What is Bakery? Differentiate the types of bakery

As a pastry chef, you often hear the term “bakery”? Are you sure you understand the bakery correctly? The following article hopes to answer questions about what a bakery is, the information about the products in the bakery and how to identify each corresponding type for your reference and application when needed.

Bakery is not just a bakery, it also contains many interesting things that may surprise you. Do you know what a Bakery is? Let's explore with Hoteljob.vn!

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What is Bakery?

Bakery is also known as a bakery, a bakery, a bakery or a bakery. This is a place where bread or dough products are produced according to the food process baked in a manual/electric oven such as bread, cakes or pies.

Today, many bakeries operate a combination of selling cakes and serving tea, coffee or other beverages in the shop. In addition, the hotel restaurants also expand their business by adding a bakery in the kitchen/restaurant area to maximize the needs of guests.

Distinguishing products in Bakery

– Bread – Bread

Bread has 2 types: regular bread and sweet bread

  • Ordinary bread, also known as lean yeast bread, has only flour and water ingredients - usually yeast will be used to ferment, but there are some types of bread that do not need fermentation, so they will not use yeast. .

  • Sweet bread is also known as rich yeast bread. Why is it named "sweet bread" simply because in its composition, in addition to flour, yeast, there is also the presence of fat, sugar, milk, etc. And so, sweet bread is not only sweet but also sweet. There are other flavors available.

– Quick bread – Quick bread

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Cakes that use chemicals to expand without having to undergo natural fermentation and fermentation will be included in the "quick break" group. Quick bread has a softer and sweeter texture than bread that is left open with natural yeast. However, this type of cake does not have a firm texture and is not as tough as normal bread.

The following types of cakes are included in the quick bread group: coffee cakes, muffins, scones, loaf bread.

- Cake without oven

Non-oven cakes are cakes that are made by frying with fat

The group of non-baked cakes includes the following types:

  • Donuts, also known as donuts, are round cakes and are cooked by deep frying in oil.

  • Crepe: donuts by the pan. The pan is cooked by brushing a thin layer of butter/oil on the surface of the pan, then adding a very small amount of flour and spreading the pan evenly. Crepe's requirement is that the cake must be flat and thin.

  • Waffles: cakes that are thin and flat. Usually made by own mold.

  • Pancake: Similar to crepe but thicker.

  • Fritters: cakes with no fixed shape, sweet or salty depending on the ingredients used. The cake is made by deep frying in oil.

– Cakes

This is a group of cakes with high fat content and sweetness. This is also the cake with the highest accuracy requirements. The characteristics of this cake are soft, spongy and full of flavor. Cake has many ways of presentation, depending on the presentation will have different names:

  • Cupcake: a small cake, contained in a small paper cup.

  • Chiffon, angel food, devil food: are soft sponge cakes with whites and yolks separated and then whipped. Then it is baked in a tube mold.

  • Pound cake: The reason it is so named is because this cake has a weight requirement of 1 pound for each main ingredient. The cake has a heavy texture, and is heavier than even a sponge cake. Usually cakes are made in loaf or bundt molds.

  • Cheesecake: This cake uses very little or no flour. The main ingredient is cream cheese.

– Pies and tarts

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These are two types of cakes that are often confused with each other. Pie is a sealed cake with a filling inside, while tart has no shell and the filling is "exposed" to the outside.

Both of these flavors are salty or sweet depending on the ingredients.

– Cookies

A cookie is a small cake, made from a flour mixture similar to cake, but has a lower water content. There are many types of cookies, such as soft, porous, hard, crispy, chewy.

With the above information, Hoteljob.vn hopes you have the correct answer to the question "what is a bakery?" Besides, the information about bakery products will help you to be more confident when looking for a job as a bakery.

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