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Reboot Restore Rx is a software that freezes the hard drive, or more specifically, freezes the computer running Windows operating system is quite safe and flexible.
How Reboot Restore Rx works is similar to Deep Freeze and other hard drive freezing software, which is freezing the drive. C (OS drive) will delay setup, install new software, and wipe out previous session information on Windows.
But the difference is that with Deep Freeze and other hard drive freezing software is that if you want to install or make any changes related to the system, you will have to freeze and restart the computer. This will cause us to have to restart the computer many times.
With Reboot Restore Rx software, you still have the ability to freeze the hard drive to eliminate the risk of virus infection, but still be able to operate relatively normally on your Windows, and importantly, you will not Need to restart the computer too many times.
Yes, and in today's tutorial I will share with you how to install and use Reboot Restore Rx software to ensure your computer's safety, to avoid the infection and spread of viruses on the system. Windows.
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#first. Installation instructions Reboot Restore Rx

+ Step 1: First you need to Download the Reboot Restore Rx software from home page (this is the free version and always the latest version) or Mediafile link preventive.
// If you visit the link of the software's homepage without seeing the download, your browser may be blocking ads, please unblock the ad so you can see the link to download it.
Note: Reboot Restore Rx has 2 versions, the version I introduced above is the free version. If you want to use the paid version, you can download it here to try it out.
Here are the differences between keeping the Reboot Restore Rx version free and the Reboot Restore Rx PRO version:

+ Step 2: After downloading the software successfully, double click the file *.exe => at the dialog box Language Selection Select the language you want to use => then press OK to start the installation.
automatic-restore-restore-reboot-restore-rx (1)

+ Step 3: At the Reboot Restore Rx = installation interface, click Next to continue.
automatic-restore-restore-rework-restore-rx (2)

Keep pressing Next, in general the installation process, just click Next is the main only 😀

To choose Next to agree to the terms of the software developer.
security-recovery-system-mem-reboot-restore-rx (4)

+ Step 4: At this point, choose the hard drive partition you need to freeze, (usually we choose the drive C - Operating system drive to protect from the virus) => Then press Next to establish.
Dong-o-mien-Toan-Toan-phan-mem-reboot-restore-rx (5)

Here you click Next to extract the installation file.
automatic-restore-restore-restore-restore-rx (6)

+ Step 5: After installation is completed, you tick Restart => then press Finish To complete the installation process and restart the computer, apply the settings.
Dong-o-mien-Toan-Toan-phan-mem-reboot-restore-rx (7)

#2. How to freeze the hard drive with Reboot Restore Rx software

+ Step 1: After restarting the computer, your computer has been activated to freeze the hard drive.
To turn off this mode, click the triangle at the bar Taskbar => And then right click on the icon of the software Reboot Restore Rx => And select Disable to temporarily freeze off.

+ Step 2: And confirm OK at the dialog box Confirmation.
security-recovery-system-mem-reboot-restore-rx (9)

+ Step 3: To turn hard drive partition back on. You just need to click the triangle at the Taskbar => and then right-click on the application icon => and select again Enable is done.
automatic-restore-restore-reboot-restore-rx (10)

+ Step 4: Then you press OK at the dialog box Confirmation to enable hard drive freezing.
security-recovery-system-mem-reboot-restore-rx (11)

And now you can apply new corrections on Windows.
security-recovery-system-mem-reboot-restore-rx (12)

But more than other hard drive applications like Deep Freeze, Enterprise Console, Shadow Defender or ShadowUser Pro Edition in terms of occupied space, as well as actual performance. But….
Reboot Restore Rx still has limitations that any hard drive freezing application will encounter, that is it will wipe all browser activity sessions, and the most recent document that has not been saved. This is also one of the things you should consider when using applications that freeze the hard drive instead of antivirus software to protect your computer.

# 3. Epilogue

Okay so that's it, I have just guided you how to freeze the hard drive with Reboot Restore Rx software to ensure the safest computer security then. Hard drive freeze software will be really useful for public computers, computers that have many users in common because it will ensure stability for that computer.
At this point, my article also asked to pause. Hope to share about today's software tips, that will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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