WebSite Satellite And Its Importance

SEO and satellite website are a matter of much interest. However, how can you build a quality satellite system, and be able to properly understand the satellite site, let's learn about this.

What is a satellite website?

What is satellite website

Satellite sites are subdomains that have the same subject or topic - the product that the main website offers. The satellite website is completely separate from the main website, the purpose is to attract customers, get more visitors, increase traffic, and serve a part for SEO purposes.

Satellite websites often target a niche market with one or more long keywords. It can be a landing page (referral page for a specific product or service) or a blog that shares tips & tricks, content related to the main website.

Why build a satellite system?

Purpose of building satellite system:

  • Increase the ranking of your website on search engines by placing backlinks pointing to your main site.

  • Create individual sales channels and leverage customers from these niche channels.

  • Introduce the company's individual products targeted at a particular customer.

  • Increase traffic to the main site via satellite site.

Advantages, disadvantages of satellite site

  • Advantages:

Satellite websites have the advantage of being easy to build, not necessarily sophisticated or spend too much time developing content. You only need to maintain the activity of the satellite website by posting a monthly calendar of 5-7 articles.

The cost is much lower or may be free if using free web 2.0 systems such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr ...

  • Defect:

If you build and manage not good, put backlink is not reasonable you are vulnerable to Google bot fine and of course your main site will disappear from the search engine always. It will take us a long time to recover. Pay close attention to the care of the satellite site to promote the best possible.

When should you build satellite web

When should you build a satellite website?

You should not always use a satellite website. If you build such websites for the sole purpose of getting backlinks, stop by because Google considers it spam and it's easy to spot it.

Also, when building the satellite website you need to dedicate a certain amount of effort should persevere, manage, optimize the SEO for each keyword, .. At the same time your content will be shredded, making Customers are difficult to follow, quality content on each site will be less attractive to users need.

How to maintain a sustainable satellite website?

Make sure Google does not know that you are deliberately building a satellite site system for the purpose of linking to your online money making website, simply to make your link go naturally. That you force yourself to do with your own hands from the registration process blog, add personal information, change the background for each blog.

If you think too much work and when building 1000 website how can do all this work, this is what you think, in fact there are those you have built nearly 1000 systems defense site We will continue to build 1000 more wordpress sites. That is the persistence that makes brilliant success, virtue that makes a professional SEOER.

Creating a satellite website is important and really necessary in SEO. A number of quality satellite sites are built that are of interest, it will directly affect your main site. Be wise to manage and maintain satellite sites, benefit your main site as well as contribute to the SEO of the Web site.

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