lot of high risks. Consequences of late payment when borrowing through the app such as:

Pay penalty fees and high interest rates

Whoever you borrow from an app or a financial company, the first thing you need to do when paying late is still incurring penalties and terrible interest rates. The longer your debt period, the higher the fees and interest rates, and your ability to repay is almost nonexistent.

Constantly phone terrorized day and night

If the debt settlement has not been received, the lender will continuously call and text to disturb at any time at any time. Not only that, your relatives and friends will also receive similar calls, greatly affecting your life and work.

Blaming, spreading news on social networks

If calling to remind the debt does not work, the lender will begin to combine photos, identity cards, bad content to post on the forum, stigmatize debt collection. The purpose of this trick is to find the contact list of relatives of the "debtor" to contact.

Threats, terror, demand for force

The higher consequences that the debtor will face is threats, terror, demanding beatings if the debt is not paid by the due date. Many cases also impersonated the police and gangsters to break things at home to demand money.

Is it okay to owe money to online loan apps?

If you intend to default on a financial company's default, you may be subject to the following penalties:

  • Debt from 4 to 50 million: Imprisonment for 3-6 months.

  • Debt from 50-200 million: Imprisonment 2-7 years.

  • Debt of 200 - 500 million: Imprisonment for 5 - 12 years.

  • Debt recovery > 500 million: Imprisonment 12-20 years.

As you can see, the debt flare up when borrowing money is a violation of the law, if it is light, it will be fined and will have to be jailed. "If you have a loan, you can pay it" so if you decide to borrow, you must find ways to repay the loan on time and pay it off completely so as not to be affected later.

Some notes when borrowing money through the app

Here are some notes when borrowing money through the app you should refer to as follows:

  • It is advisable to monitor the loan payment time and pay it on time.

  • Please carefully read the contract, loan limit, repayment term, interest rate, fees to pay when borrowing.

  • If you are unable to pay, you can ask for help from relatives, friends and government agencies.

  • Absolutely do not think or behave negatively if you do not pay the debt on time because any problem will have a solution.

  • Should contract in advance, negotiate with the lender about the form at the time of debt repayment.

  • Do not accept unreasonable closing fees, not included in the original contract.

  • No matter how urgently you need money, you must learn the loan application carefully to avoid the risk of fraud.

As such, the article on nganhangnongthon has given a number of ways to deal with the question "Borrowing money through the app is terrorized, what should I do?". Hopefully the above content has helped everyone get some more useful information in the process of applying for an online loan. Good luck to everyone paying off their debt!

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