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Windows Update in Windows 10

Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates to make sure your device is secure and up-to-date. This means that you will receive the latest security fixes and updates that will keep your device running and protected. In most cases, you will need to reboot the device to complete the update process. Make sure you plug in your device when you know it will install the updates. Here are answers to how Windows Update keeps your PC up-to-date. How do I download Windows 10 October 2018 updates?
When your device is ready for Windows Update October 10, 2018, the update will automatically download based on your Windows Update installation. Then, upon completion of the download, the system will ask you to select a convenient time to restart the device and complete the installation process. After installing the update, your device will run Windows 10 version 1809. 

To check for the latest update manually, select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & security.  > Windows Update , then select Check for updates . 

For updates on the latest version of Windows 10, visit the Microsoft software download pageand download the Update Help. 

How do I manually update? 

While updates are automatically downloaded and installed, they may not be available on all devices at the same time - we guarantee updates are always available and compatible. 

To check for updates manually, select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & security > Windows Update , then select Check for updates . 

I'm having trouble installing an update or getting an error (such as 0x80073712). What can I do? 
Here are some ways you can try if you have problems installing the update:

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet. An internet connection is required to download the update.
  • If you have an internet connection and the update is not automatically installed, please wait a few minutes and then try to install the update manually. Select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & security > Windows Update , then select Check for Updates .
  • Run the Windows Update troubleshooter. Click the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & security > Troubleshoot . In Startup and Run , select Windows Update .

How long did it take to download the update? 

The time it takes to download an update is mainly dependent on the internet connection speed, network settings and the size of the update. Make sure you plug in and connect your device to the internet to download the update faster. 

How can I stop the download process and install the update? Can I skip the update? 
You can not completely stop the update because updates help keep your device safe and secure, so you will eventually need to download and install updates, regardless of your update settings. 

In Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise, you can choose to pause downloads and install updates. However, this option is not available in other versions of Windows 10, including Windows 10 Home:

  1. Select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update . Under Update settings , select Advanced options .
  2. Enable Pause Updates . Note that after a certain period of time or after canceling a pause, you will need to install the latest updates before you can pause the update.

How do I make sure my device will restart to install updates at a convenient time? 

To finish installing an update, you will have to reboot your device. Windows will attempt to restart your device when you are not using the device. If not possible, you will be asked to schedule a reboot at a more convenient time:

  1. Select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update .
  2. Select Schedule a reboot and select a convenient time for you.

You can set the hours of operation to ensure that the automatic restart process to install the update only occurs when you are not using the device. Learn about hours of operation for Windows 10 

What if I do not have enough disk space to update? 
Try deleting unnecessary files, uninstalling unused applications, or moving files to another drive as an external USB drive or OneDrive. 

How can I be sure that the update does not use too much battery?
You should plug in devices such as laptops and tablets when not in use. This way, if the update is installed overtime, your device will have enough power to complete the installation. The Windows update does not use more battery power than other common system processes. 

How do I view installed updates? 
Update history is available so that you can see what updates have been installed as well as when to install. You can also use this list to delete specific updates, however, you should not do this unless necessary. 

Select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates & security > Windows Update >Advanced options > View your update history . 

For more information about the features in the update for Windows 10, see the History updated Windows 10 . 

How can I remove an installed update? 
You should not delete any installed updates. However, if you have to delete the update, you can delete in the update history.

  1. Select the Start button , then select Settings > Updates and security > Windows Update > Advanced options > View your update history > Uninstall updates .
  2. Select the update you want to delete, then select Uninstall .

What is the difference between a quality update and a feature update? 

Typically, feature updates are released twice a year, including new functionality and features, as well as possible fixes and security updates. Quality updates are released more frequently, mostly including minor fixes and security updates. Windows is designed to provide both types of updates to devices through Windows Update. 

What is the best way to ensure my device is always up-to-date? 
Windows Update automatically provides updates for eligible devices. To double check that your device is up to date, open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update to see your updated status.
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