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Safe online shopping - Online shopping has become more attractive to many in the past few years. We like having everything a physical store can offer at our fingertips, such as making purchases, finding discounts, comparing products, reading reviews and even some customer service.

Great deals can be done on the Internet by delivering our selected products to your home within 12 hours in some locations. Many people can also touch some products not available to them without visiting the online store.

In addition, some people cannot do without convenient online shopping offers, as that takes them a lot of time. Today, we will buy anything from the Internet great. It gives us opportunities that normal stores cannot. The ability to view thousands of products and compare each product at a fast pace and very little effort is simply not possible in an actual store.

So it's natural that when there are billions and trillions of dollars in eCommerce and the number of people, the amount of investment is constantly increasing every year. This opens up many opportunities for users and hackers. Some smart people are constantly looking for opportunities to steal user information and credit card numbers, which are needed to make purchases online.

What's worse is that there are many fraudulent websites that are solely for your money and do not return you the product you ordered. There are a number of associated risks that you must keep in perspective and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

Risk of online shopping

  • Fake online store - Individuals paying for products on websites are not safe, losing money because the products were not real from the beginning.

  • The goods are inferior or nothing - Pay and receive something that is not what you think it is or nothing.

  • Price fake - Has provided fake prices in ads, based on your web access habits and the type of web store you have visited.

  • Scam rating - Reading reviews will be a solid way to determine the quality of a product but a lot of them give fake reviews. Some people hype products just to sell them or they get paid by companies to do so.

  • Identity theft - This is probably the biggest risk that an online shopper will encounter. Hackers will even gain control of anyone's computer files and demand cash to get back their data.

  • The website is not encrypted - An unencrypted webshop is risky because it is the information you provide open to anyone.

Ensure safe online purchases

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The first thing you want to rely on is your brain and shopping instincts. If you are browsing a website that looks simple, that does not mean that you will be good business most of the time.

If you want to buy a specific product from a webshop, do some research before buying it. Go to the brand's main website and see what they offer. Look around at social media, see what other users have to say about it. Also, make sure they have a return policy.

There are also some specifications you handle for the safest online shopping.

Buy from familiar websites with a good reputation


Find a reliable website instead of a small website. Searching for products with a search engine is also risky because they can lead you to the said website. Buy products from websites you know like eBay, Amazon or any website you trust.

To ensure that your chosen webshop is legitimate, do some research on it. Search for any information you can find.

Also, look for any spelling errors. A webshop can be put together for a short period of time and in many cases, spelling is something they don't take the time to look over so that any spelling mistake can make a fake website disappear. .

Trust is the most important factor in every financial transaction. Therefore, it is important to establish trust with the store you have chosen. Most good websites know that and work to build strong relationships with their customers.

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Ensure Website is encrypted


Do not buy anything with your credit card from a website without proper SSL encryption. In addition, you will see HTTPS: // at the beginning of the website URL instead of just HTTP: //. HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and it ensures the connection between your PC and the website is secure.

Do not share too much

Most online stores require your name, credit card number and address to deliver the product you want. So it would be strange for them to ask for your birthday or social security number or any other type of personal information. The more they know you, the easier it is to steal your identity.

Protect your PC


During the online purchase process, a lot of personal and valuable information is transferred. You must block any software that may record that information and send it to others. Install anti-malware or anti-virus programs to ensure your information is safe on your PC.

Enhance your online presence

Create the strongest password possible. Make them at least 12 characters long with a mix of numbers and characters. Also make sure you have different passwords for different accounts. Use other security measures like biometrics, timely security keys, etc.

Use your credit card instead of your debit card


Debit cards ensure that you are spending your cash but they do not have buyer protection like other options. Credit cards or other virtual wallet payment options like PayPal offer much greater security and flexibility. With them, you can request a refund and get your money back seamlessly if something goes wrong.

You can also use a one-time use credit card number, which is tied to your original credit card but can be used on time for a transaction. Using that would be great if there is a security breach at the webshop where you purchased the product. It will ensure that no one gets detailed information about your credit card.

Use mobile applications


Big retailers like Amazon and Target have their own apps that you can use to browse their products and shop for goods without having to provide your information on the website. You can buy goods directly without any other action.

Use a secure Wi-Fi connection

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If you're using a mobile device or laptop to shop, you'll need a secure network connection. An easy way to do that is to use a VPN connection. You have many free, paid solutions to make, not only make purchases, but your entire online presence is much safer.

Make a habit of checking your credit card transactions


Once you've done some online transactions, check and make sure you know and control your account. If you see any type of suspicious activity, contact the bank immediately.

See if the website has a privacy statement

Trusted websites are simple about how to protect customers' personal information, credit card data and let them know if they sell information to other companies. Read through this statement and decide if you are comfortable shopping after you read through it.


The first thing shoppers need to buy a certain product is care and a sense of security. Most businesses know that and they do everything to ensure that your trust is well established. They make a website look good enough and appealing to their users.

You can always see how much work, care and administration has been put into an online business and determine if it is legal. Thankfully, there are also plenty of forums and other reliable websites that review and talk about any web store that emerges.

Again, before you buy products from any website, make sure you do a lot of research and see if they are reliable enough. Consider everything if you're willing to put your information and money in their hands.

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