What is a detached villa? Features of single-family villas

What is a detached villa?

Before learning the detailed information about the type of detached villa, first it is necessary to clarify “what is a detached villa?”

Considered the most high-end residential product line in Vietnam today, single villas has an independent, complete and separate architecture. Normally, the four sides of the villa are open and airy, surrounded by miniatures, gardens, fences or other works serving relaxation and aesthetic needs. They possess an overall harmonious design and are clearly divided into functions.

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Until now, single-family villas have been a rather "picky" product line for customers in the real estate sector because of their expensive construction costs and large space requirements. However, this type is always welcomed by the elite and chosen as an ideal place to live thanks to its outstanding advantages. Typical examples include flexible spacious living space, absolute privacy, independent design expressing the owner's personality.

Two-storey detached villa with 4 airy sides

Main features of the detached villa

In order to become an ideal settlement model of a civilized and outstanding community, of course, single-family villas must ensure their own strict characteristics and standards.

Location and standard land fund of single-family villas

As a type of house built separately, the ideal location for building a detached villa is an empty lot, with 4 open sides, not in contact with any architectural works to ensure privacy, isolation and security.

In addition, the size of the land for design must also be large enough, preferably from 200m2 or more. As a result, the area of ​​​​the living inside and the space for the outdoor utility landscape are guaranteed.

Single-family villas are usually built on an empty lot with 04 open sides

Density and construction site of single-family villas

Building density is one of the standards that must be followed when building any architectural work, including single villas.

Specifically, construction density is the ratio of the land occupied area of ​​construction works to the total area of ​​the land lot (excluding external works such as sports fields, swimming pools, garden miniatures, etc.) :Construction density (%) = occupied area of ​​villa (m2) / Total area of ​​construction land lot (m2) x 100% Example:- Total area of ​​single villa is: 10m x 20m = 200m2- The area to build a detached villa: 10m x 10m = 100m2- The villa construction density will be 100m2/ 200m2 x 100% = 50%

According to popular standards, 50% is also the maximum building density for single-family villas. The remaining area should be used for landscape and outdoor facilities to ensure comfortable living space and promote the advantages of this type of real estate.

Synchronize the architectural design space of the exterior and interior of the detached villa

In the design of a detached villa, each space needs to be completed and synchronized in style. This not only creates a sense of harmony but also brings the luxury and class required in this type of high-class architecture.

The design of a detached villa needs to be consistent between the outside space and the inside of the villa

Currently, most homeowners choose a modern design style for single-family villas. Residents with their own unique tastes and tastes can also choose from more impressive styles such as neoclassical, classical, Mediterranean, Indochinese or tropical, etc. However, regardless of the style Either way, the synchronicity from the interior to the exterior temple landscape needs to be respected.

Privileges when owning detached villas in real estate projects

Single-family villa inherits the project's expensive location

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Location is always the top factor considered before investors decide to implement a certain real estate project. In the context of the increasingly competitive real estate market, most investors often choose locations with synchronous transportation systems with modern infrastructure to lay the foundation for their projects.

Therefore, the moving process of owners of single-family villas to nearby key locations will be much easier and more convenient.

Single villas enjoy a full system of unique landscape utilities

Modern life entails increasingly strict standards for the quality of life of civilized and intellectual communities. Understanding those needs, most real estate projects these days will focus on building the most comprehensive system of utilities and services, as a determining factor in the liquidity of the project.

Always prioritized to be located at the heart of an urban or mega-urban area, prestigious owners of single-family villas not only enjoy the full unique utility ecosystem but also possess the quick connection to those utilities.

In addition, in high-end, modern projects, such as Vinhomes, customers who own a single-family villa also enjoy 5-star standard care services such as daily housekeeping, landscaping services…

Owners of single-family villas have full rights to enjoy a chain of high-end and trendy utilities

Not stopping there, when the air quality is severely affected, the investors also pay more attention to the exploitation of the air. green living spacelive healthy in order to create true living values ​​for the resident community.

Specifically, the construction density at the projects is always maintained at an average and low level with a system of trees covering the whole area. As a result, owners of single-family villas will be able to live in a pure, clean atmosphere, which plays an important role in improving people's health and spiritual life.

Most especially, single-family villas often have four open facades with private entrances and a spacious garden. As a result, the life of family members is always relaxed, peaceful, and full of resort.

High-class single-family villa design in some Vinhomes projects

Mediterranean style detached villa at Vinhomes Ocean Park project

The single villa model Vinhomes Ocean Park in the Mediterranean architecture style is planned in 2 low-rise sub-areas, Pearl and Sao Bien. From the very first days of its launch, this type of product has attracted the attention of the elite thanks to its free and liberal appearance, like villas in the South of Italy.

The delicate and elegant lines in this style are clearly depicted through the gentle and slender architectural shapes, combined with the large arched windows, opening up a living space filled with light. Natural, fresh and pure.

In addition to being an attractive and ideal place to live, the prestigious owners of single-family villas in the 2 sub-areas of Pearl and Sao Bien also enjoy all the great facilities of the project such as saltwater lakes and lakes. ,1ha, 24.5ha Pearl Lake, bustling Vincom Mega Mall, busy commercial townhouses...

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Here are some pictures of the Mediterranean style single-family villa in Vinhomes Ocean Park Da Ton Gia Lam Hanoi:

Vinhomes Ocean Park Star Sea detached villaSingle Villa Pearl

Indochinese style detached villa at Vinhomes Grand Park project

Located in The Manhattan Glory sub-area - the heart of the Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, the single villas here are delicately built by the investor in the unique and attractive Indochinese architecture.

The harmonious combination between romantic French features and rustic in Asian architecture is the reason why the single apartments here are always welcomed by high-class customers. In this design style, the attractive Indochinese features are shown through the dome, large square glass doors or attractive stylized lines...

As the owner of single villas here, customers will fully enjoy the 36ha park ecosystem with 15 diverse themes and a series of other great utilities. Another privilege that must be mentioned is the rare close-range location of this type of villa, opening up a fresh living space, blending with nature and prosperous feng shui values.

Here are some pictures of Indochina-style single-family villas in Smart City - Vinhomes Grand Park:

Planning location of single-family villas Vinhomes Grand ParkSingle-family villa Vinhomes Grand Park owns a large area, serving comfortable and classy living and living spaceLuxury interior at Vinhomes Grand Park single-family villas

Greek style detached villa at Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony project

Planned in Nguyet Que sub-area of ​​phase 2 (The Harmony) project Vinhomes RiversideThe single villas here have made a strong impression when bringing in their impressive Greek architecture.

Customers can easily see the features of this style through the large pillars built outside the villa, through the classic canarium decoration or through the pure white color.

Just like other projects of Vinhomes, when becoming the owner of single-family apartments in Nguyet Que sub-area Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony, customers will also fully enjoy the comprehensive and unique self-contained facilities of the project. such as golf course, children's playground, modern swimming pool system...

Here are some pictures of Greek style detached villas in Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony:

Single Villa Vinhomes RiversideOwning a single-family villa in Vinhomes Riverside, residents fully enjoy an isolated, private and fully furnished life.

With the above characteristics, single villas is a class of real estate for the elite residents who deserve it, where it honors a sharp personal mark and creates the most perfect living space.

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