How to Start Business Web Hosting Tutorials for Newbies


How to start a Web Hosting business - More and more businesses are creating their own websites day by day, and each of them needs a reliable web hosting provider. There are big names in the web hosting business and some of them have tens of thousands of servers available. They make a lot of money with the increasing demand for websites and it's hard to compete with them as a web hosting business.

However, we have some great news coming to you. If you want to make money selling web hosting services, you can do so by choosing one of the largest companies and joining them. It is called hosting agent and it requires little or no investment to get started. This type of business is highly recommended for web design and development teams who want to sell web hosting services as a reward package to their customers.

Hosting agents allow you to reach new customers from other countries and offer your own web hosting packages under your brand name. Besides building your customer website, you can immediately provide web hosting packages and online so they don't need to worry about that part. Today, most web hosting companies allow you to use your own brand, which is a huge problem if you want to build trust.

Essential tips for web hosting resellers

Reseller hosting sounds good and it sounds like an easy way to make money. The truth is that hundreds of people have tried it and failed, but only a few of them managed to generate revenue. To become successful, you need a good marketing plan, outstanding web hosting service and of course a solid web hosting company to collaborate.

We will show you how to survive as an agent and ultimately generate the revenue you want. Here are 8 tips for agencies that will help you lead your web hosting business successfully.

  1. Three levels of hosting agent

Reseller hosting packages vary based on the amount of experience included in web hosting. If you have more marketing experience, you will focus on selling web hosting plans. On the other hand, if you have experience in server management, you can dive into the techniques and set up everything from scratch. Generally, there are three different types of reseller hosting packages that you can choose from:

  • If you have great ideas on how to effectively promote your brand and sell web hosting services while having no web hosting experience, you can choose a regular reseller hosting package. This is usually free or only costs a few dollars, which is great if you want to try it out without investing in it.

  • For those with a bit of web hosting experience but still not enough to manage the server, there are plenty of options available with cPanel. It is the most popular control panel for web hosting that most companies offer. You can use it as a tool to support your customers and customize the packages you offer.

  • A reseller plan includes the average cPanel costing $ 10-15 per month.

  • Users with more experience in server management often hire a dedicated server or VPS and then set their own plans by appropriately allocating resources. These options usually cost more than $ 30 but they also have a greater potential to return your investment.

  • When it comes to web hosting services, all customers need is fast and reliable customer support. This is not necessarily your job as a reseller, it just depends on the web hosting provider you choose. There are many companies out there that take care of customer support for your customers while you can focus on marketing.
  1. Prepare to make the first sale

Most web hosting agencies do not generate any revenue at the start. There are many competitors out there and people need to get acquainted with your brand before buying. You should be prepared for the first few months in case you are not generating any revenue during this time.

Since you cannot stay in a business forever without profit, you should find out how long you will continue. This largely depends on your budget and the reseller hosting package you have signed up for. If you choose a cPanel, VPS or dedicated server, then you will have to pay a monthly fee and will become a burden if you do not attract any customers.

However, choosing a free reseller hosting package guarantees no financial pressure at all. It is just a little different from the affiliate program where you also do not have any financial obligations.

  1. Market analysis

There are many reviews and website posts that can give you an overview of the web hosting market. It is definitely worth to put some more effort and drill down into the details for more valuable information.

For example, you are always looking for reviews in the form of comments, customer reviews, and discussion forums where people talk about specifications and features they like in web hosting providers. There are big names in web hosting and you can find them all with a simple Google search. After that, just look at the first page and check out the features and services they offer.

You will get a lot of ideas by going to their website and looking through their plans and prices, just filtering out the deals that are in high demand.

  1. Provide attractive Web Hosting packages

Market analysis can give you some ideas on how to make your services more valuable and attractive. Adding something unique will act as a magnet to attract more customers. Most web hosting companies simply offer lower prices than their competitors, but you can't lower them that much if you want your investment back.

What can make your web hosting business really stand out is to improve your customer service as much as possible. If you can respond quickly, fix a range of issues and bring information about your service at any time, then customers will come and stay for a long time. On the other hand, promoting the ‘unlimited’ features in your web hosting packages is also a great idea.

As we mentioned before, web hosting is a digital service that can be combined with web design and development. If customers can buy a well-designed website and immediately get an attractive web hosting package with the package, most of them will be happy to accept the offer.

  1. Choose a trusted brand name and logo

Joining the web hosting business also means you need an attractive brand. It simply cannot be effectively implemented as an anonymous user because people need some kind of connection with your business, otherwise they won't trust your service. In addition, it is essential to set up a website if you want to establish a strong online presence and promote your company.

Your brand name is one of the first things your customers will remember. Besides, you need a logo that represents your brand and gives the first impression of a professional and reliable business. Both the logo and the domain name of the website must include your brand name.

Welcoming your website visitors with a catchy slogan that reflects the quality of service you provide is a popular marketing technique today with very positive results.

Fast and reliable customer service


If people are dissatisfied with the web hosting service, they can switch to another service at any time. There are many vendors available to help new users enter their website data so they can continue right where they finished. Because users can convert very quickly, you need to provide them with high quality customer support to keep them happy with your hosting plan and get them to stay.

Customers have questions and always have problems, so it's essential to contact them as soon as possible. Agents that use cPanel may rely on vendors for technical support. However, that may not be enough. Be sure to ask your customers all the time and then see if they are happy with the service they receive.

A good way to build trust with your customers is to add a personal touch to your answers. A message doesn't need to be too formal because it will feel like it's an automated message. People value it more if you really take the time to read their messages and reply to them, even adding a sense of humor to it.

Set up your Business Website


A web hosting website like any other web store or company website, you really can't fill it with lots of content. It may only contain catchy phrases and necessary information about the product or service you have. People want to quickly understand what your business has to offer and they don't want to be distracted.

If you want to add some quality content to your website, start your own website. Publishing articles with focused keywords and backlinks can be a great SEO strategy, accumulating a lot of traffic to your website. People will find your company easier through search engines and posting useful articles will ensure your authority is strengthened.

You can view the websites of major web hosting providers. They often post articles about their company and technology, or useful articles related to website building, online marketing or similar topics. This is also where your customers can comment and even ask questions that can be answered by a post on another website.

Advertise your brand and find new customers


If you think of an attractive name for your brand, the next step is to popularize it and build a solid online presence. You need a marketing plan to reach new customers and a website that represents your company. This is a step-by-step process that can take a long time to complete. However, there is always an easier way.

One thing that can instantly make your brand more reliable is to choose one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry as your partner. If people visit your website, most of them will recognize the brand name of the provider and that will encourage them to trust your service.

These providers also have their own affiliate programs, so you not only use their name as a reseller but also advertise their services, getting a fair share of revenue if customers join Join one of their plans. When you start attracting new customers, your web hosting provider may consider adding your brand name to their partner list, which is a great plus point if you want to go beyond the competition. competitors.

Choose a reputable brand: InMotion Hosting


A lot of people are familiar with InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub, their subsidiaries. These are giant brands that have served more than 300,000 customers so far with positive feedback.

There are more than 200 employees working at InMotion Hosting, taking care of data centers and keeping up with high quality customer support. Back in 2001, the company was founded by two entrepreneurs who wanted to exceed customer expectations. Now it has grown into one of the biggest names in the industry.

When participating in the agent package at InMotion Hosting, you will have access to free software, making your business a lot easier. Their WHMCS tools allow you to seamlessly book your hosting packages along with custom pricing, features and specifications. In addition, you can easily keep track of everything related to payments and customer accounts.

With InMotion Hosting, you can even increase the reputation of your white labels as they include eNom licenses in your reseller package. This means you can start selling domain names while claiming your brand is the primary domain name provider.

InMotion package & resale price

First of all, all of their reseller packages come with free features like cPanel, dedicated IP, SSL, eNom, WHMCS payment software and more. InMotion Hosting also ensures free SSDs with a speed advantage of 20 times that of traditional hard drives.

Additional reseller tools include the free Softacificent installer, automatic backups for free storage, and access to your email from all devices. Softacificent makes it possible to automatically install more than 400 applications. If you are not satisfied with InMotion Hosting, you can always get your money back after 90 days.


There are 3 shared agent packages, all of which offer dedicated IP and unlimited cPanels. The first package, R-1000S, costs $ 22.39 a month with 80GB of storage, 800GB bandwidth and it's optimal for beginners. If you're looking for the best value, you should choose the R-2000S package that costs $ 31.99 a month and ensure a 120GB drive capacity with 1,200 GB bandwidth.

However, for those who want to take their business to the next level, hosting plan of VPS agent is very necessary. With VPS packages, you can rely on Live Status Snapshots that allow you to roll back to any previous version on the server if something goes wrong. You also have Root-Level access to ensure seamless application and file management directly on the server.

Three VPS packages include RESELLER VPS-1000 for $ 41.64 a month, RESELLER VPS-2000 for $ 62.84, and RESELLER VPS-3000 for $ 89.94 per month. The first one gives you 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD, 4TB bandwidth and 3 IP addresses. The third package scales up to 8GB of RAM, 260 GB disk space, 6TB bandwidth and 5 IP addresses.


This is our beginner's guide to how to join your reseller hosting plan and the main things that can lead you to success. As an agent, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort to make your business grow. With some great motivation, skills and a great marketing strategy, your business will certainly grow well and it will become one of your main revenue sources.

This is the type of business where you have unlimited opportunities to offer something that none of the other companies think of. Find social media platforms and forums where website owners talk about what they really need in a web hosting service provider and try to fill that marketing gap. Reseller hosting is your chance to create a unique web hosting brand without much investment.