How to remove the yellow shield icon next to Windows software Shortcut

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With the default setting, after installing the software, the majority of installed software will have a shortcut icon created on the desktop, to help you open the application faster.
The usual icons have an adjacent arrow icon to let us know it's a normal shortcut, not the software's installer. And for some software shortcuts, you may see a green, yellow shield next to it.
So what is it ? And how to remove the golden shield next to this shortcut? Let me find out in detail in this article!

#first. Why is there a gold shield icon on the shortcut?

This yellow, green shield icon is usually found on the shortcuts of special programs, which require users to need to run as an administrator (Adminitrator permission) to execute.
This means that for these programs / applications / software, you must always run with Administrator rights to use it. For these programs, you need to right-click on the Shortcut icon => and select Run as administrator to run.
When launching applications that have the golden shield next to you by double clicking, you will see a dialog box appear User Account Warning, asking you to confirm that you want to run the program by clicking YES to allow applications to run as Administrator. This dialog box will not appear if you have turned off UAC on Windows.
shortcut-icon-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (1)

On the blog, there is a tutorial on how to remove the arrow icon on the shortcut, but in this article I will show you how to remove the golden shield next to the Shortuct arrow is very simple, and Does not require a reboot of the operating system.
shortcut-logo-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (2)

#2. How to remove the yellow shield icon on the Windows shortcut

+ Step 1: First, right-click on the shortcut you want to remove the golden shield => and select Properties
shortcut-icon-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (3)

+ Step 2: Switches to the tab Shortcut, insert this command at the beginning of the file path .exe in the Target section: cmd /c start “” => then press Apply to apply changes.
shortcut-icon-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (4)

+ Step 3: Immediately the yellow shield will disappear, but instead the icon of the software will turn into the symbol of the Command Prompt.
The fix is ​​as follows: Please copy the file path *.exe in section Target => then press the button Change Icon to change the icon to the correct software, or you can leave it as is, okay.
shortcut-icon-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (5)

+ Step 3: Paste the path of the .exe file you just copied in the Target => section and Paste it into the section Look for icons in this file Let the system find the icon of the software.
Then the available icons of the software will be displayed in the section Select an icons from the list below.
Here I am removing the shield on the Unikey icon, so the icon I need to find is the default icon of Unikey => select the icon you want => already OK to complete.
shortcut-logo-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (6)

+ Step 4: And here is the result, no other shortcut has a shield next to it, very synchronized and beautiful 😀
shortcut-logo-icon-shortcut-shortcut-part-mem-windows (7)

# 3. Epilogue

Okay, I just finished the tutorial for you guys Remove the golden shield icon, next to Shortcut software / application on Windows operating system already.
With just a few simple steps in this article and combining the article to remove the arrow on the shortcut that I have instructed on the blog, you will have very nice Desktop icons rồi
Hope this article will be helpful for you, wish you success!
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