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You have a website that is using http protocol, but until now, the http protocol when browsing will appear the line Not Secure or Non-secure . It is these lines that make users feel insecure information when browsing on your web. And you want to switch to https protocol so that your site is more professional and secure. Today, please share the Plugins Really Simple SSL one of the specialized plugins that identify and configure your website to run via https protocol 
Plugins Really Simple SSL Premium

- If you only need to automatically detect links to posts write, image, ... from http protocol and transfer all to https protocol, you just need to use version Really Simple SSL free is ok.
+ You can download the Plugins Really Simple SSL Free version
- If you need more professional with more functions, you can use Really Simple SSL Pro version
+ You can download Plugins Really Simple SSL Pro  (FShare)
In addition, if you need professional comment plugins for your site, you can refer to the Wpdiscuz Premium Plugin + Addons
Plugins article. Download the Wpdiscuz + Plugons Full Addons link below
+ You can download  Wpdiscuz Premium + Addons  (FShare)
Hope you are succesful. 
Hopefully the article Sharing Plugins Really Simple SSL helps you convert http protocol to https more professionally. 

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