How to add commas in thousands of numbers in Excel

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Yes, in the process of statistics and calculations on the Excel application, you will always face numbers and numerical data values, right?
The fact that your Excel spreadsheet contains long ranges of numbers, without punctuation marks, or commas to separate 3 characters, will make us confused and difficult to work, and can cause errors for users. .
Therefore, in today's tutorial, I would like to introduce to you a little trick, which helps you to separate the numerical values ​​with 3 or more digits on the character field, help you work a more accurate and effective way.
Of course, you can do this manually, but of course I don't encourage you to do so. Instead of the way you will have to manually enter commas or periods, using the Number tool will save you a lot of time in completing an Excel statistics file.
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How to commas thousands to separate 3-digit numeric values ​​in Excel

+ Step 1: First, open up your Excel file => as you can see in the picture below, by default, the numeric values ​​will be displayed in a series.
excel-milling-day-to-day-numbers-on-excel-1 (1)

+ Step 2: Now you can highlight / scan select the data area containing numbers => and right click => select Format Cells…
excel-milling-day-to-day-numbers-on-excel (2)

+ Step 3: At the dialog box Format Cells => you choose Tab Number => then click on Number.
Next, at the section Decimal places You set the separation ratio is 3 => then click the box Use 1000 Separator (.) => and click OK as the picture to set up.
excel-milling-day-to-day-numbers-on-excel (3)

Ok so you have a table of statistics of characters separated by thousands of dots, or commas.
excel-milling-day-to-day-numbers-on-excel (4)

Very simple and easy is not it. This way we can easily identify and explain long and long sequences without stumbling over the fear of errors.
However, one obvious weakness is that Excel uses both periods and commas to create a separate position for 3 digits. Hopefully in the future, the newly released Excel will overcome this drawback.
Here comes the article How to add commas before thousands of numbers in Excel I would like to pause. Hope this tip will help you in working with Excel file.
Good luck !
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