How to create barcodes with Word and Excel is very simple

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A barcode is a form of encoded information unit, containing the contents of the shipment, origin and type, along with detailed information to mark the product before it is shipped.
And you will encounter creating barcodes for regular products, if you are working in a factory or an import-export warehouse, right?
In the previous tutorial, taught you how to create Barcode bar codes with CorelDRAW. However, I find it quite difficult for those who are not familiar with Corel, and more importantly, not all computers have specialized graphic design software.
So in this article I will share to you How to create Barcode barcodes with Word or Excel very simply, quickly and effectively. This app, I believe 99% is available on your computer 😀
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#first. How to install Barcode Fonts on Word and Excel

+ Step 1: First, download it Barcode font font Barcode 39 about to use for Word, Excel ... here or here.
Or You can also find more sets of Barcode Fonts on Google Search.
+ Step 2: Then you extract that file => and then highlight the 2 font files Fonts => and right click => and press Install to install.
Or You can also Copy and paste those 2 fonts into the path: C Windows Fonts to proceed to install Fonts Barcode 39. See details on how to install Fonts if you do not understand.
how-to-write-word-word (1)

#2. How to create barcodes with Word

+ Step 1: After installing Fonts, you open your Word application => and enter the barcode information you need to create in Unicode format => and then duplicate it as shown below.
how-to-write-word-word (2)

+ Step 2: Now highlight the selection => and change the font font for the line Mã vạch to Free 3 of 9 to convert numeric and character format => to Barcode barcode format.
how-to-write-word-word (3)

+ Step 3: Finally, you perform Resize font size for bar codes and numbers coincide as shown below. And Save file to perform the bar code printing steps on the corresponding goods.
how-to-write-words-bang-word (4)

# 3. How to create barcodes with Excel

Similar to how to create Barcode codes in Word, for Excel you also enter the specified barcode parameters into the box as shown below.
how-to-write-words-bang-word (5)

Then convert Fonts font of bar code to Free 3 of 9 => and please change the font size so that the barcode matches the data to get the Barcode code result.
how-to-write-word-word (6)

Finally, save the file and you're done 😀

# 4. How to create bar codes with online tools

In addition to using Word and Excel, you can also use Online Barcode creation through websites such as:
These are the websites that support creating barcode to protect products conveniently and quickly.

# 5. Epilogue

Okay, so I just gave you very detailed instructions How to create barcodes with Word and Excel Extremely simple and easy to do already.
At this point, the tutorial on how to create barcodes with Excel / Word is also a pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.
Good luck !
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