2021: Billions of urgent notifications about COVID have been delivered by Zalo

In early May 2021, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out again. Following the Government’s direction on the new period epidemic prevention and control message ‘5K + vaccine + technology’, provinces and cities simultaneously promote the application of information technology in epidemic prevention and control.

With millions of regular users, Zalo is chosen by many ministries and localities to connect and promptly transmit accurate and fast information about COVID-19 to the people, becoming an effective technology platform. anti-epidemic support.

The bridge between the people and the government

In the context that direct contact is limited to the maximum, Zalo has promoted its connection strength when it is used by many localities in medical declaration, tracing, sending urgent notices, updating the list of COVID patients. -19.

2021: Billions of urgent notifications about COVID have been delivered by Zalo

People present the QR code Medical declaration stored in the ‘QR Wallet’ folder on Zalo. Photo: Y Kien

For example in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, the work of taking samples for COVID-19 testing to trace F0 on a large scale has been effectively implemented by many districts thanks to the Zalo application to inform about the plan, time and specific instructions to each resident. Bac Giang province has also created 3 Zalo channels, including: Bac Giang province’s e-Government; industrial park workers in Bac Giang province and serving the public administration of Bac Giang province to serve the epidemic prevention work.

“Localities are very proactive when constantly updating people on COVID-19 developments. The surveillance of cases with epidemiological factors is strictly implemented to help people feel more secure,’ said Ms. Ngoc Anh (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City).

Especially, during the peak period (from July 2021), a series of Zalo accounts of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in provinces such as Tay Ninh, Ben Tre, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Binh Phuoc, Vinh Phuc, Nam Dinh…. was quickly established and as a quick response team, helping to smoothly connect the epidemic prevention and control steering committee with the people, providing quickly and timely direction and administration of the authorities at all levels and updating update the epidemic situation in the area.

‘Access to ‘correct, sufficient and clean’ information from the government is necessary. The birth of Zalo channel ‘Tay Ninh COVID-19 Prevention and Control Steering Committee’ helps people working far away from home receive information about provincial policies such as bringing people back and forth, managing people from other provinces. , … to understand and follow the instructions,” said Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu – Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Tay Ninh province.

Meanwhile, assessing Zalo’s contributions to epidemic prevention and control in Bac Giang province, Mr. Nguyen Gia Phong, deputy director of the provincial Department of Information and Communications, said: “Bac Giang province has about 1 2 million Zalo user accounts, so the selection of Zalo channel brings positive effects in the transmission of messages, policies and measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic.

Transparent and timely communication activities have contributed significantly to meeting the information needs of the people when the epidemic situation is complicated. Thereby, helping people update official news, limiting misinformation and fabrication that causes confusion and anxiety.

By the end of December 2021, billions of urgent notices have been sent to people through the official Zalo account of the Ministry of Health and dozens of provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, An Giang, Ha Giang, Gia Lai, Binh Thuan, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Soc Trang, Binh Duong… to update the epidemic situation, recommendations or new regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control- 19.

In parallel, many businesses in industrial parks and export processing zones have also deployed the “COVID-19 safety nest” model on Zalo. Every day, through COVID-19 safety teams, businesses propagate, guide and remind employees to take measures to prevent and control the epidemic at work and outside of working hours. This model has become a ‘shield’ for officials, employees and employees during the complicated COVID-19 period, and at the same time, supports authorities to trace F1, F2 and cases emergency when the business has sick or isolated people.

Impressions in vaccination campaigns in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and provinces

From mid-June 2021, when TP. Ho Chi Minh City is the pioneer locality to launch the largest COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the country, Zalo has been approved by the City Health Department. Ho Chi Minh City chooses as a platform to help send vaccination messages to hundreds of thousands of people in the city.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dieu, Deputy Director of Zalo Public Service & Digital Transformation, in charge of the project Support for messaging and vaccination, shared: ‘The Zalo team receives messages to gather and prepare the necessary infrastructure before the launch time. Declare sending messages only 1 day. In which, Zalo is in charge of supporting the City Health Department. Ho Chi Minh City processes raw data into standard data and sends information to each city dweller.

Vaccination information is sent to each citizen’s phone. Photo of Nguyen Thao

Through messages sent on Zalo, people receive vaccination notices specifying their name, time, location, notes, recommendations and especially the message also has a built-in medical declaration place. Different from regular SMS, the integration of medical declaration on Zalo helps people to proactively declare in advance at home, saving time and human resources to guide declaration at the injection site. Thereby, solving the problem of overcrowding at injection points, ensuring distance and limiting the risk of cross-infection.

This model has also become a ‘case study’ for many other districts and provinces such as: District 7, Go Vap District (HCMC), Khanh Hoa, Long Thanh District, Xuan Loc District, Vinh Cuu District (Dong Nai). … reference and successful implementation in their locality.

Via Zalo, vaccination invitation messages are sent to each citizen’s phone, supporting vaccination in many localities to take place safely and quickly, achieving the goal of vaccine coverage, step by step bringing life back to normal. the ‘new normal’.

100,000 people helped by Zalo Connect

In July 2021, when the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is increasingly complex, the city has to social distance for a long time, some places have to blockade, making it difficult to connect social resources and help the vulnerable. Zalo is based on the two core values ​​of the product, ‘messaging’ and ‘diary’, which rekindled the idea of ​​​​building Zalo Connect so that close communities can connect and support quickly.

After only 5 days of rushing to complete, the Zalo Connect feature was born to help people easily seek emergency help from the community. At the same time, connecting individuals and charities quickly find difficult cases near their living areas, and support each other during the epidemic.

From time to time, Zalo Connect has launched a series of utilities to support the practical needs of people. For example, in the period of July-August 2021, Zalo Connect focuses on the utility of ‘supporting necessities and providing medical advice’, next when the city tightens the distance, the utility ‘goes to the grocery store and provides medical advice’. essential supplies’ was launched. In the back-to-school season, the ‘supporting school supplies’ utility continues to be added so that the community can give/donate books, learning equipment… to disadvantaged people in their living areas. .

At first, Zalo Connect was deployed in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, then received many positive responses from the community, some localities have used information from Zalo Connect to help and support people in difficulty during the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people participate in the community, information about Zalo Connect is widely shared on newspapers and social networks, helping many people find timely support during the pandemic.

Hundreds of thousands of love stories were written in the midst of the epidemic from Zalo Connect. NVCC’s photo.

Through the Zalo Connect platform, more than 100,000 difficult cases have been supported. The utility “shopping for households and providing essential goods” has also attracted more than 50,000 points of essential goods, helping millions of people to access food and necessities more easily.

‘We are very happy to contribute a small part of our efforts in using technology to help the community support each other through difficult and urgent situations. In the future, we will continue to develop more utilities on Zalo Connect or new features on Zalo to support the community,’ said a Zalo representative.

With active and effective contributions to the prevention of COVID-19 across the country, in 2021 Zalo has also continuously received certificates of merit from provinces and cities including: Hai Duong Provincial Police (March 2021) , People’s Committee of Bac Giang province (September 2021) and Department of Information and Communication of Lam Dong province (December 2021./.