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What is SEMrush? The effect of SEMrush on SEO work

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is one of the famous online analytics index tools on the foreign SEO community today. This tool is known as one of the leading SEO keyword research and rival tools.
The indicators that this tool offers will help you understand the SEO strategies of the players and the general situation of the market today. This will give you a lot of advantages in developing advertising strategies as well as website SEO strategies to top quickly and efficiently.

Some of the main features of SEMrush today

SEMrush is a pretty versatile tool in analyzing opponents. Not only research on Backlink, advertising strategy, SEMrush also offers users SEO keywords of competitors so that users can get the most overview about SEO campaign as well as online advertising of competitors. . More specific:

1. Ability to backlink statistics

Like Ahrefs or MajesticSEO - the leading backlink research tools today, SEMrush also gives users detailed statistics reports about the amount of backlinks, anchor text, referral domains, etc. These figures will bring Give the reader an overview of the link building strategy of players.
• Advantages:
SEMrush has an outstanding feature over other backlink research tools, which is a more detailed report of the IP address that has placed a backlink to the website. Because there may be situations where many websites create backlinks to a website with a duplicate IP address or the same host IP address. And links from websites with this Ip address will only be considered as links from the same domain instead of multiple domains.
Another utility that this tool offers is the ability to compare the index of any 2 websites (up to 5 websites). This is a feature that Ahrefs still cannot do.
• Defect:
However, this versatile tool still has some limitations. The first and most influential thing is about data. SEMrush's database is quite modest compared to other tools. When the amount of Backlink this tool can collect is only 125 billion backlinks of 45 million domains, a lot less than other tools (like Alexa is 6 billion pages) and extremely few compared to thousands. billion of the Internet available today (equivalent to the amount of backlinks can be up to hundreds of thousands of backlink).
Therefore, the data that SEMrush has not really brought about great value for users. The next drawback is the limitation on the ability to track new backlinks and disappear. This tool has not been able to give its detailed reports about the number of links to and from the time of day. Thus, it will be quite difficult for users to use this tool to monitor backlinks of themselves and competitors.
Another limitation of SEMrush is the low backlink update frequency. When Ahrefs can update backlinks by day, even if the update frequency can be up to 30 minutes, SEMrush still takes a long time to update all of its data (about 26 days or more).

2. The ability to statistically rank pages on sites

SEMrush will show you which pages on the site are having a good ranking on Google in 26 different countries. Good rankings here mean those pages in Google's top 20 in these 26 countries. You can also track the ranking of these keywords through SEMrush, along with top SEO competitors.
However, we also see the limitations of this tool through the above feature. It is limited on databases. This tool only collects local Google data in 26 countries (including Vietnam). Moreover, you will not have any data if your website cannot reach the top 20 for any keyword.
What is SEMrush
What is SEMrush

3. Ability to analyze advertising data

SEMrush can help you research the entire campaign running your opponent's ads, which first and most popular on Search Engine is Google Adwords. In addition to the Google Adwords keyword statistics and the ranking of those keywords, SEMrush also helps you analyze whether the user search trend revolves around these keywords, and evaluate whether those keywords bring how many traffic for the website.
So, with SEMrush, you almost get your opponent's Google Adwords data. And based on this feature, you can know what competition you need to compete with your keywords, or which keywords will bring the most visits to your website.
In addition to Adword, SEMrush also helps you study other types of rival ads such as PLA (Product Listing Ads), video ads and ads on the GDN display network (Google Display Network). Thus, SEMrush can bring extremely useful data for website administrators to compete and win over their players on SEO and Online advertising.

Operation mechanism of SEMrush

Like other online index research tools, SEMrush also has bots that search their own data. The first bot with a mechanism that works completely differently than the bots we already know like Googlebot. Instead of starting to crawl from any page until all the links are on the page, this bot will start collecting data of pages that are in the top 20 on the search results rankings. Search. And the keywords used in this data collection will be keywords with high popularity or high search volume.
SEMrush will divide these keywords into 3 different groups, with the priority amount descending:
  • Group 1: about 1 million most common words will be updated daily
  • Group 2: about 14 million words less popular, this group will be updated 1 million words every day and complete data collection every 2 weeks.
  • Group 3: 25 million remaining keywords, updated 1 million keywords daily and completed after 25 days.
Thus, every day, this tool will collect data of about 3 million different keywords on about 26 Google search engines in 26 different countries.
And from the data of the website, SEMrush will continue to use another bot to collect backlink data of these websites. The operating mechanism of bot backlink is the same as the bot that we knew earlier like Googlebot. This bot will move to the site and collect data about the backlink of each page on the site. However, this bot will only collect data of valuable backlinks and not spam backlinks.


By learning about the number of features that this tool offers, we can see that this is a pretty good tool to research opponents, especially for those who want to do SEO targeting the search market. outside via search engine.
You can sign up for a free account and use the free features that this tool offers. Or pay to get more detailed reports.
Article: "What is SEMrush? The effect of SEMrush on SEO work ".
Author: Lee Nam
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