How to delete iPhone contacts with many phone numbers at once, delete all contacts

How to delete contacts on ip Surely everyone thinks it’s easy and simple, but contrary to what you are thinking, deleting contacts on ip if you don’t know how will not be deleted correctly.

So how to delete contacts on ip easily, let’s Find out through the article below.

There are many ways you can delete contacts, but here are a few of the simplest and easiest to do.

Method 1: Directly delete numbers one by one on the phonebook

Step 1: On the screen you select the contact card.


Step 2: In the contacts tab select the number you want to delete.


Step 3: When the interface appears in the top right corner of the screen, click on the edit section.


Step 4: Next, scroll down to the bottom of the edit section with "Delete contact" .


Step 5: Finally, to delete contacts, click on "Delete contact".


Method 2: Use the app to delete one or more numbers at once

* Using the app Delete Contacts

Step 1: First, download Delete Contacts + (Delete Contact +) to your device.


Step 2: When the download is complete, log in to the Multidelete right on the screen. Now there will be a question "Do you need to make a copy of all your existing contacts" from the application sent.


If you do not want to copy, select Cancel (you should think carefully before choosing to delete many contacts without saving.

If you do not need to copy again, select Back up Now.

Step 3: Next you press select All Contacts (All contacts).


Step 4: When the contacts appear, select the contacts you need to delete.

and "Delete Contacts +" allows you to delete multiple numbers or all numbers or a number in the contact list.


Step 5: In the end you choose Delete.

* Groups application allows Delete multiple contacts or a single contact on ip.

Step 1: First of all at the app store (Appstore) Download the Groups application to your device.ip-10.1.1

Step 2: The application asks for permission to access the contacts, you open the application and then click to agree (OK).ip-10.2

Step 3: Some functions will be introduced by the application, you will select all contacts (All contacts).ip-10.3

Step 4: At the contact list, select the number you want to delete.ip-10.4

Step 5: Next, click on the item choose Action (Select action).ip-10.5

Step 6: To delete contacts you choose Delete Contacts.ip-10.6

Method 3: Use icloud to delete individual numbers or entire contacts.

* Delete contacts one by one

Step 1: First you click on the item iCloud.ip-10.7

Step 2: At the interface iCloud you select contacts.


Step 3: In Icloud Displays a list of synchronized contacts.ip-10.8

And here you can select the contacts you want to delete by pressing Ctrl and then select the contact or you can choose to delete them all by clicking the browser’s tooth icon in the lower left corner and then select all.

Step 4: Next, when you have finished selecting the contacts you want to delete so that you can delete the contacts on the Ip, you continue to press the cog symbol one more time and then click Delete.ip-10.9

Step 5: On the screen will return a request to verify that you want to delete the contacts on the ip you choose Delete to verify. ip-10.10

Note: When you do this, you restore the device, the numbers you deleted will no longer exist (you should make a copy of it).

* Delete all contacts in ip phonebook.

This way will help you to delete all the contacts in the phonebook as quickly as possible without having to spend too much time downloading or installing any application.

Step 1: First on the screen you choose to go to settings.

  • The machine you are using is running an operating system iOS 11 => then go to Account and password => followed by iCloud.
  • The machine you are using is running an operating system iOS 11 => Next, select Mail => go to iCloud and iCloud.
  • The machine you are using is running the operating system iOS 9 then you go to iCloud account.

Step 2: You choose to disable contacts option if open and then choose delete from my ip (Delete from My iPhone).

Step 3: Next to select Merge you open the contacts again.

Step 4: Then on iCloud has copied your contacts, you select the card Contacts and in Delete from My iPhone (Remove from my Iphone).

Step 5: Finally you come back to the Account and disconnect applications if any such as Yahoo, gmail or contacts

So with just a few simple steps, you can know how to delete contacts on ip without spending too much time and effort.

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