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Create a color photo from a black and white photo - Black-and-white photos can be perfect, but sometimes we feel like they're not fashionable. When it comes to coloring photos, the first (and most common) option we consider is Photoshop. On the other hand, it can be a bit difficult for beginners to use it correctly. The advantage of using Photoshop is that there are some functions that allow you to color specific parts of the image and create something new. This is a special technique used to create beautiful images without effort and by using special algorithms.

In general, you can take some time to learn tips on how to create something colorful from black and white and you can switch to a quick solution with the help of the following tools. .



The basics of Colorize Photo are embedded in a microservice system, working with URLs. The results that you can achieve by using the program are almost perfect. For the program, its system uses a special deep learning technique, which means the results will be better. In the learning process, the program uses countless images to help programmers develop a program that is effective enough and can 'fix' a picture in a moment.

Get the rhythm with the algorithms and special services provided by Algorithms. Basically this system works with URLs and it reaches its best potential when it comes to images of faces or simple objects. When it cannot reproduce an image, it becomes clear, because it becomes brown.

Unfortunately, this method of coloring has errors, such as the use of vivid green grass, and it also has problems reproducing marine images (often mixing colors), but against This little bug, it can still be a great start.

When using Colorize Photo, you have to take a number of steps to get your color photo. First, you need to upload black and white photos to the appropriate image hosting site, for example Postimage, Imgur, TinyPic or Img Safe. Once you have the URL, you can copy and paste it into Colorize Photo. You just need to click on the ‘Colorize’ option and the magic will happen.

Again, some errors may occur during coloring, but only in the case of more abstract images. Nothing else to say, this program is unbelievably effective.

Colorize Photo


There is another way to color your photos, where you can control the process. The Colorize Photo app gives you the opportunity to create entirely new photos manually. By adding color manually, it will take more time to see results.

Although the process is 'longer', there are still only a few steps to complete this task. In contrast, fixing a portrait does not take much time. This application provides a great introduction. When you start exploring the program, you have the opportunity to try out all the devices on a default portrait. Then you can have fun working on your pictures.

The best part of Colorize Photo Converter is that it provides black and white images with realistic shades and the reward is that you don't need to install anything on your computer. In addition, it is not even required to host your images on their website, so privacy is extremely important. You have the opportunity to use Google images as references and it helps you in finding references that are relevant for images. In case you are not satisfied with this application, but need something more professional from the experts, you will want to know a little more about the following option.

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Colorization by richzhang


In case you don't want to spend time coloring a black and white picture and you just need a quick result, Gizmodo has found the best tool for you. The program makes predictions about the original colors of the objects. Moreover, it has been programmed by many researchers from Berkeley. From all other programs, this is the most compelling one, because it uses a cumulative neural network that provides millions of images. It can also detect specific features on the image and guess.

AKVIS Coloriage


Although AKVIS Coloriage is not a free program, it is great, as it provides other methods for coloring, such as replacing colors to see how it looks in red or white, etc. You can not just color everything, but you can also change the color of any item you choose. Moreover, it is especially recommended for ladies, because it is also a great opportunity to ‘change’ their hair color. Of course this also involves easy tools, so you can also adjust the red-eye effect on the image to make it perfect. It is worth noting the effectiveness of the program in handling the contours of objects.

For those with some artistic talent, that might well be the best ability to experiment. There are two ways to use it, it works as a standalone program and it can also act as a plug-in with a given image editor (eg Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint).

The 10-day free trial allows you to test or fix a series of photos that you collected before downloading.



What does Pixelmator provide us with? A magical and quick solution to our problems! Applying the appropriate layers is the main ingredient here to achieve the perfect solution. You can name these classes and easily manipulate them. It is also the right to mix special effects with our colors. Moreover, the program comes with some instructions that we follow easily.

Photoshop or GIMP


If you've gone through all the programs we've listed, you may need to level up and get started with Photoshop. In case you have a lot of time to invest in a program that can make your dreams come true, choose Photoshop. It may have some disadvantages, like a high price, but it's worth using it. You also need some computer skills to complete the task, but there are some video tutorials, which can help us fix black and white photos. It takes about 20 minutes to start, if you follow the instructions. With a little practice, it may be shorter. Of course, if you plan on creating professionally colored paintings, you need to work more with your project.

With these tips, you will be able to color your Black and White photos professionally and quickly. Taking old family photos may be the best way to start the experiment. Working on a photo of you or your family, can be a meaningful and valuable gift. In case you have tried other techniques and applications, please share it.

GIMP is a free program that can be easily downloaded. There are several possibilities in the application, not only the actual color of the image, but also the art. Sharpness and defined edges are the main expectations for creating a perfectly colored picture. Manual settings allow you to create layers where you can edit the foreground, background color and color of objects.



Reddit collects all the professionals on the Internet and that means anyone can turn to them for some help, such as fixing a black and white photo. Your options are as follows: request free or paid. Before starting to work with the program and submitting requests, carefully read all the rules.

If you have some doubts about the results or response rates, you don't need to worry. There are several answers to these requests. In this case, it's worth mentioning that it might be quite disturbing for some of us, that black and white images are needed to be posted. If you have a problem with visibility, Reddit may not be the best option for you. When you are an expert in photo coloring, owning these skills allows you to help others as well as work with other people's photos.

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These programs vary in efficiency, control and handling. We can also find some articles on the Internet that provide us to learn how to color a picture in 10 minutes.

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