Localhost is a term that is mentioned a lot in web design and blogger. So what does this term mean? How does it work? How to install localhost and how to use it? This article will explain and share with you this term.

What is localhost?

Localhost is essentially a webserver including Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin (AMPP) installed on your computer, using your computer's hard drive as a website storage and installation space without purchasing host
Localhost is used to install and test websites on computers to help manipulate and process data faster, not lose too much work and don't worry about losing connections like online hosting.
Since it is located on your own computer, only you can view the website you have installed on localhost that others cannot view.

How does localhost work?

As mentioned above. Localhost is a collection of many software (AMPP) installed on the computer. Depending on the installation packages of different providers, the folders containing installation data may be www or htdocscreated in the localhost installation directory.
By default the path http: // localhost / will point to the www or htdocs directory. When you create a directory at www or htdocs, the path will be http: // localhost / directory-name .
For example, when creating a wordpress directory  in htdocs , the path will be http: // localhost / wordpress .

Use which software to create Localhost?

Currently there are many popular software that can help you easily create localhost. However, I recommend using XAMPP to install localhost because this software is simple and easy to use.
List of software that creates localhost:
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