Using Free Hosting is good for business


Using Free Hosting is good for business - Website development will be a huge expense for any business. For this reason, many small business owners have chosen to create their own websites, using website creation tools or content management systems like WordPress, to save web design and development costs. Besides the cost of creating the site there are other costs such as domain name and web hosting. This is a fraction of the actual web development costs. A .com domain name costs about $ 10 per year and a professional hosting account is about $ 5 per month, paid one year in advance. However, there are many website owners who have paid to host or choose a free hosting, hoping that they only need to spend money on buying a domain name. This sounds great, you will save a lot of money, but is it good? In this article, we will show you the reasons why you should avoid using free web hosting for your business website.

Why should you not choose a free host?


First of all, you should note that running a web server costs more than $ 100 per month. So why do they give you this service for free? There are many benefits to companies that offer free services, but users will suffer from this. Free hosting providers try to attract as many webmasters as possible to use their free service and eventually upgrade to a paid subscription. This is a good way to market, but it doesn't always pay off.

The main security issue of free hosting


Providers have free plans, paying little attention to the security of free accounts, because they do not generate revenue, instead they just lose money. Due to the low security level of the server, it is often the case that hackers will compromise the server, delete the website and eventually steal the user's identity.

Limitations of free web hosting


If your provider adds your domain name, you may have found a very good free server, because they only use subdomains. However there are huge limitations on web space and bandwidth. Many file types will also be excluded, so if you plan to create a php website with a contact form or upload some images, you won't be able to do it on a free hosting account.

Free server comes with poor service and support


Due to the high number of user accounts hosted on the same server, this will result in slow loading and poor performance. During peak hours, you will not be able to access your site, how would you expect to receive a call from customers through your site? Free hosting, very unprofessional support, or non-existent, you are alone to solve it, something only a system administrator can do.

There are lots of ads on free hosting accounts


Practices among vendors are forced to advertise on websites. It cannot be removed unless you switch to the paid version. Irrelevant banners will reduce traffic and it is also a sign of unprofessional. On top of that, it also reduces search engine rankings.

Lost your website and account


If the above mentioned issues are not a reason to avoid free hosting, the loss of your site will give a warning. The company will also cease providing without prior notice. In this case, it is not possible to recover the files in your site. You probably already have a backup, but it will take time until you get a new provider and reset your site.


Web hosting has always been the basis of a successful website. If you choose a good and reliable service, you will focus on creating an online business and not have to worry about the factors mentioned above.If you are interested in business and want to succeed, You should not choose free hosting. Choose a cheap paid hosting instead of free. Team up with a friend and share hosting costs if possible, but don't depend on a free server. For example, you will receive unlimited hosting for only $ 2 per month at hosting; you'll have to pay at least 12 months in advance, but in return you will get professional support, great performance, the ability to host any type of website, including page creator and a free domain name.

So if you're serious about your site and want a strong online presence for your business, choose a paid web hosting package.

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