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Rate MailChimp let's get started with the newsletter - You are planning to promote your page through newsletters. You will have to create an email list first. As such you will need a way to keep and manage information secure. Consider MailChimp, the popular email marketing tool. Will show you how to get started and send emails for free.

Integrated MailChimp


First, visit mailchimp.com to log in or create an account. Next, go to the template by pressing the gray button from the top right. You import HTML files, ZIP files or just to create new files or find high quality email templates at Themeforest. You should upload it and specify a template name. Now edit the code for your template using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Integrated campaign monitoring


Log into CampaignMonitor and go to the form. Here you start your own template or upload. Choose the second option and name your template while you import it from your computer's HTML file and the zip file. You need to wait until the import and scan process is finished and then until the design thumbnail is ready.

How to edit newsletters and email templates


Basically, an email template is an HTML page to edit it with Notepad or with something more useful like Notepad ++ or Dreamweaver. In the process of editing email templates, use Fireorms or the browser's developer console to edit the template in real time, these changes are not saved in this case.

Create landing page


You will replace the sample registration form with the MailChimp form by visiting MailChimp and at the List. Here you can view the list or, if you haven't already, create it. Click on the form and go to the embedded form. Copy the HTML and now locate part of the landing page where the Newsletter is available. Replace the message template's code with a template from MailChimp.

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How to use MailChimp


MailChimp is free to send regular newsletters to the list. You send 12,000 emails per month and have two thousand subscribers. It fits into an email list and also to promote a small business.

You need to go to MailChimp's official site and click on the register button. Fill out the form with email, username, password and verification code.

You should check your email to activate your account. This will help you complete the process, and need to enter the captcha code and fill out the form about yourself such as First Name, Last Name, Organization Details, etc. You need to add a profile photo and select a time zone.

Click the complete button and you have seen the MailChimp dashboard. Here you can import lists from Outlook, Excel or Gmail. It contains your email contacts. You create and send a campaign and start your audience on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


To import your current contact list, tap enter list and write the default list name from email and remind people how they are on the list. You can also view a preview of the contact information and edit it if you want. There are also available options such as daily summaries, one by one and etc. related to notifications. Next, create a list and import your subscriptions with TXT file, CSV file, copy-paste from Excel or various available web tools.

Save the EXCEL file with contacts in CSV format and then import the file into MailChimp using the first option. You will match a column for names, a column for them, a column for an email address. Complete the process and you will see the members along with their numbers and information.

If you're in, create a new email campaign, so click create campaign and choose the type you want to use. You should choose HTML or replace a simple text. Select HTML and choose if you want to send it to the whole list or a new segment or a saved segment. Click next and name, an email subject, and check that your name and email address are correct on the right. Also, set up your options for tracking social media pages and advanced options.

There are a few of the templates you choose to have different layouts. You will search for topics or use saved and recent templates. You can also create one from scratch if you want and have the knowledge to code a newsletter template.

After you choose the layout, enter text and images by clicking on each component from the left while on the right, changing it with the WYSIWYG editor. If you've selected a basic template, or drag and drop to edit the template and use elements as desired to position them. To edit it, just click on it and it will add images, text, videos and social media page buttons and links.


You are ready to send, but you have checked everything you did such as lists, subject lines, tracking, HTML email campaign types and messages, etc. If you don't set an available option, you'll have an exclamation point near the component you need to edit to make things better. Edit his sample title to get a preview of your email so you can summarize or write something that will get subscribers to open your email.

Now everything is fine, select the top right button and preview and check the email template. You will see it on the left as a standard email opened in your computer while on the right you see a preview on a mobile device.

You should also send yourself a test email, so choose to send test emails from the preview and check and write emails.

Next click submit and you click send again and the campaign will be sent to the list. Copy it or use other options.

You can always save and exit the campaign. You need to wait for the email to be received and see how many people have opened or clicked on it. The statistics are available at the reports.

You can always add subscribers manually by going to the list and adding their email and name.

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Hope this quick overview of MailChimp is useful. Now you know how to create an email campaign for your customers. I think you already have a website but if not please see instructions on how to become a professional site.

No problem if you do not have any experience building websites. ehost makes it easy and accessible for everyone to create a website that is not a developer or web designer.

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