How to balance your life?

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Life is so vast, so vast, and we really have a lot to do.
When people are powerless in balancing work, relationships, or anything small, people often blame the lack of time.
Have you ever seen that 24 hours a day seems like too little compared to your cumulative workload? In fact, in this case, time is not necessarily a problem. The bottom line here is that we do not know how to reconcile our own lives ...
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Learning how to balance will make your life much lighter and more effective. There will be no more deadlines, no more dead time, and especially we will have more time to be with loved ones.
So in today's article, we will share together the most basic principles to balance this chaotic life offline. Let's get started!
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#first. Say No To Small Things

You know, life is still going on, and every day we get 86,400 seconds in our own time account.
At the end of the day they will disappear, and by the next morning, your account will be transferred in 86,400 seconds. It is a priceless and wonderful gift, isn't it?
But sadly, we spend most of that precious time on something so trivial: A few chats on the table, a few minutes of coffee chill in the morning, or "relax." ”With boring games until ... midnight.
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Later when you are really mature, you will realize that missing a few dates, or a couple of nonsense stories in times of coffee, beer will not cause you to lose or lose anything. over.
Because after all, after receiving those parties, what do you get? Nothing! Will you reduce stress, reduce stress? Is not ! Those are just excuses for laziness.
Because there are hundreds of thousands of clever ways to make you beat fatigue, and take advantage of time like playing sports, reading books, ... but you have no choice?
Don't pamper yourself so often, you can definitely meet up with friends, or play games on the weekends - not regularly at the end of the day. We still have a lot of work to do ...
Instead of wasting time on things that only make you feel comfortable right away, why don't you take advantage to cultivate and perfect the skills needed for the future? Take a cooking class, an English course, or attend a seminar ...
Believe me, they are not boring. This can be a bit tricky at first if you get used to the bohemian fun.
But remember, today how much you are tired and tired, the future will be that easy. Remember that clearly!

#2. Stopped Defer

After you have removed the small things in the way, your time account will have a small amount of money.
And of course, you'll have enough time to focus on the more important things. But many people still find it difficult to do so, because it's a habit of procrastinating.
I also belong to one of them, and I am trying every day to push back that extremely dangerous habit. Delay is really scary, you will be fooled by it feeling like you have plenty of time left.
You will think that you need a break to regain your strength, to start the difficult task ahead. And what is the result? Do you spend the day wandering around the internet, even taking a nap?
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I used to be like that, so I understand how frustrating and regrettable it was to miss the time that should have been spent working.
Bring that mood to run Deadlines in a superficial and reluctant way, so even if you finish the job, it is only temporary.
So try to practice working style seriously. Set your own timetable and never let them be affected by anything.
However, if you are still dominated by procrastination and have not found a way to overcome them, go to the article "How to Overcome Your Lazyness" from the author Hoang Xuan Thang.
Surely you will see your own silhouette in that article, and will find extremely accurate and sincere advice from the author! ^^

# 3. Family is First

You have told mom to go home for dinner at the weekend, have promised to be at family reunion.
But those perfect plans are interrupted by things like weddings with co-workers, visiting old friends, or even a dumb boss arranging unannounced overtime. There have been situations like that, right?
Remember, if you're still entangled and unable to strike a balance between work and family - in case of doubt, don't be afraid to give your loved ones the highest priority!
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No matter how important the work cannot be placed on family affection. Because even if you lose your job, you can find a new job.
But unconditional support and love will not be found anywhere else in the family. You also admit to me this!

# 4. Summary

In short, the balance of life is only encapsulated in the harmony between great things and our families.
Remember to dismiss all the trivial and small things to have enough time to do important things, and above all, spend time with your family!
I wish you success, cordial and welcome victory! 🙂
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