How to backup Cydia iPhone apps with PkgBackup

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 It could be said that any phone wouldn't work without apps. And this is also the reality many people face when they first buy an iPhone. Whether the programs you use are free or paid, more or less, the process of reinstalling all of these apps every time an iPhone crashes takes time and affects other tasks.In the following article, we will show the basic steps to backup Cydia applications using the PkgBackup utility .

Cydia's license price is $ 3.99, an affordable cost for a comprehensive backup plan, developed by Jibril Gueye of Pragmatix Consulting and sponsored by Big Boss .

The installation process is quite simple and easy, launch Cydia and select the Sections tab below the screen:

Select the Utilities section :

In the list of applications of Utilities , you find the PkgBackup package :

As mentioned above, the license price is $ 3.99 , you can purchase the license to use with the Purchase button in the upper right corner of the screen:

Once completed, the Install button will display immediately at the previous Purchase button :

Then click Confirm to confirm the final step, the download and installation will begin:

When finished, press Return to Cydia to return to the main console screen:

Backup Cydia apps:

After completing the installation of PkgBackup , you will see the program's icon appear in the Springboard . Start PkgBackup , the program will automatically check and detect the application packages installed in the iPhone. Depending on how much software is installed, this process will take place quickly or slowly:

Click the small arrow icon to display the entire list just found:

Select the apps you don't want to be processed during the backup:

And change the ON / OFF mode :

When you're done selecting these apps, go back to the main PkgBackup screen and hit the Backup button to start the backup process:

Wait for the process to finish, then the system will prompt you to sync your data with iTunes . Click OK to proceed:

So we have completed the basic steps to backup the program with the PKGBackup tool support. Suppose another scenario occurs, for example you have just upgraded or restored the system firmware, and all Cydia applications are gone. You just need to back up what was previously backed up through iTunes :

Restore Cydia apps:

If you want to restore all Cydia programs from the backup you created earlier, follow these steps. First, start PKGBackup and the program will automatically check and detect the application packages installed on the iPhone as well as previously backed up:

Click the small arrow icon to display a list of individual software packages to include or separate during the recovery process:

When everything is ready, press the Restore button at the main PKGBackup screen :

When the process is finished, the system will prompt you to restart your iPhone to apply the changes:

Hopefully the above article can help you handle the situation as well as have more experience in backing up and restoring Cydia application of iPhone . Good luck!

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