How to prepare clean sea crab without losing nutrients is very simple

Sea crab Seafood is a favorite of many people. However, sea crabs often carry a lot of dirt. So, how to prepare clean, hygienic sea crabs without losing the crab's nutrients. Let's find out with Trung Nam Seafood how to prepare sea crabs simple in the article below. You will easily have delicious crab at home without spending much time.

Why are sea crabs so popular?

Sea crab is processed into many delicious dishes such as steamed crab, crab soup, crab noodle soup, fried crab with tamarind, fried vermicelli with crab claws, roasted pepper crab... Among seafood, crab is known as the gold of the sea. both given by nature. Each dish made from crab not only brings its own special delicious taste but also contains high nutritional content, good for everyone's health.

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However, sea crabs have the characteristics of being strong and fierce, so cleaning and preliminary processing of crabs is not easy. If you are not careful, you can easily make crabs lose their legs, claws, and crabs when processing fishy or unpleasant odors. This is the main reason why crab dishes do not retain the desired flavor. Find out how to prepare sea crabs It simply helps to limit that.

Sea crabs are processed into many delicious dishes
Sea crabs are processed into many delicious dishes

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How to preserve sea crabs before preliminary processing?

Preserving crab is one of the extremely important things to ensure the quality of crab meat when processing. If after buying crab, you can't make crab right away, most people put the crab in the water with the hope that the crab will live longer and be fresher. However, this preservation method is not correct because after traveling a long distance, putting the crabs in the water will cause the crabs to be shocked.

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This is one of the reasons why crabs die faster, in many cases crabs die immediately due to the heat of the water. So the way to preserve crab in case you have not prepared crab is to put the crab in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. It is best to place the crab on a cold stone, which causes the crab to quickly stiffen. Especially this way will make it easier for you to prepare sea crabs.

How to preserve sea crabs before preliminary processing?
How to preserve sea crabs before preliminary processing?

Super simple and quick way to prepare sea crabs

Normally, crabs bought home are often tied with strings, so when conducting preliminary processing of crabs, keep the laces intact. You poke the crab's blood by turning the crab upside down, observing under the belly of the crab's bib to see a small concave, use a sharp knife to poke straight into the small concave often called the heart of the crab. If you see that the legs and claws of the crab are straightened and no longer moving, it means that you have finished poking the crab.

After the crab has died, you proceed to clean the crab, to thoroughly clean it, use a small brush and scrub the crab shell and claws under the tap. Pay special attention in places such as the sides that often cling to a lot of dirty moss. Finally, you rinse the crabs with cold water, put the crabs in the basket to drain before processing the crabs.

A note for you when preliminarily processing crabs is that before processing, it is necessary to separate the crab's bibs. Moreover, after separating the bib, the hair inside your crab bib should be removed. This part is not edible and may also affect the taste of the crab. If you cook grilled crab, you should leave the crab whole. In the case of steamed crabs, it is easier and more convenient to separate the crab shells from the body before preliminary processing.

Simple and quick way to prepare sea crabs
Simple and quick way to prepare sea crabs

Important note when choosing to buy and prepare crabs

Sea crab is a relatively expensive food that you can't always eat. Therefore, the preliminary processing and processing need to be careful to ensure that the crabs are hygienic and retain the delicious flavor when processing. Some notes that you should not ignore are as follows:

  • When choosing to buy crabs, you should choose crabs that are gray, have intact parts, live crabs, operate flexibly, and do not have a fishy odor. The shell is hard, the more firmly clinging to the body of the crab. You should choose carefully, to ensure that the crab is delicious, when processing, it will retain its delicious flavor. If you do not have experience in choosing crabs, you should buy crabs at reputable seafood businesses.

  • On the other hand, while preparing crabs, you should use brushes with stiff bristles when scrubbing without shedding hair and cleaning crabs faster and more conveniently. If you like, you can also use a knife to smash the crab's claws so that the inside of the crab absorbs the spices for a more delicious dish, and at the same time easier to process.

Important notes when choosing to buy delicious crab
Important notes when choosing to buy delicious crab

Where to go to buy delicious crab?

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If you are looking for a place to buy delicious crab, then come to Trung Nam Seafood. We are proud to be one of the leading units specializing in distributing delicious crabs of the first class to customers. All crabs distributed by us are carefully selected to ensure excellent quality. Thereby, customers will be served delicious crab meals that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Besides, Trung Nam Seafood also provides services of preliminarily processing and cleaning crabs on the spot for customers. Therefore, customers can feel more secure if they do not know how to make crabs, and at the same time help save maximum time and still have delicious crab dishes. With reasonable prices and fast service, delivery is the reason why we are always the perfect choice when customers need to buy seafood.


Here is our share about how to prepare sea crabs simple at home, ensuring hygiene and perfect quality. Don't forget to visit Central South Seafood for dedicated advice on how to quickly clean crabs and buy delicious fresh crabs. Hope you will be successful and delicious with crab dishes!

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