Damage calculation in the arena of truth

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Arena of Truth is a brand new mode of the game League of Legends in version 9. This is a turn-based strategy game, you will build a strong first squad to fight with 7 other players. .
If you know of Auto Chess of the Dota2 the Arena of truth is the same. And to help you better understand how to play this mode, in this article I will share with you how to calculate the damage!
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Damage calculation in the Truth Arena

You need to distinguish the damage you are talking about in this article, with the damage caused during the fight.
The damage here is the damage your representative summoned beast takes when it loses a fight to an opponent.
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At the beginning of the game, after selecting a champion and arranging a squad to battle the first battle with the monster, the summoned beast representing you will have 100 health.
If you lose, you will also lose quite a bit of damage, because the player's level is still low and 1 gold champion, 1 star only causes 1 damage / 1 champion.
However, if you lose a battle with 1-2 enemy champions alive, you will be deducted 4HP, why is that?
There are 2 champions 1 star / 1 gold only? This is because in addition to taking damage from champions, you are also deducted 2 more damage from losing a battle.
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When you stay in the following rounds, the amount of base damage done by champions is also greater. Because then the enemy will also have quite a few 2 star generals as well as 2 - 3 - 4 gold generals. A star with a lot of stars and lots of money will definitely cause more than a star with 1 star.
And in the final rounds, the rounds of life and death, the amount of damage you have to receive when losing will be huge because the normal enemy has built enough squads, enough of 3 star generals, 3-4-5 gold.
Of course this also depends on how much you lose, more specifically the number of enemy champions alive after defeating your team.
If you play against the enemy team, just a little bit more to win (there are 1-2 weak or not champions), the amount of damage you have to take is not too scary.
If you are beaten by the opponent until you have to sing "Can't breathe", you will determine if you die or if you are lucky, you still have a chance: D.
Here is the damage spreadsheet provided by Riot Games:
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The calculation is very simple, you only need to see the number of stars and the gold of the enemy hero and then add 2HP of a penalty to lose the damage you must receive.
Example: If you lose and the only remaining enemy squad of Garen 3 stars, you will receive 6 penalty damage (2 + 4 = 6). And always remember that you always have to add 2 more fine damage, no matter how many champions left.
Above is the details Damage calculation formula in Truth Arena which you will have to take when you lose in battle, and when it reaches zero you will definitely lose.
And coming soon when there are more new generals updated, I will immediately update you for this damage calculation, please rest assured. Wish you have fun playing the game!
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