Suggest 8 cold appetizers for parties and family meetings

Appetizers are the first snack to stimulate the taste buds of diners. Here are 8 suggestions for cold appetizers for parties and family meetings.

Here are delicious, nutritious appetizers that you can refer to to treat the whole family in family meals, even at parties.

1Coconut noodle salad appetizer

The salad with coconut tofu with shrimp and meat is Western specialties. The salad has a rich sweet and sour taste and delicious crunch combined with more fatty fish cakes. Regular coconut tofu salad mixed with thinly sliced ​​pork, shrimp, together with carrots, sliced ​​cucumber and assorted cilantro.

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Appetizer with coconut tofu saladAppetizer with coconut tofu salad

Refer: Treat the whole family to a Western-flavored coconut shrimp and shrimp salad

2Appetizers Salad with lotus root, shrimp and meat

Shrimp and lotus root salad is quite popular in restaurants because of its sweet, chewy, and crunchy taste. Salad can be combined with other ingredients to make a delicious and attractive dish. Depending on the taste of each person can Mix salad with many different ingredients such as shrimp or pork, chicken...

Appetizer of lotus root salad with shrimp and meatAppetizer of lotus root salad with shrimp and meat

3Appetizers Banana flower salad

Referring to banana flower mannequin, surely everyone will immediately think of pig ear banana flower mannequin. This is a dish with a cool taste with sweet and sour taste combined with crispy pork ears Guaranteed to bring a new feeling to those who have never enjoyed this rustic dish.

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Banana flower salad appetizerBanana flower salad appetizer

4Appetizers Squeezed sesame beef salad

Squeezed sesame beef salad is a dish that will conquer the taste buds of diners because The perfect combination of beef and vegetables. Dishes have sour from star fruit, acrid from green banana and sweet from sugar Make you fall in love from the very first bite. This is also a dish Rich in nutrients, cool and refreshing.

Appetizer with sesame beef salad squeezed throughAppetizer with sesame beef salad squeezed through

5The appetizer of cold meat bowl buu

Bat buu cold meat is a combination of European dishes and Vietnamese cold dishes such as spring rolls, cinnamon rolls. This is possibly the easiest appetizer to make. However, the most difficult stage to perform is probably the ability to present the dish in the most beautiful way.

The main ingredient of this dish is 4 or 8 types of cold cuts. Among them, the most popular are Spring rolls, spring rolls, Jambon, spring rolls, beef rolls, char siu, ..

Cold meat appetizer bowl buuCold meat appetizer bowl buu

6Appetizers Crab claws

Crab claw is an appetizer in parties, delicious taste, eye-catching presentation. With crab is the signature flavor served with minced pork, chicken, mixed with spices. Finally, you wrap it around with the crab claws. You can use this dish to treat your family on the weekend.

Crab claw appetizerCrab claw appetizer

7Appetizers Salad with pomelo shrimp and squid


Squid pomelo salad is an appetizer for any party or very suitable in the family tray at the weekend. The sour and sour taste from the succulent pomelos combined with the sweet and chewy shrimp and dried squid makes for a great dish.

Refer: How to make delicious sweet and sour pomelo shrimp salad for the weekend

Prawn and squid pomelo salad appetizerPrawn and squid pomelo salad appetizer

8Appetizers Salad with vermicelli mixed with shrimp and meat

Vermicelli salad mixed with shrimp and meat has a sweet and sour taste, crispy vermicelli, greasy shrimp meat eaten with vegetables will delight guests. This dish served with fish cakes It will balance the flavors of the dish.

Appetizer with vermicelli salad mixed with shrimp and meatAppetizer with vermicelli salad mixed with shrimp and meat

Above are 8 appetizers that Bach Khoa GREEN has compiled for you. Hopefully through this article you will find dishes to treat your family and guests on special occasions.

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