An overview of steps to make money online by testing Website, Mobile app on the Testing online- Test IO platform

 Hello everyone,

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I am currently a freelance tester who participates in making money online through online testing for many years and is sharing share with group members about this online testing work.
Brief introduction so that you do not know this online testing form is as follows:
Testing online is a form of making money that has been popular for a long time in the world, most of the major online testing companies come from the US and Europe. And because the human resource of the tester has not met the demand in the market and the purpose of minimizing costs, this online testing form was born to make the most of the resources of Testers from all over the world. around the world participating in testing projects of applications, mobile games or websites for customers, and of course with each completed project and the bugs are accepted, the testers will be paid from the company and this money will be returned to the Paypal e-wallet or Payoneer every month.
As far as I can see, the money earned from this testing online is quite attractive and especially with the low average income in Vietnam, I think with the money earned from a part-time job from a few hundred or so. Up to a thousand dollars, it's pretty hot!
A test platform that I am participating in making money and discussing in the group is Test IO, this is a pretty good and very reputable testing platform that people can earn quite an attractive income from testing. on this platform.

✅ People who are suitable for online testing:

- Testers or those who are passionate about computer technology, smart phones (App, mobile game) can do online testing. (People should not think that only learning information technology can do online testing because using manual testing skills and just having passion and self-study can do well)
- Having computers and Internet-connected smartphone used to test the customer's products required
- Be able to read and understand project requirements in English.
- Prepare a Payoneer e-wallet: How to create and link to the test account, please see the following article:

Note: If everyone is still vague, you can make friends and inbox directly for me via Facebook:

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🔴 STEP 1: Register to become a tester on test IO platform.

Register and fill in all required information on the test IO platform.

❗❗❗ LINK REGISTER Become a Tester:

+ Video guide to the steps of registration:
(Note: The registration interface of Test IO may change but the basic settings are the same. Everyone should pay attention to two parts in the setup that is to install English language and need to add test equipment to the Desktop section. and Mobile.)
After successful registration, everyone will receive a confirmation email to log in again. Next, you will wait to receive an input test (Onboard test), this is step 2. (The time to receive the email of the test may take 1-3 days, the purpose of this input test. is for the company to select testers eligible to participate in making money on Test IO)

STEP 2: Pass the input test (Onboard test)

Link to introduce the Onboard test: https: //academy.test. io / en / articles / 3448642-onboarding-tips

After logging into Test IO, people will need to pass the following 2 parts to qualify for money:
👉 1. Quiz test: includes 12 questions about testing knowledge and you need to answer at least 8/12 questions correctly. .
(Everyone read this article to pass the Quiz: )
👉 2. Onboard test cycle: This is the test that the tester Participation is required to find the bug. The content of the test is that you will test in a test cycle and your task will be to find and report 3 functional bugs and the minimum number of bugs you must be approved for. is 2/3 bug (Min 50%).
- Onboard article will have 2 sample bugs so everyone knows how to write bug report so everyone should refer to those 2 bugs in the know bugs tab.
- Read more about the documents on the Academy to learn how to write a bug report: en / articles / 2541842-quick-start-guide

💢 Please pay attention to the following points:
++ The total number of bugs people need to submit is 3-6 bugs. (There is no limit to test cycle involved. Thus, everyone can participate in Onboard tests without having to submit bug when the bug cannot be found, but can wait to be invited to the next test cycle after 1. -2 days)
++ Number of bugs everyone can be accepted must be at least 50% of all bugs everyone submitted (3-6 bugs)
++ After 6 bugs that do not reach the 50% number, if everyone receives an email notifying that they are not eligible to participate in the Onboard test anymore, they will force everyone to create a different account with another email.
If you fail to pass the Onboard test, you will receive an email to join the new test.

💢So I advise the following:
- Do not rush to submit the bug without checking the bug carefully because if you cannot log any bug in that cycle, you will be invited to test again in the next cycle so you should not rush to avoid bug re-submit Being rejected, the other 50% number is harder to obtain.

+ Video in English presents the Onboard input test of IO test:
+ Video shows the basic errors that when testers take online test:

💢 Signs that you have passed the onboard test and are eligible to make money:
1. Receive an email of Test IO with content you qualify Become a tester of Test IO and can join the company's paid test cycles.
2. In some cases, if the email is not received, the test will be received in which the payout of the bug is priced in euros.
After passing step 2, you will officially be eligible to make money in the next paid test cycle, which is to step 3.

🔴 STEP 3: Start making money with Test IO

After you have enough conditions to make money with test IO then in the next test cycles you will get unlimited bug log and with each bug accepted, you get money from it.
- Can submit many types of bugs: Funtional bug, Visual bug, Conten bug, Crash Bug.
- Get reenactment of other testers' faults and get money for that job. (Reference link: )
- Participating in User Stories: Similar to the work of the test case to help Test IO verify a function of the product has happened or not. (Reference link:

Pay attention to carefully read the test request and refer to the article sharing experiences in the group to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

🔴 STEP 4: Receive money to Paypal, Payoneer wallet and withdraw to the bank.

With each bug accepted, tester gets paid for the bug (bug price depends on bug quality and customer rating (can be up to 20 €)
Payment time: On 10th of every month, Test IO company will the total money that the testers have earned from the previous month (from 1-30 of the previous month) and from 11-19 the tester can request a withdrawal of test money on Payoneer. The money will be paid after a few days. For Test IO, I recommend using Payoneer wallet because of the fast payment time and no cut fees)

The registration under this link when you reach $ 1000, the tester will get a bonus of 25 $ Payoneer
👉 The article on how to create and add Payoneer account to the payment of Test IO:

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Every Pay attention to carefully read the test requirements and refer to the article sharing experiences in the group to avoid making unnecessary mistakes and focus on the quality of the bug rather than the quantity.
If you have any questions about the process of participating with Test IO, you can ask yourself questions at Facebook address:
Or you can also post to the group to get help. support of other testers.

** 📌📌📌Note: The shared videos I have posted on youtube channel, you can find them again at the following link:
(Remember to subscribe to the channel In order to be able to watch the new videos that I share about my online testing experience.)

Articles discussing online testing, you can find and read at group Free tester community:


Topic synthesizes good posts about online testing on the group:

💰💰 There are many members in the community that have made money. Public, hope you will soon grasp this way to make money online.
Good luck.
Test IO platform

About My name is Nguyen Manh Cuong. I was born in a poor village in Ba Vi district, HA NOI province - windy and sunny land. Currently. Mr Cuong.
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