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17 reasons why Listicles is so effective - We all love listicles and are somewhat addicted to them. It is hard to resist the amount of useful information presented in such an easy-to-consume manner. But sometimes they are really informative and are only made to get people to click. But they are still very popular and are the most widely used format on the internet. Why? Because they will provide you with information that is easy to understand and read.

Although we have to admit its theorists have a point. They say life cannot be silenced. You have trouble understanding complex and multifaceted problems in a list. A list certainly doesn't fit many topics, but there's no need to hate it. It's a good place to start and get people interested in certain topics.

Of course, the way many spam websites use it is not suitable for anyone. Poor, useless information is not something everyone likes. It is true that you have to learn a lot of things to come to sweet efforts. But the efficacy and success of listicles is not so simple.

The reason behind Listicles' success

There are many reasons for it. The deeper reality behind them is that we always need an optimal way to filter and process information. Especially online.

Decide how to read the information

Once we jump into our daily browsing habits, we will be caught up in an endless stream of information. It is only natural that our brain is looking for a meaningful arrangement mechanism. So we're intrigued with lists telling us what we want to know as quickly and efficiently as possible. But that is not enough. It must be well written. So a good list must be written from a really organized thinking set. Once we realize this organization, our brains will be attracted to it.

We scan the article


No one has time to read every article they open. So we scan and we do it well. It is a type of reading that allows us to find information in front of us and decide if it is worth reading. It's the fastest reading we can do and the listicles allow us to do that.

Scanning, also known as reading test, is one of our most important and beneficial skills. It allows us to outline complex ideas and understand them much faster. We can get to reality immediately without investing too much of our valuable time.

  1. A very wonderful Listicle

We humans have many different needs and the input of new information is also among them. Our brain cannot counter valuable information, especially if it is provided in such a focused manner. Without even reading the list, you already know how much or how much bits of information you will consume. You will know that you will be given a specific amount of practice in a concise and concise manner.

It's easier to read a list than an article. With an article, you start from scratch and you are not really sure how much you can expect. While with listicles you know exactly how much.

  1. Lists are an integral part of our culture

Have you ever heard someone talk about a great list they've read lately? We have had thousands of years growing up in the last 10 years as the internet witnessed its tremendous growth and we have grown with it. Listicles are one of the main forms of content we consume.

But it is not just about the internet. Listicles have been around for a very long time. Historically, listicles have always been used to simplify complex concepts so that people can understand them. The Ten Commandments and the List of David Lutterman both convey a complex set of ethical rules, but they are simplified in an easy-to-read list.

  1. Lists were not invented by content marketers

It's easy to think of the listicles as cheap click lures used by media agencies and other spam websites. But that is far from the truth. There are many books written in listicle format. Also, take poems for example. Aren't they the most classical form of a list? The writer can put their point in a few short sentences and get the reader excited without him reading through the long pages. Even God wrote the Ten Commandments in a listed form. Although that would not fit on the internet today.

  1. Easier to read a Listicle than an article

Of course, if it is well written. But either way, as it spreads to individual spots, it's easy to read some points of interest. You do not feel compelled to read the next sentence and the next sentence to have a clear view of what you are reading. Nor do you miss anything if you didn't read it from the beginning or didn't read the whole list. Listicles are great for doing that.

  1. Feel like a better structured argument

Listicles make it easy to say or fight something in a well structured way. It allows us to superimpose our points on top of each other in a way that is easily accessible to everyone.

  1. They are not necessarily dumbfounded

Yes, listicles do not follow the complex structure of literal formats, but they are not necessarily against literature. They do not have a complex structure like sophisticated literature and that is exactly the problem. It certainly makes reading about history a lot easier.

  1. They are short and focused

Readers read the text for a simple reason, to find information that helps them engage in something they need, care about or a problem they want to solve.

  1. The list will not give you ADHD

You can easily argue that the reason why we like reading lists is due to our low attention span. Perhaps you are making it worse by reading the articles in bulleted format? Is not. This has nothing to do with ADHD.

  1. Why is Listicles widely used in content marketing

Listicles are equally appealing and beneficial to their creators, as they are their readers. There are many reasons to start writing lists if you are a content marketer or blogger. Especially if you are just getting started with it.

  1. Lists are the easiest way to write


No wonder people criticize their low quality listings. Anyone can write a list but not everyone can write well. If you have the smallest idea of ​​good writing, a listing can be a perfect start for a content marketer getting started.

Even if you don't think you know anything worth sharing, don't worry about it. That is what the internet is for! Do your research within your niche and come up with a top list or a list of tools that help readers accomplish a given task. Better yet, have a few people contribute to your writing. You will be surprised by what appears. Everyone knows what you shouldn't include, so take advantage of that. You will have got yourself a high quality list before you know it.

  1. You can write a list of the top 10 lists for anything

With an hour or two spent researching and taking notes, you can come up with a list of the top 10 great things on many topics. As a Muslim writer and a Muslim journalist, you are an objective observer, who often knows nothing about what he / she is looking at and that is good. You are here to share your ideas, you don't have to be a person who knows the topic. But if you're writing about dolphin chemistry or mating habits, it's better to ask a marine biologist.

  1. The more items on your list, the better

If you have some good writing skills, all you have to do with a list is make it as long as possible. People are more likely to share a long list. A longer list is considered a larger knowledge base. If you write a list like the top 100 facts about Kratom, then there is a good chance that there will be traction on social media.

  1. It allows you to share a lot of unclear information

People are always eager to learn more about the world around them. Providing them with information that may have been ahead of them without knowing it is a surefire way to get them curious. If they are curious, then they will start clicking on what you want as a content marketer.

  1. Headlines with numbers get more attention

We use numbers to convey facts and numbers are what we want when we look for information. Numbers help our brain organize information, set expectations and reward us when we fulfill those expectations by reading the list. That is why a Top 10 list is so compelling.

  1. Short attention span


Internet users have a very short attention span, which is a problem for anyone who runs a website. You cannot expect users to care about or read through the entire text you have written. But listicles solve that problem. They provide users with organized, concise information. Listicles stick to the point, which appeals to modern readers.

  1. The list may provide confirmation

A lot of times, lists are intriguing because it provides an opportunity for them to validate their beliefs. It can provide confirmation on their favorite band, their favorite movie or whatever they like. Writing a good list of the qualities of a top candidate in a certain category is a great way to approach the list.

  1. They are most likely to share

If you don't have to try a little to read through a list, you can share it with a friend who might have the same hobby. If you provide good information to your readers, others will share it on their social media as well. So listicles are an attractive way to engage.

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Listicles have been available all over the Internet and now they exist as one of the most popular ways to provide easy-to-consume information.

It's easy to see it as a marketing tool, but the most important thing about them is providing value. Giving value to your readers is what attracts them and makes them want to do business with you. So if you're just starting out and have some good ideas in mind, by all means, make a top 10 list of something you love and see the results.

We hope that you enjoyed reading through this article and we will see you soon in the upcoming articles. We have a lot to discuss online marketing!

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