Forecast of Internet marketing in the development team in 2020


Predict Internet marketing for the year 2020 - As more and more people use the internet to make purchases, online reviews will grow as a way to build trust and credibility in making purchase decisions. Small companies need to absorb this trend, or they will be left behind by their competitors. Services like will be needed to help these businesses manage and grow their online reputation.

Online reviews will grow as a way to build trust and credibility when making purchase decisions by 2020.

Spending for small businesses on SEO will reach an all-time high


Small businesses that want to grow well online will spend more on SEO and digital marketing. They will be forced to spend their marketing money where their customers are looking, and of course today most people search online.

Companies that want to thrive must be ready to manage their SEO strategy to get higher rankings, reach more potential customers and generate more revenue.

Amazon will continue to dominate and expand

Amazon is the world's largest online shopping platform and is sure to continue to expand. They will also seek to diversify their revenue and will seek to gain more market share in digital advertising space. Amazon has a steady stream of traffic and customers so they start looking for ways to make money from their own ads on the web. This is also the trend that online shopping channels will look to in the future

Remote work will increase

As businesses adapt to the digital age, they will find a way to increase efficiency and will abandon big costs like traditional office costs. They will pay more attention to the remote work force and allow their employees to work from home. This will create an increase in peer businesses across the country, along with software and technology to keep remote teams connected.

The rise of cryptocurrencies

There has been a lot of buzz in 2018 about decentralized digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. We have seen several large companies like Microsoft,, Save the Children and e-commerce platform Shopify take steps to integrate the solvency of services / products with digital currencies. . In 2020, we will see many startups figure out how to allow general public and e-commerce merchants to more easily accept, buy and use digital currencies in online purchases. their daily.

The first mobile index will occur. Get ready for this!


With the first of Google's discussion on mobile metrics being discussed more and more. It is important to see website speed and usability become a major difference for businesses targeting users on mobile devices.

Google has stated that eventually when they launch the first search index on mobile, they will start with the website that has been prepared for it. You should ensure that your storage, design and platform code are optimized for speed and usability on ALL devices and platforms.

Ensuring the website is optimized for speed and usability on all devices and platforms will put you ahead of the competition by 2020.

Voice search strings will become more important in SEO.

With technology like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. becoming more and more widely used, the way people search for information will change. However, we will see that the language / text samples are mostly based on natural language and are less based on how most people perform text searches.

Changes in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

Google is testing the display of 320 characters that describe the meta of the page in the SERPs. We will certainly have more Google plans to test changes to what is displayed in the SERPs in the near future. Perhaps displaying longer title tags or including URLs in the meta description will be done.

Automation in PPC

Automation in Google AdWords and other PPC environments will continue to change how projects, ad groups and ad copy are managed. Look for this to make great strides in 2020.

The days of accounts with granular structure and thousands of ad groups for keywords and their match types are long gone. Now, easier and simpler optimized accounts will focus more on data and identify future market trends.

Content marketing will continue to grow already become more personalized.

Content has been one of the top growing marketing strategies for the past few years and it hasn't slowed down. People turn to Google to answer all their questions and if you have the answers, you should make them a post on the web.

Content marketing will keep away from useless, meaningless content. So you should update your website, guaranteed posts about content and keywords, and towards the content that customers search for will help you get closer, serve more purposes. Content will also become more personalized as companies become better at creating funnels and segments.

Brands will focus on user generated content.

While the strong focus on charismatic marketing is a slight decline, we have foreseen many brands turning to fan-driven content to drive campaigns.

For groups of influencers or celebrities but the fee you pay for them is too high and not within reach, many units gradually shift to telling stories or creating useful, quality content on the site itself. their brand. From there, creating a typical space of the brand, naturally attracts participants.

Downloading real-time websites using JavaScript and the WP-Rest API will tend.

We strongly believe that real-time website loading will be the top trend in 2020. The combination of JavaScript + WP Rest API has made it feasible now. JavaScript frameworks are becoming so popular that web development with PHP will be replaced by the JavaScript API and WP Rest. The API console is the future of not only WordPress but also the web.

Youtube will continue to position itself as the future of content marketing with a growth rate of 15% in 2020.

People tend to skip TV to shoot video content on channels like YouTube, advertisers and brands will invest more heavily in video ads to reach their viewers on this platform.

At the same time, YouTube content allows brands to interact with their viewers in a much more personal way than regular posts.

Therefore, YouTube will certainly have a significant growth in 2020 and it will continue to disrupt the content marketing industry at an attractive rate. This also includes the growth of influencer marketing on YouTube - this is a great opportunity for businesses to reach huge audiences at a low cost.

More comprehensive, longer content will be more appreciated.

With expanded meta descriptions, which Google is experimenting with, search engines will also start prioritizing longer content, but the content also needs to be detailed and insightful.

A useful, quality article with a certain topic, with keyword division in the article as well as developing many expanded keywords will be a great advantage when developing posts on your website in 2020.

The position on page 1 of search results will become more and more competitive.

Position on the first page or even the results ranked 1,2,3 in search engine results will become more important and competitive than ever.

Expanded meta description, combined with many SERP features like knowledge graphs, rich snippets, questions or images and videos displayed in the first page results will be a challenge you need to face when SEO in the next year.

For those who have reached the first page, high priority landing page and effective keywords will help you get higher rankings. For those who have ranked on the first page, continuing to optimize for many SERP features is something you should do to slowly get a chance to get higher rankings.

Content will take precedence over everything.

Content is very important, but we think that by 2020, websites that update content over time will see their natural visibility drop. In order to improve the level of interaction and visibility, websites need to constantly update content and follow user trends.

Like e-commerce websites, updating Black Friday-related content around October and Christmas content around November and December will make them more suitable for users.

UX and SEO are more focused on local SEO

Search engines are paying more attention to the user experience, so UX and SEO will need to coordinate more closely and pay more attention to not only directing traffic to the website but also attracting customers. when they have accessed the website.

Local SEO will also be of increasing importance as users are searching more by region. This will slightly change the way you conduct keyword research and write the content accordingly

Natural interactions on Facebook will decrease

Currently, organic reach for businesses on Facebook accounts for only about 4-5% of a page's follower base. With increasing competition, this will be much harder next year. In fact, we are pretty sure it will get worse.

Throughout 2018, businesses have reported a decrease in their natural reach on social media by about 20-50% and this will continue to fall to the natural average of 1- 3% in 2020.

Marketing influences increase

With reduced natural reach and increasing advertising costs, many brands are seeing the benefits of influential marketing to grow their brands.

It is a much faster way to build trust with customers. Although influencer marketing has been around for a while, you need to pay a lot of attention to really get quality influencers for your brand.

In 2020, many brands will be willing to work hard to find people who have a strong influence on their brand.

Target 3rd party data

Now businesses will be able to capture people's goals based on their offline purchases. Anyone who uses a credit / debit card or Apple Pay will have their information on it. Mastercard and their affiliates will provide ad placements or at least targeting options for businesses to grow.

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