[HOT] Is Cathay Life Life Insurance Scam True?

Cathay Life is a life insurance brand present in Vietnam since 2007. Cathay Life Vietnam Insurance Company has received many prestigious awards in the country. However, are there many rumors that Cathay Life is a scam? So Is Cathay Life good?? Let's find out more details in the article below.

About Cathay Life Insurance Company

Do you have a good time in Cathay Life?
Cathay Life Insurance

When researching to buy life insurance, it is important to have a clear understanding of the details of that insurance company.

Which Country's Cathay Life Insurance?

Cathay is Taiwan's leading financial group established in 1962. Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, is a subsidiary of the group, and is one of the top 2 life insurance companies. Taiwan's most prestigious.

Cathay Life Company has a large market share in Taiwan, is trusted by many customers, takes good care of customers with a staff of more than 26,000 people. Cathay Life's current customers are up to 30 million people.

Cathay Life Vietnam Life Insurance

Cathay Life Vietnam is the first company in Asia licensed by the Ministry of Finance to operate in Vietnam, established in 2007. The charter capital of the company is 100 million USD. Up to now, Cathay Life Vietnam has 48 agents nationwide.

The company's reputation has been proven through the following achievements:

  • Top 100 best products for families and children 2016.
  • Top 10 most prestigious life insurance companies in 2017.
  • Golden Dragon Award for the business with the best service.
  • Best Enterprise in Asia - Pacific.
  • Award of mother trusting children to grow up in 2014, 2015.

Cathay Life Insurance Packages

Cathay Life's insurance products are divided into packages of protection, education, savings, investment accumulation and support.

Protection Products

Insurance products to protect your family, have a comprehensive financial plan and be stable even when faced with risks. The insurance package is:

  • Cathay Credit Guarantee Insurance.
  • Short-term accident life insurance.
  • Comprehensive peace of mind insurance.
  • Mixed safety insurance.
  • Outstanding term insurance.
  • Insurance prosperity, savings, and security.
  • Comprehensive family prosperity insurance.

Educational Products

Cathay Life Vietnam issues an insurance product package "Thinh Tri An Tam Tai" to accumulate finance, secure future and educational benefits for children.

Savings Products

To protect and save, plan ahead for the future, Cathy Life has insurance products that are:

  • An Phu Quy Tai Loc Insurance.
  • Thinh An Phuc My Comprehensive Insurance.
  • Thinh An Hoan My Insurance.
  • Thinh An Insurance Accumulate Cat Tuong.
  • Insurance Thinh An Phu Quy Dai Cat.

Investment Accumulation Products

Uu Viet Lifetime Accumulation Thinh An Insurance combines protection and investment for life with preferential interest rates added directly to the account according to the contract, a comprehensive financial plan that protects customers against risks. ro.

Product Support

The supplementary products that Cathay Life is issuing are:

  • Advanced personal accident add-on.
  • Add-on fee waiver.
  • Cathay accident aid.
  • Cathay death supplement
  • Cathay crash add-on.
  • Cathay Children's Personal Add-On.
  • Supplement for critical illness.
  • Cathay personal aid supplement.

Is Cathay Life Life Insurance Good?

Do you have a good time in Cathay Life?
Is Cathay Life any good?

Customers who have signed up for Cathay Life insurance are highly appreciative of Cathay's reputation and service quality. The company has deployed many different insurance packages to meet the needs of each customer in protecting the health of themselves and their families, accumulating finance to plan for the future.

Cathay Life Insurance Company Scam Is It True?

Information about insurance company Cathay Life scam is completely untrue. Cathay Life Vietnam has been in the top 10 prestigious insurance companies for 3 consecutive years in Vietnam.

Rumors of fraudulent Cathay Life may come from competitors, or customers do not understand the contract well, there is a dispute, the consultant does not advise the customer carefully on the terms contained in the contract. .

So why are there rumors that Cathay Life Insurance scams customers?

Not really understanding the nature of life insurance

Life insurance is a service to protect customers against risks that are not available. Therefore, there are many people who have accidentally or intentionally taken advantage of this feature to make profit. Typically, a client declares his or her own medical condition as well as that of his or her family. This leads to disputes claiming unwarranted rights.

Immediately after receiving no satisfaction, the department launched a fraudulent Cathay Life insurance rumor. This action directly affects the reputation and honor of the Company.

Customers do not know the rights and terms

Depending on each customer, age, health, and finance, the insurance policy is also different. The lack of understanding about the benefits and terms offered by the Company is the key to the dispute between the insurance seller and the customer.

Before deciding to put down the pen to sign a contract, it is extremely important to read and understand the contents of the contract. It is not only a basis to protect the interests of both parties but also an important document when a dispute occurs.

Therefore, customers should actively review each term in the contract to avoid fraud and appropriation of property. As for the team of consultants, it is necessary to provide complete and clear information about insurance for customers to understand.

Fierce competition in the life insurance market

The race for position in the market is always fierce, regardless of industry. And life insurance is even the most competitive industry. Currently, many large and small insurance companies, reputable or not, are trying to win the trust of customers. Therefore, some small or poor quality insurance companies use tricks and tricks to reduce the reputation of Cathay Life insurance, which already has a strong foothold in the market.

Specifically, they can spread false rumors with forum posts, unverified tabloid articles to confuse customers. Therefore, only by truly experiencing the services of Cathay Life insurance can the quality and reputation of the brand be assessed.

Notes when participating in Cathay Life insurance

In order not to worry about whether Cathay Life is a scam or not, before and after participating in insurance you need to pay attention to a few issues as follows:

  • Learn more about Cathay Life Life Insurance Company, should only join when you have confidence in life insurance.
  • To find the right insurance plan, you should find out information about each product including the policy period, premium payment period, age of participation, benefits and some other additional terms.
  • Only sign an insurance contract when you really understand it and see the benefits that insurance brings to you.
  • Once you have determined to participate in insurance, you should stick with it for a long time. If you quit halfway, especially within the first 2 years, you will not receive any money back.
  • Pay attention to the term of life insurance payment, late payment according to the provisions stated in the contract may result in penalty or cancellation of your insurance policy unilaterally.

Cathay Life Insurance Support Information

Customers can contact support with Cathay Life insurance company with the following details:

  • Head office: The World Center Building, 46-48-50 Pham Hong Thai, District 1, City. HCM.
  • Phone: 028 6255 6393.
  • Fax: 028 6255 6393.
  • Email: [email protected]


Is Cathay Life good life insurance?? Cathay Life Vietnam is one of the top 10 prestigious life insurance companies in the Vietnamese market with a wide range of products and services, ensuring absolute benefits for customers and their loved ones in terms of health, finance and Education.

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