How to adjust the function keys of Teach Pendant|robot Nachi

How to adjust the function key of Teach Pendant in robot Nachi

How to adjust the function key of Teach Pendant in Nachi robot?

With the development trend of the automation industry in manufacturing factories, robots are an indispensable part of operating production lines. Robots help us save manpower in production, have high accuracy, can operate in environments where humans cannot work,…

Diverse in manufacturing factories are robots of famous brands in the world such as: nachi robot, robot abb, robot kuka, robot yaskawa,…. . So to meet the operation of those robots, engineers must have high qualifications. Therefore, students, engineers and technicians need to add skills to their understanding of robots, how to operate as well as robot language.

In this article, I will show you some ways to edit the most commonly used function keys on your hand Teach Pendant of the robot nachi.

1.How to set auto mode in a robot program nachi

Select mode Teach/Play Condition -> 1. Playback mode (chọn 1cycle) -> Step single(chọn Continue) -> Click Complete to complete .

Next, you switch to Play back mode on your Teach Pedant hand or on Virtual IO on the emulator software as shown below.

When you’re done installing function keys then on the screen of the Teach Pendant hand will display as the image below.

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2.How to install the program to check function statements

Select mode Teach/Play Condition -> 9. Check with function (chọn Enabled) -> Click Complete to complete

Teach Pendant's function keys
Teach Pendant’s function keys

When you have selected Enabled and then click Completed to complete so when running the robot program, the conditions of the new program are executed. If we leave it Disabled, the robot program will ignore the conditional statements.

3.How to set the action for the up and down keys in the robot program

Select mode Constant Setting -> 5. Operation Constant -> 1.Operation condition -> 8.Step selection with E+up/down keys -> Chọn Enabled -> Completed.

Teach Pendant's function keys

After installation function keys After that, you can return to the program to check your results

Good luck !

If you have any questions, please comment below and I will help you.

Thank you!