How to write detailed Agribank cash withdrawal check

A lot of readers want's guide how to write a cashed check of major banks in Vietnam today. So I will respond to this request shortly.

Checks are more and more widely used. Especially in developed countries. In Vietnam, in recent years, writing cashed checks has become more popular. But the information in Czech is quite confusing. If you are new to writing checks, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes. So check out the instructions on how to write a check below.

Overview of Agribank checks

To be able to help everyone understand all information about Agribank's Withdrawal Checks. Here we will introduce to everyone detailed information about this type of cash withdrawal check. Specifically, please find out the information below.

What is Agribank Check?

Check (check) is a kind of order document, also considered a form of document of the account holder. The account holder writes a check to request the bank to deduct money from the account to use for different purposes. Often the account holder writes a check to withdraw cash or transfer money to someone else. You can also authorize someone else to take the check to the bank to withdraw or transfer money.Agribank bank check

The check is small, but powerful. The account holder writing the check is also ordering the bank to do exactly what is required in the check. In one sheet, there will be information related to 3 parties: the account holder (or the person who signs the check), the bank and the beneficiary.

Types of checks at Agribank

There are many different types of checks in circulation around the world. But in Vietnam, you can come across the following types of checks:

  • Order Check: A check used to request the bank to deduct money from the payment account for the payee stated in the check.

  • Anonymous Check: Anonymous check is used to pay the person who owns the check.

  • Check Name: Only the person named on this check can receive money.

  • Plain check: A check that has only one front. The back side is left white.

  • Crossed check: A check that has 2 parallel lines on the back. The front side still prints and fills in information normally.

  • Special crossed check: A check specifically used to deposit money into the bank. Front side to fill in information. The back has 2 diagonal lines.

What is the use of Aribank check?

Since checks are widely known, people use checks more instead of using a lot of cash to transact as before. Especially with domestic enterprises. Some financial features that are available via check include:

  • Checks are used to withdraw cash or transfer funds to beneficiaries.

  • Through the payment authorization to approve the payment order.

  • Payment of letters of credit.

  • Use checks to authorize collection.

  • Bank card payment.

How to write Agribank cash withdrawal check

Each type of check has different features. But the basic information to fill in is pretty much the same. In particular, some information is indispensable in both the check stub and the check body. Here are the instructions How to write Agribank cash withdrawal check standard and most accurate.

How to save money in Vietnam?

1/ Write the check stub

  • Claim to pay for: This is the part for the customer to fill in the recipient's information (the beneficiary).

  • ID number: ID number of the account holder signing the check.

  • Business registration certificate number: Business registration certificate number of the enterprise (if it is a check of the enterprise).

  • Address: Is the address of the account holder or the address of the business in the business registration.

  • Account number: This field is optional, so you can leave it blank.

  • In: This field is optional, so you can leave it blank.

  • Amount in words): Fill in the information about the amount to be withdrawn (clearly written in words). The word used is Vietnamese with accents, the first letter is capitalized, no special characters are allowed.

  • Publisher: Fill in the full name of the account holder (or the check holder). If you are an authorized person, a certificate of authorization must be attached.

2/ Write the body of the check

  • Amount in number): Enter the amount you want to withdraw in numbers. Notice the dot between the 3 units. Example: 100,000,000.

  • Day month Year: The date and year to which the bank made the check withdrawal.

  • Sign: Seal of the account holder issuing the check. Can also be the stamp of the business if it is the account of the business.

  • Chief accountant: The chief accountant of the enterprise signs the sample signature.

  • Publisher: Signature of the account holder issuing the check.

Advantages of withdrawing money from Agribank by check

When people conduct transactions with Agribank's check. You will get a lot of different benefits. Specifically, people can refer to the following:

  • It is possible to minimize the risk when instead of withdrawing money in cash.

  • Transactions by check will be faster and more convenient.

  • Get help from the bank staff to give everyone a check that is right for them.

  • Using Checks may limit the recipient or the scope of the transaction.

  • Agribank supports customers to track lost checks to ensure the safety of customers' assets.

  • Support customers to pay by check in VND and foreign currencies quickly.

Some notes when writing Agribank cash withdrawal checks

When writing a cash withdrawal check at Agribank. People need to keep in mind some of the following:

  • Checks have a lot of features and utilities. But not all financial transactions can be done by check.

  • A check is a document in the form of a document but has an expiration date. If the expiry date expires, the check will no longer be valid and worth nothing. The account holder issuing the check may also assign the check to another person by endorsement.

  • As long as it is in the checking account, the check holder has the right to request the bank to comply with the requirements because this is an unconditional order document.

  • A check always consists of 2 parts, the check stub and the check body. The stub is kept by the issuer of the check. The body of the check is for the beneficiary.

  • Before filling in the information, you need to consider it very carefully to avoid confusion. If filling out a check for the first time is a bit confusing, you can ask for help and guidance from the bank staff.


Here are the instructions how to write a cashed check most detailed. If readers do not know how to write checks, please follow the instructions above. If you have any other questions, please contact us below.