Download the most complete Vietnamese font VNI Full

Download the most complete Vietnamese font VNI Full. You need to use VNI font but your computer does not have VNI font available. Please download it here.

VNI Vietnamese font and typing style created by engineer Ho Thanh Viet in 1987. This is a fairly common font set in Vietnam.

Download Vietnamese font VNI Full to your computer

Many times you want to use VNI font because it is quite beautiful or you have a document that uses VNI font, your computer will not have this font set by default, so when you choose VNI writing style, you will get an error. or documents using VNI font will be full of meaningless squares. The solution for you is to download the VNI font set above and install it on your computer.

The most complete VNI fontThe most complete VNI font

Instructions for installing Font VNI

After downloading the above you will get a file in ZIP format. You need to unzip this file. Use decompression software on your computer, for example Winrar or 7-zip.

Right click on this file and select 7-Zip -> Extract files…-> OK (with 7-zip software)

Extract the downloaded file with 7-zip

Now we will get a folder, you open this folder press Ctrl + A to select all fonts then right click select Install . If a message asking to overwrite appears, choose Yes dental.

How to install VNI font on computer

Instructions on how to type VNI

To write with Font VNI installed above, right-click on Unikey (Unikey is the most popular Vietnamese typing software today) and choose as shown below:

  • Code table is VNI Windows
  • Typing is VNI

And don’t forget when editing text, choose VNI fonts.

How to write VNI font with UnikeyHow to write VNI font with Unikey

How to type accents and Vietnamese with Font VNI

Vietnamese Writing style
Acute Number key 1
Grave accent Number key 2
Question mark Number key 3
Tilde Number key 4
Dot Number key 5
complicated a8
â a6
ê e6
Hey o7
Umbrella o6
D d9
Uh u7
Remove the sign 0


  • Want to type words Utilities then type the following: TIE-6-N-5 space ICH-1
  • Want to type words Tips then type the following: COLLATE-3 spaces LOSE-6-T-5

Good luck!!!