More than 10 plugins are a must have for business websites


More than 10 plugins are a must have for business websites - A business website must be clean, simple, and intuitive for customers especially if you provide specific services. Creating a business website with WordPress is a good opportunity to increase your customer base and manage your own content, themes, and extras with the help of plugins and scripts.

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There are many types of business websites:

  1. A brochure-style website is a simple presentation site where pages have business history, contacts, customer testimonials, about, groups and services. Brochure-style websites often have information and calculators that estimate prices for a service chosen for customers.

  2. A magazine style website is an online magazine that attracts visitors for their content and uses blogs and affiliate marketing to increase revenue. Typically, this type of business website has slideshows, photos and videos combined.

  3. A business-style page is the best type of business website because sales increase selling products online to customers. You can sell any kind or just a category / subcategory of your choice and you have the features to better experience and increase his satisfaction.

  4. Websites in a categorical way where people write ads with images, text, slides and videos, and where they will pay for either a generic page or ads from a category / subcategory same as an ecommerce site.

General purpose website


For general purposes, including brochures, magazines, commercials or classified pages, WordPress plugins will help create a perfect page with the right features and to increase traffic and revenue:

  • All in One SEO Pack plugin is useful when you want to create SEO for your page and when you want to add keywords, titles and descriptions very easily and quickly to each page and article. In addition, you can link Google Plus, Google Webmaster and Google Analytics accounts to view visitor statistics.

  • The custom Favicon plugin is one of the plugins you need to create a brand, with it you will upload a custom favicon, or an animation that will represent you.

  • Google XML Sitemaps create diagrams for Google bots, Bing bots, Yahoo bots and other search bots that use it to index business websites and to increase page rank.

  • WP Notifier helps you update WordPress Core, themes and plugins when new versions are available by sending an e-mail each time.

  • Akismet is a spam protection plugin that detects not only spam comments but also abusive comments. You use this plugin by linking your WordPress.com account and you will see the comments that Akismet has stopped on your site.

  • The contact form 7 is the best custom or contact form available for free, where you will create fields for your phone, subject, message, e-mail, captcha, address, etc.

  • Flamingo is a plugin that works perfectly with Contact Form 7 by using received messages and archiving them as well as contact details of people who have contacted you on similar pages to your phone book.

Website type brochure


For brochure style pages, you need to add three specific plugins to make everything work smoothly:

  • Simple pagination allows for easier and more advanced navigation on your site in 6 styles: CSS 3, Flickr, Digg, Sabrus.us, Green and Gray.

  • AddtoAny's share button helps share content from pages to their Facebook or profile, Twitter account, etc.

  • The Skype Online Status plugin is useful when you want customers to see if you are online on Skype so they can contact you for direct pricing estimates or other necessary information.

  • Reward: zeeTasty Theme is specially created for a brochure page where you will have 3 columns on the front page with the text Welcome, Service and About us. The theme is clear and responsive with features like custom layouts, custom logo images, custom titles, featured images and custom backgrounds.

News Magazine / Website


This business website uses interesting and engaging plugins for customers, such as:

  • Recent Post Slider is a beautiful plugin that takes separate images from the latest posts and creates a slideshow with multiple slides. You can customize the pagination of the slideshow, the number of pages, the number of image buttons on a slide.

  • However, the Other Related Posts Plugin helps you display posts similar to posts that customers read that make him stay more on the site and increase traffic.

  • Jetpack by WordPress.com is a useful plugin package that has articles, clicks, searches and customer data but is also a small contact form, advanced image and auto-disclosure option by The post is posted directly on the page on social networks and so.

  • Rewards: Basic Magazine Themes created specifically for magazine pages that customize and support post formats such as Video, Image, Side, Status, Audio, Quote, Link and Library. It is also compatible with JetPack, bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.

E-commerce website


For ecommerce sites, there are some nice plugins like:

  • WP e-Commerce is the most used commercial plugin to help the website become a good and powerful store that integrates seamlessly with WordPress and payment gateways, drag and drop shopping, SSL certificates, portfolio management, etc.

  • Newsletter is one of the customizable plugins and you create email for customers after many templates and also use

  • The WP Support Plus feedback ticket system (Updated: this plugin has been permanently removed from the WordPress plugin archive after many important security issues) that you can use to support customers and information if they need it .

  • Rewards: A responsive, multi-purpose store theme in the neighborhood that comes with Retina Ready, color customization, WooCommerce, List integration, Font style options, Shortcode generator, Custom gadgets, etc.

Ad website


Ad-style websites use plugins that are similar to e-commerce types and have specific plugins:

  • The Captcha plugin will be useful when you have hundreds of users posting ads.

  • Ditty News Ticker also helps you post the latest news related to taxonomy styles.

  • Polldaddy Polls & Ratings help you get feedback from customers and evaluate ads posted.

  • Rewards: Classipress - a classified website theme that contains many features such as advertising management, user management, pricing models, custom fields, custom forms, membership packages, search autocomplete, advanced search, social networking login, etc.

So, what kind of business website are you building or running with WordPress? What plugins are you using or have I missed the above list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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