How to add Live Photos to iPhone does not support

Live Photos is a feature added to the camera from iPhon 6S onwards, helping users to have more vivid photos when they can move as GIF images. With devices without 3D Touch to use Live Photos feature, users can install LivePhotoForNon3Dtouch tweak for iOS devices.
Accordingly, when the user has finished installing, the Live Photos feature is automatically added to the device, without having to set up too much. In particular, Live Photos tweaks also support Live Photos for device wallpapers. The following article will show you how to install Live Photos for iPhone.
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Instructions for adding Live Photos to iPhone

Step 1:
Users click on the link below to install LivePhotoForNon3Dtouch tweak for iOS 10 jailbroken devices. 
Step 2:
After you've installed it, go to Settings and select LivePhotoForNon3Dtouch tweak . Next we activate the tweak so that the Live Photos feature is added to the device.
Choose the settings Activate tweaks
Step 3:
Continue to open the camera application on the device and you see the Live Photo mode provided for the device to take the picture.
Take photos of Live Photos mode
Step 4:
Go back to the Settings interface and select Wallpaper to install a new wallpaper for iPhoneClick on Choose a New Wallpaper to select a new wallpaper for the device.
Choose a background image New background image
Step 5:
Display the Live Photos folder that we captured right on the device. Click on the animation you want to select as the background image for the device.
Animations Choose animated wallpaper
Users can then choose the Live Photo mode for the selected image. Click and hold on the screen to see how the picture moves and click the Set button. Click Set Lock Screen to set as animated wallpaper. Finally, you wait for the installation of the live wallpaper for the lock screen.
Animation mode Select lock screen background image Wait for wallpaper settings
For iOS devices that do not support 3D Touch, tweak LivePhotoForNon3Dtouch to help you get the Live Photos feature right away when taking photos. Wallpaper for lock screen is also provided Live Photos mode.
I wish you all success!
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