How to split groups in Zoom, create groups on Zoom

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 Zoom has provided the Breakout Rooms discussion group feature for teachers to form groups of students to discuss issues raised during class. This is considered a feature that helps teachers a lot to create a learning atmosphere, giving lectures directly like in the classroom. Teachers can assign students to participate in each discussion group, or students can choose to join the discussion group themselves.

Instructions for dividing groups on Zoom for discussion
Step 1: First of all, teachers need to enable this Breakout Rooms feature on Teachers access the website by following the link below.

At this interface, teachers log in their personal account information .

Step 2: Switch to the new interface, teachers click on Settings.


Looking to the side at the Meeting management section, click the In-Meeting (Basic) setting.


Step 3: We will search for the Group Room feature and turn it on. Now below immediately shows another option Allow the host to assign participants to group rooms when scheduling. If the teacher wants to use this option, select to use.
Click the Save button below to save the new settings.


Step 4: Open the Zoom software on your computer and then click New Meeting to create an online class.


In the online classroom interface, teachers click on the group room icon.


Step 5: At this point, the teacher will choose the number of rooms in groups and then click the Create button below.


Now show the basic rooms for the teacher. Teachers can change the name for each discussion room or delete the room if desired, by moving the mouse into the room to display options.


Click the Options button again and will display other setup options for discussion groups. If the teacher uses any option, check that content. Click the Open All Rooms button to proceed with creating a discussion group.


Step 6: The discussion rooms are now created. Teachers can enter messages to send to discussion groups. To stop the group discussion, click Close all rooms.


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