Top 7+ most expensive Hero in Auto Chess Mobile

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Since Auto Chess Mobile has been launched to the present, the highest price for a hero is $ 5. For these heroes, in addition to having a high price, they also have extremely low drop rates.
Because of this rarity, the strength of these heroes is immense, far beyond the rest. Today we will learn together about the special power of the most expensive heroes in Auto Chess.
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I. General introduction about $ 5 heroes

Up to the present time, regardless of the heroes that are temporarily locked out, the number of $ 5 heroes in Auto Chess Mobile is 7 Heroes. These heroes include:
  • Rogue Guard, God of Thunder, Egersis Prophet, Dark Spirit, Devastator, Helicopter and Tsunami.
In general, every $ 5 hero has unique and typical powers for the race they carry.
Most of these heroes have a wide range of effects, great damage or strong control. These are the main pieces that have a great impact on the outcome of the match.
auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (1)

Bring in your level Truyền thuyết, $ 5 heroes have a great rarity and cannot be earned until you reach level 8. With a specific drop rate:
  • Levels 1 to 7: 0% Hero Legend
  • Level 8: 1% Hero Legend
  • Level 9: 3% Legendary hero
  • Level 10: 5% Hero Legend

II. A review of $ 5 heroes

#first. Advantages of the $ 5 Hero:

  • Has a wide range of skills influence, great damage and control.
  • Basic indices excel in both offense and defense.
  • Are the key heroes of the race / system.
  • Has the ability to flip the match very well with his influence.

#2. What is the downside?

  • Owning extremely low drop rate and the most expensive price in auto chess mobile game.
  • Can only be acquired by level 8 or above.
  • Most of these heroes' skills have a long cooldown.
=> In general, these are the heroes with superior strength compared to other low-price heroes. To own these heroes players should try to upgrade early to increase the drop rate. Especially the cooldown support equipment will be extremely useful to increase the strength of these heroes.

III. Details of $ 5 heroes in Auto Chess Mobile

#first. Rogue Guard ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

  • Life force: 1200/2400/4800
  • Armor: 10
  • Damage: 125/250/500
  • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 1 cell
This is the Demon Lord of the Demon race and belongs to the Warrior class. The greatest strength of the Rogue guard comes from the ability Devil Dance.
With passive ability to deal physical damage around himself with half the base damage in addition to active skills also allows Demon Lord Increases damage to all Demon on the field by 100/150/200 damage. It can be said that this is the soul of the Demon race.

#2. Egersis Prophet ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (4)

  • Life force: 1000/2000/4000
  • Damage: 55/110/220
  • Attack speed and range: 1.3s / 3 cells
  • Magic Resist: 30%
Queen of the Egersis and Warlock. The Egersis prophet is considered to be the strongest hero in the game with the ability to destroy.
Every 0.4s Egersis prophet will summon 1 additional Planet, inflicting 150/225/300 damage to the opponent and restoring HP equal to 25% of the skill damage dealt.

# 3. Devastator ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (5)

  • Life force: 1000/2000/4000
  • Armor: 10
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 1.5s / 4 cells
This is an indispensable hero in the Goblin clan. Devastator is the hero that possesses the greatest damage from the skill in the game Auto Chess.
With the timer bomb skill, it will deal 600/1000/1400 damage within 4 cells, half of the opponent's life force can easily evaporate.

# 4. Helicopter ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (8)

  • Life force: 900/1800/3600
  • Armor: 10
  • Damage: 77/155/310
  • Attack speed and range: 0.9s / 3 cells
Being in the Dwarf tribe helps Helicopter increase its range very far. Helicopter possesses extensive damage almost equal to that of Devastator with its skills.
Activating skill, Helicopter will throw 2 bombs in a row causing 200/300/400 damage each within 4 cells. With damage from 2 consecutive explosions will create a huge amount of damage.

# 5. God of Thunder ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (3)

  • Life force: 950/1900/3800
  • Armor: 0
  • Damage: 60/120/240
  • Attack speed and range: 1.4s / 3 cells
  • Magic Resist: 40%
A member of the Mage-class Divinity. This is the decisive hero when you use a lineup with magic damage.
With the ability to control lightning, God of Thunder will attack lightning opponents with a 50% chance to deal 25/35/45% of remaining health and deal 250/350/450 magic damage. In addition, due to the Divinity race, this hero also possesses extremely fast cooldown.

# 6. Dark Spirit ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (6)

  • Life force: 1000/2000/4000
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 1.5s / 3 cells
  • Magic Resist: 40%
A member of the Warlock Spirits. Dark spirit possesses the ability to deal tremendous damage regardless of armor.
Dark skills, Dark spirit will deal pure damage by 4/6/8% of the opponent's maximum health for 10 seconds. With its special ability, this is the quintessence of the buffalo squad in auto chess.

# 7. Tsunami Stalker ($ 5)

auto-heroes-in-auto-chess-mobile (7)

  • Life force: 950/1900/3800
  • Armor: 5
  • Damage: 50/100/200
  • Attack speed and range: 2s / 1 box
A Marine-type Hunter. Despite not having as much damage as other $ 5 heroes, the strong point of the Tsunami stalker is his strong control.
With the skill of Destructive Exposure, dealing 100/200/300 damage and knocking stun for 1.5 seconds, this is a great support skill. It can be said that Tsunami stalker is very useful in every formation.

IV. Epilogue

Above is my article about the most expensive heroes in Auto Chess Mobile game. Hope the article will help you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment below!
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