How to build brand awareness using Content Marketing


How to build brand awareness using Content Marketing - When talking about content marketing, people tend to forget the content and only remember the marketing. They always focus on achieving a high volume of sales and marketing but forget the tools that promote it: content.

Content marketing is the art of saying not to sell.

Instead of treating it as a sales tactic, see it as a communication tool. Content marketing is more than we know about it; It's an art of storytelling about your brand.

The leading people


Although content marketing is a buzzword today, some brands have recognized it since the 1990s and practiced the art of weaving a story around their brands.

John Deere is a great example of excellent marketing. Often referred to as a pioneer in content marketing, they launched a farmer magazine called 'The Furrow' back in 1895 and received positive attention from the audience. Coca-Cola indirectly took advantage of the art of storytelling. These brands recognize the power of content and market it very well, to inculcate the brand in the minds of consumers.

There is so much to learn from people who have managed to get into the art of marketing even without previous evidence or tests that they draw some insights from.

Advice for brands: Master the art of storytelling

Take a look at the key strategies for creating a distinctive brand identity by leveraging the power of marketing.

Tip 1: Create a separate voice


It is essential for a brand to have a distinct voice, a different tone in their content and all the ways they communicate. Regardless of that PR campaign, it is imperative to maintain a special voice about the values ​​you propagate, the support you extend to the community and culture that the organization reflects. Put simply, create a story that reflects your brand with a distinctive voice.

A simple way to assess the voice of trade is by printing a piece of content and content written by a competitor and placing them without any logo design or name to identify them. If you do not distinguish between the tones of the article, then has not set its own style.

Elements related to marketing strategies that communicate with the audience in a tone and accent voice must be consistent.

Tip 2: Determine your value


Contrary to popular belief, determining your value does not mean being proud of how good your service is. It's highlighting your unique proposal and highlighting the value it adds to White Paper customers, blogs, or even customer testimonials, which are some of the ways that organizations use content marketing. to determine value.

Presenting relevant research helps customers assess their understanding of product categories and consumer needs. By putting good value proposition, businesses will show differentiating factors from competitors.

Tip 3. Know your audience well


Measure audience behavior needed for marketing but also for content. It is essential to know the types of content the audience enjoys. From a marketing perspective, it is essential to know the habit of consuming the content of your audience such as where they read, the regular network and their favorite sources, for example: magazines, newsletters, newspapers or just company magazine.

You should find out whether they like the content in short format or long format, the melody that they often read and whether they want to read insights and opinions, etc.

Tip 4: Have a brand recall strategy


With so many options in products and services, brands today are grappling with a new kind of marketing problem where they not only have to introduce products but also have to make recalls. Periodically after the first marketing period. It is imperative that customers provide branding through various content marketing tips.

That strategy is based on the life cycle stage of the product / service. For example, a product / service is in its adult phase and needs a stronger strategy and differentiated content.

Tip 5: Take advantage of the power of social media


We are aware of the great power of communication channels to reach out to people and influence them immediately. The content you post on social media needs more than the regular Instagram posts and memes on Facebook. Take advantage of that medium in every way with the power of the right content in the correct format.

For example, describe the causes or motions you support and pull consumers' heartbeats to brand in their minds. Create campaigns to engage people on the media. Remember United Colors of Benetton's #NoHate 2011 Campaign that spread amazingly and inspires many of us (including us)!

Tip 6: Personalize your brand, if possible


Personalization helps consumers connect with brands, easier to remember when associated with specific personalities. Create content that personalizes the brand or associates it with a person or a character like zoo-zoos for Vodafone, making the brand last longer in the minds of consumers.

Today, companies introduce the CEO as the face to personify it. This strategy works great for services that will market their products and not physical products. A great example of this is the insurance sector. The leading brands in this field have created personalized content such as a companion, caretaker, etc.It helps the brand identity and enhance the product in a certain way.

Tip 7: Marketing company culture


The organization's internal culture is no longer just an internal aspect of the organization. With platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, people are starting to have a conversation about their own career and job opportunities. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to create a great culture not only to retain employees but also to maintain a great brand image.

Virgin Media's Richard Branson is always the one who propagates the pricing of employees first because they are internal stakeholders and then put external stakeholders out. He was appreciated and remembered his position while companies like Uber took a serious push after internal disputes were launched in January last year.

In this digital age, transparency is not an option, is a norm, and companies have to deal with both good and bad sides. Company culture influences consumer behavior.

Tip 8: Marketing influence


Brand ambassadors have existed in the ordinary marketing world for a long time. In the early days, companies chose the most famous faces and advertised for them to sell their brands. From personal evaluations to influencers on the media to linking the personal stories of celebrities to brands, and becoming ever more central.

CraftsVilla, a great commercial platform for successful brand marketing with the help of social influencers. Even old, premium brands have seen the importance of content, and some wise people like LUX have attracted good attention from audiences not just because of celebrity endorsements, but because of internal content rich. The latest YouTube campaign #Imorethanyousee shows the hard work, dedication, that 3 actresses from 3 different eras have put into their work.


With more consumer engagement and more content consumption than ever before, content marketing has become a necessity for brands. That is the most important factor in marketing and brands must fully exploit its potential.

In addition, creating a strong and different brand identity will help its long-term survival because of the more unforgettable highlights.

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