12 latest WordPress themes on Themeforest

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12 latest WordPress themes on Themeforest - We decided to take a look at ThemeForest and write a few paragraphs about the latest WordPress themes that deserve attention. You can explore many different styles with impressive and colorful designs. Although this is a paid version, using such a perfect interface to present your content will certainly pay off in the future. Each of them has a lot of demos attached to preview, so be sure to check them out!

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Striking Interior Design


Striking is truly a great template with many attractive pages and is a very promising replacement for solo interior designers and furniture businesses. Your customers will get access on a modern web framework with quick, smartly arranged drop-down menus and nicely placed images. This template is responsive and user friendly by Jtheme so you can easily set it up and customize it. Just by looking at their previews, the images with this kind of core information are built. All you need to do is scroll through the page and mouse over the items to see everything you need.

You can use this form if you own any other business or company that specializes in services while using your portfolio to showcase your work. It comes with many page options and they also offer certain pages with alternate designs. Striking is also a great choice for businesses with up to three workplaces, thanks to the footer design, Contacts and additional group page options. Its main features include drag and drop image editor, unlimited color schemes, filtered portfolio page, single portfolio and more.

If you encounter any problems, you can connect via email to the author for help. Please ask any technical questions or ask for support you want. Standard licenses cost $ 49 and support can be extended for up to 12 months for $ 14.70.

Woosa Advanced WooCommerce


With Woosa, you get an advanced, versatile eCommerce interface with plenty of customization and creative design opportunities. They really emphasize on images while keeping the text simple and using green as the main. All pages are simple and filled with images. Another great idea is when you drag the cursor over the product, it will slide in another image.

The theme was created by Themelexus and it is based on WooCommerce, the best e-commerce platform for WordPress. They have presented their 3 home pages in the preview, so be sure to check it out. Moreover, many unique store layouts, CMS pages and store pages are available by WooCommerce for Megashop, Furniture, Decoration, Fashion and more. You can create powerful E-Shop websites anytime, you just need to choose the right interface.

Woosa has an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to customize and manage the website with a range of useful options. Woosa's optimized code base will improve your website performance and it is also completely SEO friendly. Not to mention that you always get support when you need it. They have also added comprehensive help files, so you can quickly get used to this interface.

It has some impressive features, like the built-in Mega menu module, great parallax effect, plugin compatibility, vector icons, title styles and more. You can get it for $ 59, 6 months of support, and it only takes $ 17.70 to renew.

Multi Purpose Time


Tempo is one of the most flexible interfaces that the BubblegumLabs team brings to you. It can be used as a single-page and multi-page template, created with the latest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. You can see the elegant design and the multitude of reaction and moving items they have spent so much time and effort creating. They built it on Twitter's Bootstrap 3.3.4 and also made sure that the code was SEO optimized. Overall, Tempo is well organized in all aspects and its modularity ensures that you can create any layout you imagine.

You will be amazed at the number of features and extras you get with this interface, so you should prepare yourself for many alternatives. For example, you will receive a 5-star package and premium plugins worth $ 49, including Cloud Slider ($ 18), Livicons ($ 14) and Cube Portfolio ($ 17). Also worth mentioning is Tempo's multi-location contact page, multi-level advanced mega menu, optimized responsive environment, canvas navigation options, stylish page titles, infinite scrolling for portfolios. , website, and more.

Don't forget to check out the demos and try out the styles they offer, it's certainly very convincing. It is fully supported and so far the feedback is quite good. The regular $ 59 license will get you 6 months of support with a 1 day response time from BubblegumLabs.

Need Multipurpose eCommerce Theme


Let's take a look at Need, a multi-purpose responsive interface for eCommerce with a great style and a simple, yet attractive design. It is based on WooCommerce, which is the best e-commerce platform for WordPress. It always guarantees creative designs and many demos for shops like Barber Shop, Jewelry, Fashion, Beauty as well as store layout, store page and some CMS sites. If you want a powerful e-commerce website, you just need the right interface.

You can copy any demo with just a few clicks, guaranteed by the 1-click setup feature. It saves you time and allows you to completely copy their demos with virtually no effort. This interface is quite easy to customize and it has a smart control panel with many useful options that can help you manage your website. It is also worth mentioning that Need has a well-optimized code base, ensures a seamless website performance, and is also SEO friendly.

Need an interface that includes top notch plugins to be able to build your content and customize the interface like a pro. The first is Slider Revolution, which is the best selling slider plugin and it saves you $ 18 if you buy it this way. The other is Visual Composer, the best and fastest page builder for any interface that saves you $ 33, so it's definitely worth it if you ask us. This interface costs $ 59, with an additional $ 17.70 if you want to extend support. Of course, there are a ton of other features to explore, but it's not hard to determine that Need is the best.

Layout Website & Store of Bazar


If you plan to start the Website & Store, BraneDesign's BAZAR interface will definitely be a good choice for you. The design allows it to fit any type of website and it also has an integrated WooCommerce store. They created an excellent design by emphasizing the appearance, position of the image and balancing it with the impressive selection of fonts for text. It's fun to read stories and descriptions on BAZAR's clean interface, while the pictures and small details give you a colorful experience.

Check the live preview of the interface and try to imagine your products instead of images. You can choose between 3 different demos, but there will be more. BAZAR is entirely responsible and they developed it to look good on every device screen. In general, it's modern and eye-catching design, giving you the opportunity to build the perfect website for yourself. Standard licenses cost $ 59 and to expand support, you need to pay an additional $ 17.70.

Along with the reliable Support and FAQ, the interface comes with helpful interface guides and a selection of recommended plugins that will improve your website.

Hit magazine interface


If you want to attract visitors, try deploying your site with the modern Hit WordPress interface. It is designed primarily for magazines, but it is not a bad choice for freelancers, professionals or maybe some other types of personal and business websites. With Hit, you have the potential to create truly diverse websites for your business. There are many layout options to use, such as teams, houses, prices and about us, all of which are displayed on a simple but modern design. They used grayish blue and balanced it with peachy pink, creating an impressive, creative style

Hit comes with short source code, which can be used to enhance some functionality of your website. Although the colors are quite good, you can change them in a simple way with variables in CSS. Get ready to create a website with authentic SEO-friendly pages and 100% W3C hosting by major search engines. The navigation between pages is seamless and fully optimized to ensure excellent performance with fast loading times. Hit also has an awesome Image Editor, which is a great tool for creating new pages with interactive features.

Updates are coming for free and the interface is fully supported, so if you have any questions, please ask. Buy Hit now for a regular $ 59 license and start creating great websites.

Aven by Zozotheme


If you want a clean and elegant interface, you should definitely check out Aven by Zozotheme. These are currently among the most flexible interfaces available on Themeforest. In fact, Aven offers so many options and customization styles that it may be the only interface you need. Just watch their preview and scroll through some of their pages. All are fast, modern, colorful and suitable for a variety of purposes such as shops, businesses, agencies, websites and portfolios. With the Drag and Drop Creator, you can easily design the desired website for your content.

Aven is fully responsible and compatible with all types of devices, so your website will fit all screens. This is one and many ready pages with a page size of 1.6 MB per page, ensuring excellent performance. All demo content can be imported into your WordPress with just one click, meaning a large number of layouts are available to work. You can create a lot of websites and all of them will be unique, outstanding because Aven offers more than 12 title variations and you can even change them to be transparent, semi-transparent, light & dark.

Right now, Zozotheme has 6,000 satisfied customers and they all get quick and friendly support whenever they need it. Aven is completely optimized for SEO, so get ready to climb up the rankings with your new website. It costs $ 59 and by buying it you will even save $ 53 for the Visual Composer plugin they include.

Versatile OneClick interface


If you want a fast and moderate interface for your e-commerce website, OneClick is the most diverse and responsive interface on the market. The homepage and product come in a variety of layouts, and you are also free to use unlimited colors for each element. The two layouts for the store section include grid view, list view, and your customers will be able to switch between the two sections without reloading. But that's not all, because you will get great Logo Fonts and 671+ Google Fonts with more customization options.

This interface is easy to set up and quite simple to set it up with the help of a powerful admin panel and clear, thorough documentation. As a multi-purpose interface, its design also works well with Company, News, Innovation and Business websites. With OneClick, you'll get a bunch of features, but besides that, you can also save money with extra plugins like Visual Composer ($ 34), Resolution Slider ($ 19). and Mega Main Menu ($ 15).

Every time customers look at your products, they can use the Zoom & slide feature to see product details. Another great feature is a quick preview of the product with its description, which is also a good time saver as you browse through the page. OneClick is priced at $ 59 and is currently among the top interfaces on Themeforest.

Viral, News & Magazine Interfaces


Create interesting websites for your news with the all-new Magazy interface. This is the responsive interface of Pego, the leading developer development team on Envato. It has an attractive, colorful appearance with many customization options. Magazy can be installed quickly and easily, and it also comes with an intuitive Editor along with other useful features. You can choose between colors, unlimited layouts and different layouts for the post, while there are helpful short snippets of code that can minimize your effort.

Magazy has many different homepage previews, all of which are built from different elements and shortcodes, so you can easily create a unique website. This website will be ideal for both mobile phones and tablets with appropriate advertising positions. You will receive simple documentation with video tutorials that can help you whenever you get stuck. However, there is a support team available through Themeforest if you have any questions or issues you cannot solve.

Magazy's regular license costs $ 49 and future updates are guaranteed. According to feedback, people are mostly satisfied with the design and customer service, which is essential for a successful WordPress interface. Try it now and create the news website you always wanted.

Website Interface & Setwood Store


Setwood is a great interface created by Macrodreams and it has received quite good feedback. This is a simple but clear and imaginative website design, ensuring a great user experience for anyone visiting your website. As you can see in the preview, they have many layout options to choose from. However, you can freely modify the interface as you like, thanks to the Customization feature. Can change the color, font style, website layout and show or hide content without any coding skills. With Setwood, you also get more than 700 Google Fonts and you can even customize them with live preview.

Upon receiving this interface, you will receive free lifetime updates and dedicated support. It easily adapts to the web browser size of any device, be it desktop, mobile or tablet. Setwood is also optimized for performance, for faster and higher rankings in the search engines. Moreover, it uses Structured Data Markup and Schema.org, making it even more beneficial for SEO optimization.

The interface may be simple, but it has a huge list of solid features, so you can easily create the website you imagine. Although Macrodreams only has 2 entries on Themeforest, they hope to create more skins as this section is quite impressive. If you like simple yet attractive themes, you can buy this one for $ 59, at a fair price.

Endeavor multi-function IT interface


Endeavor is another great versatile interface for IT companies, implemented by studio Torbara. They represent the award-winning group selling beautiful skins dedicated to Envato. Their new interface, Endeavor is based on the Warp 7 framework and it is ideal for SEO companies, marketing businesses, digital companies, marketers and social media experts. It has an elegant, clean design and you are free to change the style, interface colors and build pages with custom layouts using real-time customization.

Endeavor has many useful features, such as over 300 awesome Font icons, rich typography, stylized Ajax forms, more than 50 Widget positions, more than 600 Google Fonts and more. It offers a variety of flexible settings, allowing you to fully implement your ideas. Responsive layouts with full-width sliders look great on smartphones, tablets and large screens. They also have previews showing what the interface looks like on different screen sizes. The slider also supports video content in the form of slides. In Endeavor, they use only the latest web technologies and it is also compatible with all major browsers.

You will receive good documentation and the Torbara support team will be ready to provide you with professional support if you need advice or assistance. Endeavor costs $ 59 and it is recommended for anyone who needs a flexible and highly customizable interface.

Classic & creative interface TrendWebsite


Theme-Ruby is the famous group in the Envato market. It's time for them to create another masterpiece, so they presented TrendWebsite, which is an innovative and elegant classic style interface with lots of interesting features. This is a responsive interface, so it looks perfect on any device screen and easily adapts to your style. They used HTML5 & CSS3 to create animations, effects and all the features that make the interface unique. However, the focus will always be on your content, so get ready for a very interesting website to read.

TrendWebsite has an SEO platform integrated with rich microdata and it is also compatible with Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins. It is also optimized for special website performance, making it the fastest website / magazine interface on the market. To make your website run at high speed, all scripts are configured, modified and all queries are optimized. Features include crisp graphics, advanced title layouts, mega menus, advanced font and block style options, useful shortcodes, custom widgets and more. And it only costs $ 49 with 6-month support from Theme-Ruby.

People certainly like to spend time with websites like this, as it displays your content in a clean, stylish way, surrounded by sharp icons and images. You will have all the tools to create great websites and show your story.


So these are the latest WordPress themes that appear on Themeforest. We have tried to collect themes that suit the needs of websites such as websites, magazines or businesses. It is true that we did not pay attention to the price, but if you buy one of these, you will actually get something outstanding to work with. Most of them are very customizable, so you hope to find the most appropriate interface for your website.

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