Instructions on how to make Viettelpay card online fastest

Referring to Viettelpay, everyone must think of online e-wallets. But not everyone knows that there is also a Viettelpay atm card. This is a card that allows customers to withdraw and transfer money. The article below, will guide everyone how to make Viettelpay card quickly online at home without going to a transaction point.

Find out what is Viettelpay?

Viettelpay is an application that is installed and used on smartphones. This application is developed by Viettel military telecommunications group. Through Viettelpay, customers can simplify financial transactions. Viettelpay can also be considered as the most used online digital banking application today.

ViettelPay ATM card belongs to any bank, this is a card product of Viettel military telecommunications group, not belonging to any bank. For ViettelPay ATM card products, customers will have many convenient features to use.

What features does Viettelpay have?

Viettelpay is an e-wallet application commonly used in Vietnam. The main features of Viettelpay can be mentioned as follows:

  • Pay bills for online purchases. Payment of monthly electricity, water and internet service bills.

  • The feature of scanning QR-code for payment is as fast as the wind.

  • Money can be transferred to other Viettelpay accounts just like other e-banking applications.

  • Link to accounts of banks in Vietnam. Allows transferring money from bank account to Viettelpay account quickly and vice versa.

  • Payment of insurance, payment of credit contracts at Home Credit, Fe Credit, doctor dong...

  • Payment for tour, train ticket, hotel room, home stay, movie ticket...

  • Top up phone cards for yourself and for friends and relatives.

  • Buy online game cards for yourself or give to friends.

What is Viettelpay ATM card?

How to make the atm viettelpay

Viettelpay atm card is no different from a bank's atm card. It has all the features such as money transfer, withdrawal, payment, battery change, balance query, card swiping....

Not only linking with Viettelpay application, Viettelpay atm card is also associated with 33 large and small banks in Vietnam. Allows transferring money to a bank card account simply and conveniently, just like transferring between bank accounts.

Instructions for installing and using Viettelpay app

Install on smartphone

  • Step 1: Access the address Here to download ViettelPay application to your phone.

  • Step 2: Download the application to your device.

  • Step 3: Register for Viettelpay account. You click on the words Register under the login information. Fill in the required information by the system. Include: Full name and personal phone number.

  • Step 4: Create a password for Viettelpay application. The system will ask you to enter the password twice. Both times must match. You should choose a password that is easy to remember but not easy to guess. Prevent others from being able to figure out the password.

  • Step 5: Receive the OTP code sent to the phone message. Enter this code exactly for authentication.

The system will notify you successfully registered. From this point on, you will use the information you just registered to log into the application.

Instructions on how to register for Viettel Pay card

How to register for ViettelPay card? Pretty simple and fast. Customers only have to follow a few basic steps to own this convenient card.

How to make the atm viettelpay

Would like register as atm card Viettelpay, you must go to Viettel's transaction point to do the procedure. Currently, the issuer does not allow registration for online atm card. But based on the needs of customers, Viettel is studying a plan for making atm cards online. Please wait for this breakthrough change of Viettel in the near future.

When going to Viettelpay transaction point to register as an atm card. You need to bring your ID card for the staff to check. After completing the procedure, you receive the appointment letter and leave. On the appointment day, you go back to the transaction point to receive the card. Normally, a Viettelpay atm card will be done after 5-7 working days.

Is there a fee to make Viettelpay card?

Customers who make Viettelpay card are free of fees for using and opening the card. There is no charge whatsoever. Just bring your ID to Viettel's transactional branch and register.

Instructions on how to activate Viettelpay atm card

Instead of activating the card at an atm like a bank. Then with Viettelpay atm card, you will activate it through the switchboard.

  • Step 1: Press numbers *998# and dial the number according to the instructions. (Press 7 to enter card settings).

  • Step 2: In the features you choose Activate the card.

  • Step 3: Enter the last 4 numbers of the Viettelpay atm card that you want to activate. You can see this number on your Viettelpay atm card. When finished, click OK to finish the card activation steps.

After activating the card, you can make transactions at the bank's atm machines. The transaction method is the same as the bank's atm card.

Instructions on how to top up Viettel Pay account

To be able to use Viettel Pay ATM card. Everyone needs to proceed to top up the account of Viettel Pay. Here we will guide you how to top up your account of Viettel Pay.

Go to Viettelpay transaction point to top up:

Currently, across the country, there are many Viettelpay transaction points (3,000 transaction points). You just need to bring cash to one of these transaction points to deposit money into your account. You will receive a form to fill out. Fill out the information in the form and return it to the staff. Then pay the amount to be transferred to Viettelpay account. Staff will help you complete the rest of the steps. In just a few minutes, Viettelpay account will be recharged.

Transfer money from bank account to Viettelpay account:

When you have an account of any bank. And registered to use Internet Banking service. You can completely link your bank account with your Viettelpay account. Then transfer money from bank account to Viettelpay simple and fast. When necessary, you can still withdraw money from Viettelpay wallet to your bank account.

Use your phone card to top up:

Viettelpay is one of the few e-wallet applications that allows to top up the account via phone cards. You just need to log in to the application and select the Recharge by phone feature. Then select the amount to top up and enter the phone scratch card code. Very simply, you can transfer money from your phone card to Viettelpay e-wallet.

In which case will Viettelpay ATM card be locked?

  • Do not activate Viettelpay atm card.

  • Activation completed but no transaction. Specifically, if 6 months from the date of activation, you do not make any transactions via Viettelpay card, your atm card will be locked.

  • In the process of using the card, the cardholder appears to violate the terms agreed between the two parties.

  • Viettelpay registered phone number does not work anymore.

  • The card issuer detects that the customer uses fake documents to open the Viettelpay atm card procedure.

Find out the fee for withdrawing atm Viettelpay card

  • If customers withdraw money at MBbank atm (military bank): Withdrawal fee is 1,100 VND/time.

  • If customers withdraw money at ATMs of banks other than MBbank: Withdrawal fee is 3,300 VND/time.


How to guide make Viettelpay card finished. If you are interested, you can follow the instructions. If you still have questions about Viettelpay card, please send your question below. We will respond accurately and quickly.\