How to customize the application icon on iPhone

The application stickers on iPhone are set by default according to the iOS operating system, or according to the application icon when you download from the App Store. If users want to refresh these stickers, you can install LabelChanger tweak for jailbroken iOS 9 devices.
Accordingly the application provides many different options for you to change the interface for application stickers. For example, we can change the color of the sticker, add the border to the application's sticker, hide the application sticker or replace the application icon into the color, ... The following article will guide you how to change Change application sticker on iPhone.
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Instructions for changing iPhone application sticker

Step 1:
Users download tweaks at Packix source on Cydia, or directly access the link below.
Proceed to install the tweak as usual.
Find tweaks  Click Confirm  Respring device
Step 2:
Next we click on Settings and then select LabelChanger . In the fine-tuning interface the user has the option to turn on and off at Hide Labels. In the Fonts section, users can change the font of application stickers.
Choose tweak Turn off tweaks  Choose a new font
Step 3:
Next down below will be options to edit the interface for displaying application stickers. 
  • Change the Labelcolor: change the color of the dullness.
  • Custom Labelcolor: customize the sticker.
  • Change the Labe Border: change the application label border.
  • Custom BorderColor: customize application label color borders.
  • Change the Label size: change the application sticker size.
We select the color for the sticker and the color border for the sticker and press Respringto save the changes.
Choose colors Choose a sticker color  Choose colors
The application sticker result has been changed according to the settings that the user has selected.
 IPhone screen interface  Change the application label
The iPhone screen interface has been refreshed when the application sticker has changed according to the settings you choose. We can freely choose font or font color for application sticker.
I wish you all success!
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