Review the WooZoo WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin


Review the WooZoo WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin - Affiliate marketing is the way to make a profit online. There are thousands of affiliate networks through which you sell your products, but Amazon is the most popular for obvious reasons. This is the largest online store with millions of different products. That's why people are looking to sell them through their WordPress site. To do this, one must use the appropriate plugin.

Listing amazon products and putting them on your site takes time and effort, but we have some great Amazon Affiliate plugins to do this.


An Amazon affiliate plugin pulls all products from Amazon. They extract photos, prices and descriptions of products, making your work easier. You will save time and focus more on increasing sales.

We will look at a popular Amazon Affiliate plugin, called WooZone. This is currently the best plugin associated with WooCommerce and it helps Amazon Associates participants.

WooZone WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate

WooZone is a full featured Amazon Affiliate plugin that handles all the details related to product launches. It costs $ 42 for a website, quite reasonable.

By pairing this plugin with your WordPress WooC Commerce website, you can create a brand new store from scratch. WooZone will take the product from Amazon and display it on your website. It will use your links, so if anyone buys the product, the commission will be on your account.


You use it without the clutter and seamlessly integrating with the system. WooZone is compatible with any WooCommerce or WordPress themes. You can also publish your product with Amazon Affiliate without anyone noticing the difference.

You only need to provide a keyword, criteria for what to search, set the number of pages you want to enter and process. You do it automatically and use WooZone in products.

You will then have photos, information, reviews and descriptions of which products have been pulled in. You choose the number of images you want to import per product. You get what you used to turn around.


A new feature that verifies if a product is available on every location on amazon. Customers will know whether a product is available or not.

You will have an online store that looks like a suitable trade site, but buyers will Link Amazon's product when the bar


But WooCommerce not only attracts the product and delivers the rest to you. It handles every bit of detail related to them.

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WooZone Plugin feature


  • 90-day cookie - With this feature, products that users navigate to Amazon, will be added to the cart and will also add 90-day cookies. An Amazon affiliate cookie only exists for 24 hours.

  • On the Shopping Cart website - Users add more products to the shopping cart on your site and then go through the checkout process through Amazon.

  • ASIN Grabber - You get hundreds of ASINs, from Amazon, and import them via a CSV file.

  • Analytics - You continuously monitor the number of units you have sold and the number of conversions you have made. This module, called the WooZone Report, is specifically designed to keep products you import and import from amazon. It will send you the report in the email, this is really great!

  • Advanced search and import module - Just have one keyword. Search for products and enter them into your site. You will then be able to enter the main categories and subcategories.

  • It is the option to display cross-selling products.

  • Synchronization module - You do not need to constantly check prices. You have URLs, descriptions, titles and prices updated automatically every time!

  • Automatically enter - You enter the product automatically, by providing the keywords and number of pages you want.

  • Insane Import - This module has a lot of control over the import process. You can enter 50 products at a time on global search and 100 products by category / subcategory search.

  • Product statistics module - See the statistics of each of your products, see the number of visits they receive and the number of people who have added them to the shopping cart. You keep track of how many people have been redirected to amazon. This way, you know which products are more popular.

  • Geotargeting - With GEO targeting, redirect users straight to Amazon.

  • Shipping Availability - Users will know if the product is available for shipping to their location and whether it is free or not.

  • Outstanding On-Page SEO - The products you enter must be indexed by search engines. Thankfully, WooZone retrieves all the data from the product pages and optimizes it on your website by putting it into its custom AA Group framework.
WooZone has also made many new and useful changes. The advanced search we mentioned makes things a lot easier, but there are others as well. They will choose from different product variations in size, color, price, design and more.

You also choose Amazon cupones and have some desired discounts for users.


The best Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress, which will turn your page into a profitable engine is WooZone. Not every plugin is powerful and has features, which is why we love it so much.

WooZone is a powerful plugin that makes the job done simply and efficiently. So if you're looking to make some good money with affiliate marketing, WooZone is a great place to start an online business!

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