2 ways to delete all photos on Google Photos with 1 click

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Yes, as you all know, Google Photos is one of the best photo hosting services available, provided by Google.
You can store thousands of photos on Google Photos with super-sharp, original photo quality. And this is really a great photo hosting service.
However, in this article I did not mention that problem, but what I want to say here is how to delete photos on it when you no longer need storage.
Therefore, in this article I will show you two extremely simple ways to delete all photos on Google Photos most effectively.
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I. How to delete all photos on Google Photos fastest?

Method # 1: Select all photos with SHIFT key

This way, you just need to pay a little attention to it to be able to do without anyone instructing at all, because it was suggested by Google.
Very simple, you select the first image => then scroll down to the bottom of the page => hold the key SHIFT => and select the last photo.
Now all photos on Google Photos will be highlighted. And your task now and click on the icon Thùng Rác (Delete) is done.
google-photos-photos-photos (1)

Method # 2. Delete all photos on Google Photos with code

This method is also very good. Please do the following:
+ Step 1: You copy the code here or here !
+ Step 2: You access to Google Photos at the address https://photos.google.com/=> then press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + I.
Or Right-click anywhere on the Google Photos => page and select Kiểm tra (Inspect)
Then you move to tab Console => and paste the code above into => and click Enter.
google-photos-photos-photos (2)

Important note: Leave the mouse and keyboard positions unchanged. Do nothing until the message is complete as shown below. The deletion process will take place very quickly.
If you move the mouse or switch to another tab, the process of deleting photos will take a long time, I have tried it.
google-photos-photos-photos (3)

Tips: If you find that the deletion speed is too slow, or the photos on Google Photos have not been completely deleted, please change the parameters of the two lines below to slightly higher:
  • delete_cycle: 7000
  • press_button_delay: 2000

II. Epilogue

It's as simple as that 😀 With just a few clicks you are already Successfully delete the entire image on Google Photos and that.
Hopefully the article will be helpful to you, wish you success!
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