What 40 million to invest to start a super profitable business in 2022

What 40 million investment in this day? Suggestions TOP suitable fields, industries/business lines in 2022. Find out a series of suitable startup ideas now!

Starting a business with 40 million dong where to start?

Starting a business with 40 million dong where to start?

What 40 million investment brings stable and safe profit? The most important thing is that you need to come up with a specific and clear strategy. Map out each step for the whole startup process. Don't forget to look for ideas that work for you and the market! This is a very important step, below will be suggestions for HOT ideas suitable for a capital of 40 million. Follow and choose for yourself a perfect answer!

Doing Business in the City

Doing Business in the City

Fashion business

The city is the convergence and leading in the most modern fashion trends. The fashion business will be a not-so-new idea; However, if you are really passionate, love fashion, this is a large market for you to unleash; Find customers!

Jewelry business

What investment 40 million – can you do jewelry business? The answer is definitely yes! Because jewelry business is one of the hottest items today. Besides, with a small amount of capital, you can completely trade items with more "soft" materials; but with an eye-catching, trendy design. You can start with silver which is also a good idea and not too much capital!

Lemon tea business

What 40 million to invest – opening a lemon tea shop is not a bad idea. This is a place that young urban people love very much. Hobbies chatting, sipping a cup of lemon tea; light check-in. Besides, you can also make quite a profit based on take-away form this summer. Because the air in the city is extremely hot; If it's hot, lemon tea will be an ideal drink.

Coffee business

This is certainly no longer a strange idea, but it is very popular among business people who choose to send gold. With a capital of 40 million, you cannot open a cafe that is too grandiose. However, an impressive cafe in its own right; with a drink full of its own substance can make a certain point.

However, to compete with many cafes in the city today; You need to have a good idea that is unique – strange. Combined with that is a well-rounded, long-term plan. Should invest more space and advertising costs, if you want visitors to know quickly.

Painting and photo business

The photo business market is currently very active; must be assessed as diverse and developed. Besides, it is no longer constrained to any genre category; or limited audience, any art player. The need to use pictures does not just stop for the purpose of enjoying the beauty and imbuing the meaning of the picture. But nowadays, people who like and PLAY are also people who simply like to take care of their living and working space.

Pictures are also created and upgraded into pictures that are connected – separate from each other. With the purpose of serving to decorate houses and offices more modern and luxurious. Especially, with a competitive price, suitable for the pocket of many objects; This is one of the items that you can choose to trade with high profits in the near future.

Business in the countryside

Business in the countryside

Vegetable business

Referring to the countryside, you absolutely cannot help but think of clean vegetables. This is fertile land, easy to cultivate and cultivate. Besides, the countryside is the place where the air and land are preferred for cultivation; No chemicals or stimulants are required. That's why we want to suggest to you the form of a clean food business in the countryside.

However, the small disadvantage is that many farmers will grow their own crops; as this is their main source of income, resulting in a rather high supply. You can think of the direction of wholesale supply to supermarkets, local vegetable shops and big cities.

Trading in fresh vegetables depends on many market factors as well as the weather. Do not ignore this element of heaven if you are in the countryside. Besides, you also need to have a suitable plan to make your business run smoothly and smoothly.

Bonsai business

Bonsai business – a suitable business idea for the question of what 40 million to invest? Bonsai business is a fairly familiar business model in rural areas. You can easily find them everywhere, in different regions. With low capital, bonsai business can be mentioned as seed business; seedlings; ornamental plants, home decoration flowers, fruit trees, etc.

Besides, you can trade more items such as potted plants, fertilizers; The items that support planting and caring for bonsai are also a good idea.

Small snack shop business

This is a business model that deserves to be considered a "national" business model because of its wide popularity. The original reason is based on the particularly great needs of the vast majority of the age group today. The snack food business has many scales to deploy with different capital amounts. However, for a business with a budget of 40 million, you can focus on a variety of snacks; Form and space are paramount.

Pastry shop business

The bakery business is a fertile business market in the countryside. The demand for entertainment and food in the countryside is very popular nowadays. Opening a small and beautiful pastry shop is definitely not a bad idea.

You may be interested in the menu to create variety; The price is suitable for the conditions of the countryside to create attraction. With an investment of 40 million, you can comfortably rent space, buy materials, decorate and develop. Running a pastry shop can completely help you create a stable and sustainable income, don't hesitate to give it a try!

Online business

Online business - 40 million to invest?

Stock investment

With 40 million investment, you can do online business anytime, anywhere. Investing in securities is suitable for people who are not afraid of risks; Looking for new investment direction. You can consider investing in stocks, and investing in bonds. However, regardless of investment form of securities, you also need to be equipped with knowledge; Necessary and sufficient skills to avoid losing money!

Bank savings

Saving bank deposits "slowly but surely"; This is a traditional form of investment that many people apply. With 40 million, you can be safe without fear of risk when saving money in banks. however, low risk goes hand in hand with low return; The level of investment in banks is not very attractive at the moment. However, you can completely slow profit with this form if you don't like risk!

Invest in gold

Not only recently, but gold investment is an investment channel that has long attracted many different investors. Gold investment is a form of buying and selling - reselling; profit based on the difference. However, like bank savers, gold investment does not bring too large fluctuations in profits. Except for times of financial volatility; so you can also feel secure when investing in this form without worrying about risks!

Note when investing with 40 million VND

Note when investing with 40 million VND

What 40 million investment is indeed a capital that is neither too small nor too large. Therefore, in order not to fall into the case of "losing money", you should not ignore these notes:

  • Know how to allocate capital appropriately: Golden advice from successful investors in all fields; Do not put eggs in one basket to avoid losing both the lead and the fishing net. It is wise to allocate investment capital in many potential places; for each level!

  • Combining experience and theory related to the field of investment: 2 elements complement each other and go hand in hand. You cannot invest without knowledge of the field; Nor can success without applying problem-solving experiences to other forms of business.

Here are some suggested ideas for what to invest in 40 million – don't forget to follow us so you don't miss useful articles!